The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 22

Good Girls and Boys

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC Family
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When Ricky returns home, he fights with Ben, takes some important advice from his foster parents, and breaks up with Adrian. Elsewhere, Grace has a new approach to sex after having a talk with her new stepfather, and George disagrees with Anne about the next step for their relationship. Lastly, Amy and Ricky argue over custody of their son.moreless

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  • Good Girls and Boys

    Solid episode of The Secret Life tonight. If this was an episode of Lost you would say that this was a Ricky-centric episode.

    This show has been okay recently, but I think it just gets lost in the shuffle on Monday nights. There are just so many shows for every demographic and I find it difficult to make time for this.

    There just really aren't those buzzworthy storylines you had a year ago. I think this is a show that was not prepared for longevity. The original relationships of Grace and Jack, Adrian and Ricky and Ben and Amy are all good, but these partner swaps have not been great. If this was just a miniseries it probably would have been ideal. Not that I don't still love watching it, but I really do not like it like I once did.moreless
  • Ricky returns and needs to talk with Ben, Adrian, and Amy.

    Amazing episode! I loved all the drama. I love how Ricky wants to step up and be more of father to John. I kind of dislike Amy for being stubborn in this episode, but I I've started liking Amy so I didn't really mind her stubborness. It makes great drama for her not wanting Ricky to take John on the weekends. Ben was never my favourite character, but I'm actually starting to like him now. I like his bad attitude and I like how he was brave enough to punch Ricky. Ashley was amazing in this episode. I love how she tells her parents everything she doesn't like about Amy. Anyways I give this episode a 7.5/10.moreless
  • Loose ends are tied.

    Ricky returns from his little road trip to tie all loose ends before leaving again. Meanwhile everyone else is trying to fix past problems. Ricky become friends with Ben, all is forgiven, after that pathetic fight. Ricky breaks up with Adrian, Adrina deserved everything that happened to her in my opinion, she said it herself that she didn't regret sleeping with Ben. Now Ricky wants to strike a deal with Amy. He wants John on the weekends, and Amy totally flips out. I like how by the end, Grace & Ben still have a chance of going out again. Ashley continues to see Grant. Geaorge & Anne decide to wait a year before re-marrying. Grace is okay with having sex before marriage, thanks to her new stepdad. The whole "Girlfriend" song by Avril Lavigne playing while Grace was walking in slo-mo was so annoying. It's old, and they played the song in the first episode. Some eventful moments, decent episode.moreless
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