The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 5

Hole in the Wall

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on ABC Family

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  • Ricky woke up one morning and found his son John in mommys and daddys room in bed. Amy was sleeping. Ricky went in the room and told Amy we need to get a couch with a pull out bed cause we could sleep in the living room on the couch. John could sleep in o

    it went to voicemail. Ben ent to school upset. adrian is thinking going to New York. drop high school and finished in new york. jack called madison to break up with her over the phone. Jack told grace he broke up with madison. he is trying to get back with grace but she in love with Daniel. Daniel open the door and said that more like it. amy called her dad george for a couch. Amy went over her parents to do some laundry. Ricky went over there to do laundry but amy was doing homework on couch. amy and ricky called about the phone called between ricky and adrian. amy siad im with homework for right now, i going to bed. ricky said ok i will be in there. amy siad ok i will be waiting. ricky went to go do laundry. john was sleep in the other room. amy and ricky went to go to something. ben and adrian had a huge fight.
  • 405

    Another ridiculous episode of The Secret Life of The American Teenager. But really, there isn't a time when this show isn't but it was heavily portrayed in this episode. I really could have done without the "Rolling in the Deep" montage, just because of how out of place both scenes were.

    Ben exploding at Adrian is a scene I'm sure all of have been waiting to see. I'm interested in seeing where things will go from here especially after that scene between Ben & Amy, and the scene with Ricky & the voice message.

    I wish Jack & Madison's breakup was onscreen. I can only imagine how funny and awkward that scene went down. Grace has become my least favorite character over the course of 5 episodes. Does she do anything else other than act like a complete idiot? And I am really not excited for this Jack & Grace hinting of a relationship because their relationship was just insufferable. Anyways, stand out episode of Secret Life despite how ridiculous it was.
  • 7/11

    A very good episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a show that has pretty much been on fire the past few months. We had Ben really lay into Adrian and while some of it was justified, other parts weren't and it made for an awkward moment, yet that kind of car crash kind of scene where it was painful to watch but you can't look away. Lately the show has responded greatly to my criticism of it not being edgy enough, and they did so tonight especially with that scene. I guess they are realizing that their fanbase has aged since the show premiered in 2008 so why not write a little more adult?