The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 13

Baked Nevada

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2009 on ABC Family
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Baked Nevada
Anne and George are reunited after Amy and Ben's parents find out they got married, and Adrian's dad tries to get to the bottom of where the fake IDs came from.

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  • I don't know why I watch this show.

    The storyline sucks. The drama is so unrealistic. The kids are 15 look like they are in their 20's and they are dumber than most 12 year olds. They really need to put a little more reality into this show. I don't have much to watch at midnight but I am about to switch from this to some paid programing it would be less of a waist of time. I feel sorry for molly she thought that this was going to be her come back and it was anything but. I the said part is that the smartest one on the show is also the youngest... go figure..moreless
  • Party's over.

    Well this episode is mostly the aftermath of Ben & Amy's wedding, which turns out was a huge waste of time, when they find out they're not really married. I liked the reception scene in the beginning with everyone dancing. Then the parents find out, meanwhile as both Amy & Ben are facing punishments for the wedding, they try to look for job's to prep up for the baby. I hate Ricky! I hate how he keeps stringing along Grace, and then he sleeps with Adrian!? Which was ironically what happened with her last boyfriend Jack. By the way, the highlight of this episode, is when Jack actually became a likeable character. When he takes the fall for everyone else on the fake IDs, something to keep him busy, but he saved everyone! Tom & Tammy wanting to get married was annoying, I don't like Tammy, she's rude to Grace and everyone else. Amy feels the baby move for the first time, I think it was a bit over dramatic, but that's what this show is, so it was okay.moreless
  • Thirteenth Episode

    Ben and Amy's fathers find out about their wedding and show up at the reception. Ben and Amy find out that since they got married using a fake ID they aren't legally married. Grace's fake ID is taken by her father and despite Adrian's thoughts hers is also taken by her father. When they return to school the police are there questioning Joe about the fake IDs and Jack runs around the school collecting everybody's fake IDs and takes the blame of making them. Jack ends up getting community service and nothing more. Anne finds out about the wedding from Marshall Bowman when they run into each other at the law office. Anne confronts Ben and Amy at Ben's house and Amy feels the baby kick for the first time.

    An okay episode. 8/10moreless
  • Don't we have enough teen dramas on TV.

    This show is a horrible excuse for any sort of entertainment. It's just another teenage drama series that they're trying to make a pretty penny off of. This show needs to be taken off of television soon to make room for a better show. I can't believe that people actually watch this, a pregnant teenager, like that is even remotely a good show to watch. I wouldn't even waste five minutes viewing this show, and I don't know how anyone could. I felt that I should just express my opinion of this terrible new show and hope that they take it off the air.moreless
  • Amy and Ben's parents find out about the marriage between their children

    In this episode, of the secret life of the American teenager, the following happens. Soon word gets out about the wedding and both Amy and Ben's dads find out. So they go to the reception and are stunned when they find out that the wedding actually happened, without either of them knowing. Soon both Ben and Amy learn that since they got married with a fake ID, legally they still aren't married. When they return to school after the weekend, the police are there questioning the guy who makes the fake ID's. Jack runs around the school, taking everyone's fake ID's off of them. Soon Jack goes in and confesses that he made the ID's ad gets taken away by the police. Soon Amy's mother learns of the wedding, and it becomes obvious that she had no idea about it. Jack gets community service for the fake Id's. Amy's mother goes round to see Amy, whilst she is at Ben's house. She questions them about the wedding. They have a long chat about the baby and the whole situation. The baby starts kicking and Amy thinks that the baby is coming, until her mother tells her what is happening.moreless
John Schneider

John Schneider

Marshall Bowman

Recurring Role

Amy Rider

Amy Rider

Alice Valko

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Josie Bissett

Josie Bissett

Kathleen Bowman

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    • Amy: Ricky should help. He is the father.
      Ben: I don't know if he could, or if he would, and I don't know if we want him to be involved.
      Anne: Oh, he's involved. He said that he wants to be involved, and legally he is, Amy. Ben.
      Amy: But Mom, can't we keep him from being involved somehow?
      Anne: No, I don't think that we can. I mean, he has said that he wants to be involved. He's made that pretty clear. We just don't know how yet.
      Amy: But if I was married to Ben...
      Anne: It won't change anything. You're still gonna have a baby. Ricky's baby. Look, I'm on your side here, Amy. I am on your side. I am not being mean by trying to get you to face reality, but a baby is coming. And it's not just enough to have a plan. You have to act on that plan. So what is your plan, Amy? Ben? Look, I want to help you, but I can't help you if you don't talk to me. And there are no easy answers. You either get a job, go to school, and get someone to help with child care, or or you think seriously about adoption. But whatever choice you make, it has to be what is right for your child, Amy, not just about what is easiest for you. You can't run away from this. You have to face the fact that you are halfway through your pregnancy, and the baby is gonna be here before you know it.

    • Amy: But Mom, I can't find a job, and I don't know anything about having a baby or raising a child! And I can't go to school and go to work and be a mother!
      Anne: But you can run over here and have someone else raise your child so you can go to school and then come back here and be a mother when it's convenient?

    • Anne: Did you really think that getting married would solve anything?
      Amy: Kind of, yeah. I thought that if I just lived here, then somebody could watch the baby while I went to school. That would be better than daycare, wouldn't it?
      Anne: Someone like?
      Amy: A...housekeeper?
      Ben: Yeah, or we could get a nanny.
      Anne: And have your dad pay for that?

    • Ben: I wanted to tell you, but Amy didn't want me to tell you. She didn't want anyone to stop us.
      Leo: Don't ever say that again to me. Don't ever say that you wanted to do the right thing, but Amy or someone else or anyone else talked you out of it. You know the right thing to do. You do the right thing always!
      Ben: Right or wrong, we're married.
      Leo: Married? You're not married, Benjamin.
      I am.
      Leo: Son, if you got married with an illegal document--and you had to have been married with an illegal document, like a fake ID--then you're not married! You're not married, and you're in a lot of trouble.
      Ben: With whom?
      Leo: With me. I've told you before. You can't always have what you want. That's life! You don't get to be married to Amy. Her parents don't want her to be married. I tried to help you with this, and the answer was no. And then you went against her parents' wishes, and you lied to me, and you betrayed my trust in you!
      Ben: We're not married.

    • Grace: You can't get married. It's your first date!
      Tom: We can't get married?
      Grace: You don't know her, Tom.
      Tammy: I don't know him, either.
      Tom: We don't care about that.
      Grace: You don't care that you don't know her and she doesn't know you? You don't know each other!
      Tammy: How many ways can she say the same thing?

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