The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2009 on ABC Family
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Amy is having trouble coping with her new lifestyle and resents the lack of time she has for herself. Ben begins to decide how he will be spending his summer break, while Grace takes her first baby steps toward recovery after the recent tragedy in her family.moreless

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  • Ben might be going away for the summer and Grace and Jack get back together

    The episode starts out with Amy and her mother sitting in the kitchen, both tired after having been woken up by John. At his house Ben tells his dad thats hes sorry for yelling at him, and his dad gives him his job back at the butcher shop. Then his dad tells Ben that he has a summer job for him abroad in Italy. Ben asks if he can take Amy and John, and his dad says maybe he should go alone to think about some things and his future with Amy. Ben agrees, and when his dad leaves, he calls Adrian to ask her what he should do about telling Amy that he doesn't want her to go with him; Adrian tells him hes stupid to leave Amy in America with Ricky. She then tells Ben that she hates him and hangs up the phone. Grace is at her house and she tells her mom that she thinks shes ready to go back to school and her mom is hesitant, but finally allows her. In school everyone is going up to Grace, and telling her that their sorry for her lost, and some people even tell her about when they had sex for the first time, and one girl says her rabbit died because of it, Adrian sees Grace and tells her shes sorry that she hasn't called her, and Grace gets angry and leaves the school. Amy sees, and walks over to Adrian to ask her whats going on, Adrian doesn't reply, but then sees Ben and tells Amy that Ben is going away for the summer. Amy and Ben are talking when he adds in that maybe she could go with him, and Amy agrees. Ben is surprised, and asks what about John, and Amy (!!!!) says that she doesn't care, and that John can stay with her parents, and that she needs to get away from him. Grace is walking home, when Amy's dad sees her and pulls over. They talk and eventually Grace feels better and goes back to school. At school Grace sees Jack and they talk and get back together. Adrian and Ricky had sex, and afterwords Ricky tells Adrian that he wants to be exclusive with her. She says that she doesn't want him to have sex with Amy, and he says hes not, but he needs to go to her house to watch John. At Amys house, after her mom says no to watching John, she asks Ashley and her dad. They both say no even though Amy begs and pleads. Then Ricky comes in, and he takes John from George. Amy gets an idea but before she asks Ricky says he can't watch the baby for a month while Amy is gone. Back at Amy's house, Anne is with her boyfriend, and he tells her that he thinks she is lying about him being the father, and he thinks she is only with him because his parents are rich. She gets angry, but before she can say anything, he gets down on one knee and proposes.

    Overall Score: 7moreless
  • Grace tries to put her life back together.

    This episode was really great, and I think this episode a break from all the crazy things that have been happening. It's like the "take a breather" episode. As the school year almost comes to a close, Grace goes back to school, and gets a bad response, but with the help of George, she was able to go back. She forgives Adrian & Jack. I like her character, and what she's doing. After forevor of wating, Ricky asks Adrian for a comittment. Ben is going to Italy for the summer, Amy was less annoying in this episode. And I'm starting to understand her more, she just needs a break. And by the end, it doesn't look like she is going to get one. As Ricky urges her to stay. I hate how Amy & Ricky think that Ben wants to hook up with Adrian when he just wanted advice. That annoyed me. Betty annoys me, Ashley is useless, David proposing to Anne, huge cliffhanger! Since it's George's baby. Good episode.moreless
  • Grace continues to struggle with her dad's death, Ben wants to go to Italy for the summer, and Amy continues to be a brat.

    I enjoy watching the episodes and all of the other characters, but I cannot stand Amy. She seemed to be nicer and more caring at the beginning of the series, but towards the end of the first season, and now she seems to be nothing but a brat. She always complains about her job, and her responsibilities, and her hectic life, etc. If she didn't want all these responsibilities, why didn't she give the baby up for adoption. She knew that it was going to be hard to keep the baby, but now that she has to do it, she doesn't nothing but complain and act like it's a surprise that caring for a baby at 15 is hard. And what is this notion that she could just leave John and go to Italy for a couple of weeks? She is acting so irresponsible, and so bratty, I almost can't stand to watch. Lots of people are trying to help her, Ricky and Ben and other people, but she won't accept anyone's help. She is being so stupid to turn down Ben's offer to babysit, or Ricky's offer to take John to day care in the morning. Why is she being such a little brat? If she didn't want to deal with this, then she shouldn't have had sex. She also seems to want everyone to pity her. She made the decision to have sex, and then made the decision to keep the baby, so she deserves no one's pity, because she put herself in this situation. She nitpicks everything, and blows every single thing out of proportion. So what if Ben called Adrian for some advice, or was hugging her in the hallway. It's not easy for Ben to see Ricky over at Amy's all the time, but for the most part, he keeps his discomfort to himself. But if Ben does one little thing that Amy doesn't like, it turns into this huge deal, that Ben tries to apologize for, which is ridiculous. Since when is he not allowed to talk to any other girls? Amy is being such a ridiculous little brat, I have now grown to absolutely hate her character! I think I would like the show a lot better, if she just wasn't in it anymore.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 4

    It's been a while since I watched The Secret Life because after the third episode because. I dont know. I kinda lost interest. So, I finally watched this episode and I can understand why I lost interest. For the most part, I'm sick of Amy complaining. I mean come on, you had a baby, obviously you won't be able to go out and do what normal teens do. I do like Ben and Adrian talking as much as annoying Ben is. I find the George-Anne-David storyline a little annoying. I mean they keep dragging it on. Everyone knows its George's baby, get to the point. I do find Adrian, Grace, and Ricky's storylines more interesting than Ben and Amy's. Let's hope there are better episodes to come because this wasn't the best episode.moreless
  • All I can say about this episode is: What the heck?

    This episode left me in utter shock and disgust. Amy states that she "just needs to get away from him (John)". I know that Amy is a new mother, a teenage mother, at that, but she can't honestly believe that she can leave her infant son for a month to go to Italy with her boyfriend, a boyfriend who she doesn't even seem to truly love, can she? Well, obviously she does, because she asks her entire family- all of whom rightfully refuse to watch John for a month. Anne's boyfriend's proposal (I can't, for the life of me, remember his name, not that it bothers me in the slightest) at the end of the episode, also annoys me. An engagement built upon grounds of a fight will not be as strong as one that has a strong foundatioon of true love. Proposing in the middle of a fight can only lead to trust problems later on, and the last thing we need on this show is another breakdown.

    Grace's storyline, however, is one that intrigues me. Having lost my father two years ago, I went through exactly what she;s going through- feeling as though the death was your fault. That is an amazing issue to bring into the series.

    Adrian and Ricky. Oh, Adrian and Ricky. I love Ricky, I really do, and so I love Adrian by default. No complaints there.

    The same goes for George and Ashley. Scenes with them are somewhat tolerable.

    All in all, this episode was horrible for me. Horrible. In fact, it has led me to stop watching the show.

    All I can say is that I hope the writers come up with an interesting story arc to support the show, because otherwise it's going to crash.moreless
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