The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 12

Be My, Be My Baby

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 07, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Adrian and Ricky are now in couples therapy, but Ricky still isn't sure if he wants to be there. It's Adrian who's insisting that they both go. Ricky, concerned, asks George for his opinion on what he should do. Does Ricky still have feelings for Amy, or does he want to be with Adrian? There's no question with Ricky. He wants to be with Adrian.

Meanwhile, Ben wants to keep things going with Amy, and thanks to George, he knows just how to do it: put together a small makeshift picnic in the backyard. Amy is really getting into the romantic atmosphere and suggests to Ben that they should get engaged again. Ben wonders if that would be the right thing to do and goes to ask his dad for permission. Leo doesn't think it's a good idea at all. Maybe Ben might still be thinking about the Italian girl and is reacting to his confusion by attempting to get into a serious relationship with Amy. Ben asks Betty for advice and she tells him that she should just get in bed with Amy to figure out his true feelings for her. And with Betty's husband's body found, she's free to marry Leo. Ben informs Alice and Henry that he doesn't think he loves Amy and maybe wants to break up with her.

Grace isn't too pleased with her mom's new boyfriend Jeff. It seems like Kathleen and Jeff are really getting close, which is really weird for Grace since it seems way too soon since her dad died. But when Jeff meets Tom, he tells him that he's planning on asking Kathleen to marry him. Grace is so disturbed by this relationship that she says she's giving up on having sex until she and Jack are married. Jack's frustrated by this, but then he suggests oral sex instead. And this causes them to break up. But Jack seems to get on the rebound quick, because he gets in touch with Madison saying that he's now single.

Back at Adrian and Ricky's therapy session, there's an interesting development when Dr. Fields asks about Adrian's first sexual experience. It turns out that her first was Antonio, before he went away for the cancer treatment. Ricky then gets why Adrian wants a serious, committed relationship, and he thinks he's ready to give that to her. He offers to spend the night with her. Adrian asks if Ricky gets worried about Amy maybe leaving and taking John, and that maybe Ricky should try and get legal custody of his son. Ricky doesn't think that will happen considering his former bad boy ways. But then they actually spend the night together, and Ricky confesses that he does love Adrian.

Anne goes into labor, but there isn't time to get her to the hospital. So she has to have the baby at home, with George, Amy, and Ashley. The baby is named after Robert, Anne's dad. When George takes a really close look at the baby, however, he doesn't think his son looks like him at all. In fact, he looks more like Anne's boss, David.