The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 3

Get Out of Town

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2010 on ABC Family

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  • Amy has to decide if she should go to New York for the summer music program.

    Thirty minutes in to this episode, I wasn't very impressed by this episode, all the characters were doing were sitting around talking about the pregnancy, and it would cut to commercials at the most untimely scenes. I definitely wouldn't call this episode exciting at all but as the episode started to wrap up, I found myself enjoying it, since we get to see some development.

    In the wake of telling his dad, Ben has to tell Amy about the pregnancy, but can never find the right time. Meanwhile something good finally happens to Amy when she gets everyone's approval to go to New York over the summer, for four weeks. I love how Ricky, Grace, and Jack are all pushing her to go so she won't find out about Adrian. The memorable scene in this episode was definitely when she was asking people, that was downright hysterical! On a more serious note, Leo tells Adrian's father about the pregnancy, and by the end, he decides to wait for Adrian to tell him. Amy has her suspicions that something is going on. The mini cliffhanger we got in this episode was Adrian's mom finding out. Amy says she loves Ricky "as her brother, or the father of her son that she doesn't want to be with" I found myself laughing uncontrollably in that part. It's nice to see Amy happy, because when she's angry, she's just downright annoying. Pretty much, this episode was good, but they need to speed it up here, the flaw that this episode had was the lack of excitement, but overall a good episode.
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    The Secret Life is one of the few good cable shows on this summer and yet it is really starting to look like the rubbish that plagues the other channels these months.

    There is just nothing good going on right now. It seems like every episode ends with a new person finding out about the pregnancy: actually that is how EVERY episode ends (Adrian in the season premiere, Leo last week and Adrian's mother this week.)

    I have no interest in anything going on right now, and that is a bad sign for a show that just kicked off a new season. I know that Secret Life is better than this, but it is just floundering right now.
  • Amy has a decision to make and so does Adrian.

    In this episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the following happens. Ben's father is shocked by the news that Adrian is pregnant with Ben's child. Adrian is still keeping the pregnancy a secret, but Ben's father meets up with her's. He tells him the truth, and he is also shocked, but he says that she won't be having an abortion. He pretends that he doesn't know, but when Adrian's mother returns home, he tells her.
    Amy has to decide if she is going to New York or not, and her parents give her their permission. And so Ricky agrees to look after John for the month and even stay in her house. And so she packs up her things and in the next episode will be heading to New York.
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