The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 3

I Feel Sick

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Anne and Ashley run into the girls' pediatrician while at the gas station. She tells them about a new doctor at the practice who happens to be George's ex-wife's new husband who is also Grace's dad. The pediatrician fails to mention that Amy paid her a visit recently.

Over at Ben's his friends catch him practicing to kiss Amy by kissing a stuffed animal. He needs their help in planning the right moment to kiss Amy for the first time. He plans to take her to the county fair.

Jack approaches Grace to find out if they can date again but she needs a little more time. At a family dinner, Grace brings the topic up but her dad is final in his answer: no.

Ricky is at Adrian's once again preparing to leave after skipping his therapy session and risking getting into trouble with his foster parents. He goes out to his car to call Grace and offers to take her out so she can sneak around with Jack. Grace is on-board with the plan but Jack questions Ricky's true motives, although he does agree.

More and more people are finding out about Amy's pregnancy which will make it harder to keep it from her parents. Lauren's older brother knows and even her little sister, Ashley is close to figuring it out.

The pediatrician calls Amy after it's been several weeks since her visit and offers to help Amy tell her parents the news. Amy instead hangs up on the doctor. Amy's mom tries to talk to her daughter about girl stuff but Amy makes an excuse to take Ashley to the mall and avoid having the conversation.

The night of the fair has arrived and Ricky goes over to pick up Grace, not without a little hammering from her parents. Grace tells her parents that she and Ricky are just friends and they reluctantly let her go. She meets up with Jack at the fair.

Amy and Ben are having an awesome time, that is until Amy pukes right when Ben is about to kiss her. When Amy gets home, Ashley confronts her about her pregnancy and Amy can't deny it.

Ben stops by the house, bringing her jacket and some ginger ale and he leans in for their first kiss.
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