The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 5

Born Free

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 20, 2009 on ABC Family
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A juicy rumor about the Juergens family sweeps through school. Ben would prefer to be alone on his trip to Italy, but Amy insists on tagging along with her baby - and Ricky isn't too happy about it. Grace is upset over what her mother is choosing to do with her father's clothes and other personal items. Suspicion continues to rise with Ben's future step-mother, who seems to be hiding something big.moreless

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  • Ricky gets his own place and word gets out about George's lie

    Amy is in her kitchen, practicing her french when Ashley comes in and tells Amy that their mom is engaged to Dave. Amy is surprised, and when their mom walks in a moment later, Amy confronts her about it. Ashley quickly leaves, as Anne tells Amy that she hasn't answered Dave yet, and shes not sure if she wants to get married or not. Over at Ricky's house, hes talking with his foster parents about how he wants his own place since hes almost seventeen, and in a year hes going to be out of the foster care system. At first they say no, sure he only wants his own place so he can have sex, but he persuades them till they finally say yes. Over at Grace's house, she is talking to Tom about how George lied about his vasectomy, he doesn't seem to care too much, but when he stands up to leave the table, Grace freaks out when she sees that he is wearing their fathers robe. Grace's mom tells her that she gave it to him, and when Grace storms upstairs, she tells Tom about how they need to get back the sports jacket that they gave Jack. In school, Grace is at her locker when Adrian walks up, and Grace admits to Adrian about how George lied about his vasectomy. Adrian is thrilled thinking that Anne is indeed pregnant with George's baby. She tells Grace that her family is looking for a house, and she thinks that George will move back in with Anne. Grace then tells Adrian to not tell anyone else about it. Madison and Lauren are talking, and Lauren says that she knows about George not having the surgery. Madison is surprised, and asks Lauren who told her; she says her brother told her. Ben is talking to his friends Alice and Henry, when they tell him about George. He is shocked, and asks them how they know. Henry says Jack told him. Then Henry asks Ben if he can go with him to Italy, and Ben declines the offer, and says hes forced to take Amy and the baby with him, and then you hear Amy's voice. She is clearly annoyed that Ben would say that. Ben chases after her and tells her he didn't mean it. Amy says no matter what she is going with Ben to Italy because she needs to get away for a while. Ricky comes up, and tells Amy that she can't just take their son to another country. Amy says she can do whatever she wants, and then tells Ben, if he would really want to leave her alone for the summer when Ricky is getting his own place. At lunchtime, Ricky is eating with Adrian, and she tells him about George even though she promised Grace she wouldn't. Amy is eating lunch with Madison and Lauren when they start to ask questions about her family, she gets suspicious, and Madison and Lauren quickly leave. Grace is with Jack, when Madison comes up and tells them about how her mom died and she knows how it feels. Grace asks her if she wants to sit with them and she happily agrees. Ben goes over to sit with Amy, when Betty comes over to give Ben his lunch, after she leaves, Amy comments on how much Betty looks like a hooker. Ben then admits to Amy about her dad's non surgery. Ricky is talking to Ben's dad about how much hours he can work, when he tells him about how he is looking for a new apartment. Ben's dad shows him a space above the butcher shop, and says that Ricky can live there. Ricky accepts, and he is really happy. He calls Adrian, who is less than pleased when she hears the news. She is scared that Ricky will cheat on her with Amy if he has his own place. Amy is at her house, when she calls Ashley to come over. When she does, Amy is freaking out about how George might or might not have had a vasectomy. Ashley tells her not to worry that her dad did, and she is about to leave, when she turns around and asks Amy if she wants company. Amy shakes her head yes. Anne is with her boyfriend, when he tells her that he wants to buy a house for just the two of them, without Amy and her baby.moreless
  • Grace starts a rumor.

    I like how they continued Grace's plots from the last episode, after her finding out that George lied on his vasectomy, she begins to spread it around school, and it reaches Amy, but she doesn't take it seriously. That was probably my favorite plot, everything was light and fun, just what this show needed. Ben has doubts on taking Amy to Italy over the summer, but Amy is determined to go. The big cliffhanger in the last episode went nowhere, since Anne still hasn't agreed to the proposal. And it's the same cliffhanger in this episode. Will she say yes or no? Grace finally looks happy in this episode, until her mom starting giving away her dad's things. She's still not over it, but I see progress. Ricky gets his own place, and Adrian wants to take George & Ashley's house so she can spy on Amy & Ricky. I like how Ricky is finally doing something with his life, actually planning ahead. Ben gets closer to finding out who Betty is which by the way still annoys me BEYOND BELIEF. Other than that, pretty awesome episode.moreless
  • Season 2, Episode 5

    Okay, so this is where I stand with all the characters: Amy - shes annoying. Ben - hes annoyin. Ashley - great supporting character, give her more of a storyline. Anne & George - get rid of David already. Madison & Lauren - okay supporting characters, they are either really funny, or just plain stupid. Grace - great storylines and I'm glad they are talking about her fathers death but they aren't dragging down the rest of the show which is a good thing, and thats the problem when someone dies on show, they tend to drag it on. Ben's Dad and Betty - I'm so glad Jennifer Coolidge is on this show. It gives me something to look forward too. shes a great actress. When she was on the first time, I wanted to see more of her but didn't think I ever would, so I'm glad shes been back this season. Ricky & Adrian - They are very entertaining, but one problem is that its too much of sex and going back and forth on whether to be exclusive or not. I mean come on.

    I'm really surprised that a rumor about a student's parents got so widly spread throughout the school. I mean would regular teens really care whether someone did or didnt get a vasectomy. Better than the previous episode.moreless
  • Episode 207.

    As of this writing this is the highest rated episode on's database for The Secret Life of the American Teenager. To me this was just a filler episode, nothing more, nothing less and if you were unable to tune in this week you really did not miss much. We got no further update on the baby situation or if Amy is actually going to go to Italy with Ben.

    There was very little George here too, who has quickly become this series' best character, and what is more rattling is that they could've had a huge confrontation between George and Anne over his vasectomy, but maybe that is coming in a future show?moreless
  • Secrets, and rumours, and more secrets and rumours. Something's up with George in this episode and everyone's talking about it. Ben is now undecided if he really wants Amy and the baby to come with him to Italy.moreless

    "Born Free" is so much better episode than the last couple of episodes. This episode invovles a lot of secrets.

    Ricky - Ricky is getting more mature every episode which is something that I like about him. I like that Leo gave him an apartment. It was veru nice of him.

    Amy - Amy is still annoying as ever, but I liked here spending to time with Ashley.

    Ashley - I am so glad Ashley got more screen time in this episode. My favourite scene with her is when she answered the phone and asked "Who is this?"

    George - I'm glad that George lied about his vasectomy and I find it hilarious that everyone's talking about. I really hope he tells Anne about it and that the baby ends up being George's.

    Anne - That guy David is a complete jerk. I hope she doesn't end up marrying him. Ben - I'm starting to like Ben even more. I like that he wants to go to Italy all by himself.

    Adrian - It was cool seeing Adrian's mother in this episode. Adrian didn't really get much screen time, but I still like her friendship with Grace. Grace - I loved Grace in this episode. It still shows that she hasn't moved on from her father's death. I love how she got mad at Tom for wearing her father's suit. Madison - Finally some background on some of the supporting characters. I didn't know her mother died. I like that she wanted to comfort Grace.

    It was also nice seeing Lauren, Alice, and Henry. I just wish the writer's give them bigger roles.

    Since this episode is better than the last two episdoes, and I'm in a very good mood, I'll give this episode a 9/10moreless
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    • Amy: I'm not going to Bologna because I'm afraid Ben will do something I don't want him to do. I'm going because it's what's best for my son. Every day is an opportunity to be exposed to other cultures. I want John to be exposed to other cultures. We were never exposed to other cultures. Mom and Dad never took us to Europe or Asia or Africa, or anyplace like that. They never even thought about exposing us to other cultures.
      Ashley: Well, that misguided trip to the Grand Canyon was more than enough travel time for me.
      Amy: I just want my son to be a citizen of the world.
      Ashley: He's not even gonna know what part of the world he's in.

    • Amy: You're engaged? When did you get engaged?
      Anne: I thought you were making eggs for the two of us.
      Amy: You can't be engaged. You're not divorced!
      Anne: No. I can't be married because I'm not divorced. I can be engaged.

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