The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 16

Chocolate Cake

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2009 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Amy and Ricky consider adoption as a possible option. Meanwhile, George's co-worker shows interest in adopting Amy's baby.

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  • Ricky has girl troubles: Amy, Grace & Adrian.

    This episode was fantastic to me, everyone grew up in their own sort of way. Everything got out in the open. Jack gets dumped by his friend's sister, and out of that, he tells Grace that Ricky is still sleeping with Adrian. It sucks, 'cause in the beginning of the episode, Grace & Ricky were starting to work it out. And it looks like Grace isn't going anywhere, regardless of Ricky cheating. Adrian sleeps with her step brother, ew. And she continues to sleep with Ricky and be posessive. Meanwhile Amy wants Ricky's consent for adoption, but he won't give it to her. Meanwhile Ben is jealous of Ricky, and he tells Ricky that, and Ricky finds out it's a boy. I'm glad he finally stood up for himsef, and took a break from Amy. Seriously, Amy was totally taking Ben for granted, the whole season. Anne goes out with a pastor, and it's revealed Ashley talked the pastor regarding Anne & George's divorce. Meanwhile George eats at his gay co-worker's place, what do you know, they have chocolate cake. It turns out they want to adopt Amy's baby! And Ricky's up for it by the end. The love triangle is still up in the air by the end of the episode. Great episode!moreless
  • Sixteenth Episode

    Amy considers adoption and she needs Ricky's consent. So, Ricky and Amy plan to talk one night about their baby. Ben wants to go, but he hasn't been invited by Amy, so Ricky tells Ben to go anyways. Jack hits it off with Duncun' sister whos older then him so she tells him that she has a boyfriend. Amy's getting ready for Ricky to come over while George plans to go over to Donovan and Leon and Anne meets with Reverend Stone and finds out that Ashley doesn't want them to get divorced and wants Amy to keep the baby. Donovan and Leon convinve George to consider letting them adopt Amy's baby in an open adoption. Ben surprises Amy by showing up at her house when shes supposed to meet with Ricky. Ricky doesn't want to put the baby up for adoption so Amy suggests him keep the baby and have him drop out of school. Ben and Ricky talk abou the sitution and Ricky leaves. Ben and Amy talk about the baby and get in an argument and they break up. Jack goes over to Grace's house all depressed about Shauna turning him down so he tells Grace that Ricky is still sleeping with Adrian so she calls Adrian and Adrian tells her hes not there so shes calls Ricky and his phone rings in the backqround, Grace gets mad. Amy calls Ricky and tells him that he needs to go along with whatever she decides.moreless
  • Amy didnt act about 5

    Amy grew up in this episode. ( Although when she knocked her sister to the ground and started moping around like crazy over ben it kind of defeated that a bit ) She told Ricky that if he did not want the baby boy then he has to take care of him. Also when she left ben and ricky to think about the baby. Also when she called ricky after her dad told her about Donovon and Leon ( The gay couple ) she took responsibility for the things she was suposed to that ricky still did not. And she took charge of the baby.moreless
  • Ben, Ricky and Amy fight over the baby's future.

    As The Secret Life of the American Teenager continues to crush Gossip Girl in the ratings it also is putting on a much stronger product.

    How awesome was George Juergens in the episode? The way he screams every line is just so hilarious and it is no contest who the best Dad on TV currently is.

    This episode also had some really good drama with the Ben and Ricky dispute and the Ricky and Adrian relationship finally blowing up in their faces. I could have done without the One Tree Hill-esque random step-brother showing up in the girl's life, but the Adrian and Ruben fights are also great television.

    The show may be finally turning around and gaining momentum in its second season.moreless
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    • Ricky: I'd take the baby, but...can I do that, legally?
      Amy: Yes, you can.
      Ben: But how's he gonna take care of the baby?
      Amy: Same way I was gonna take care of the baby. Drop out of school, get a job, and get daycare.
      Ricky: I'm not gonna do that.
      Amy: Really? What are you gonna do?
      Ben: Have you really thought this through?
      Amy: No. The idea just occurred to me, but I like it. This way, Ben and I can continue to be in the band and go to school dances, and do all the things normal high school students do, and go to college and have a career, while you raise your son.
      Ben: (to Ricky) Did you know?
      Ricky: No, I didn't know. A boy?
      Amy: Yes. So he's probably better off with you than me, anyway.

    • Amy: I am not feeling sorry for myself! I'm doing the responsible thing by trying to find two adults who can provide my baby with a stable home and a loving family!
      Ashley: If you had done the responsible thing six months ago...

    • Ricky: (about Amy) You're here against her wishes, aren't you?
      Ben: Yeah. And it's because I'm jealous of you. There. Ravel in it.
      Ricky: You're jealous of me? I've got news for you. I'm jealous of you, because you've got a choice. I don't. You don't have to stay around. You don't have to take care of the baby. You don't have to have these painful discussions with Amy, but I do, and my advice to you would be to get out. You're 15, Ben. This is your first girlfriend. You actually don't want to go out with any other girl for the rest of your life? And what happens if she breaks up with you for me or some other guy? I mean, after all, she didn't tell you we were getting together tonight. And you know, deep down inside, She's the one who called me. I didn't call her and ask her to come over here, just like I didn't ask her out for coffee at band camp. She asked me.

    • Amy: Ashley, what's your point?
      Ashley: My point is that I hope you don't make the same mistake twice. Not that you could, exactly.
      Amy: What is wrong with you? I'm not interested in Ricky! I don't want to talk to him. I have to talk to him. He has to go along with the adoption, or there's no sense in even interviewing couples.
      Ashley: And if he doesn't go along with it?
      Amy: Then I'll just drop out get a full-time, put the baby in daycare, and embrace teen motherhood. Sound good to you?
      Ashley: You're so dramatic.
      Amy: I'm pregnant. I'm 15!
      Ashley: Yeah, yeah. You're pregnant, and you're 15. You're not the only pregnant teenager in the world, so stop feeling so sorry for yourself.

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