The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 3

I Feel Sick

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • She is pregnant. She REALLY is!

    I honestly am not convinced that the girl is even pregnant. The acting isnt exactly...spectacular? No, actually, the acting is aweful. All Ricky and his "girlfriend" seem to do is have sex all the time. All we see is him leaving her house. And thats it! Where is the story going? The whole idea of listening to your parents then not, then listening to them again is insane and seriously stupid.
    So far I've been getting the feel that all the first three episodes feel like the exactly same thing. They just dont feel any different. How many more to come with this kind of trend?
  • Ben & Amy's first kiss.

    This episode was pretty great, so much things happened! Ben is worried about his first kiss with Amy, so he turns to his friend, Alice, which by the way, is starting to grow on me. At the carnival, Ben tries to make everything perfect, and Amy pukes. What a perfect date, it made me laugh. I loved Grace's plot, she tries to find a plan, to stay with Jack, and that plan is Ricky. She makes it looks like she is dating Ricky, when she is actually going out with Jack. I don't see why, after what Jack did to her. Ben & Amy's kiss at the end was perfect! Now it's going to be hard when he finds out about the baby. They went super fast on their relationship. Amy telling Ashley about the baby was the right thing to do, I just don't see why Ashley cried over it. Ricky & Adrian are starting to bore me, all they do is sleep together, and it feels like it's the same scene on repeat. Does anyone actually like Ricky & Adrian together? They are getting annoying. Lauren is the only one with common sense out Amy's friends, and it's nice to have a medium. A great episode, and awesome development.
  • Third Episode.

    As Ben prepares for his first kiss with Amy, Amy starts to realize that shes becoming "fat". Anne and Ashley bump into Dr. Hightower at the gas station where they are giving away free tampons which Ashley gives to Amy. Ricky tells Grace that he will help her sneak around so that she will be able to see Jack without her parents knowing. Amy and Ben go to the county fair and plan to share their first kiss. When Amy comes home Ashley asks Amy is shes pregnant and Amy tells Ashley that she is pregnant and is having baby.

    In the third week of this series were finally getting around to who these characters are. Megan Park (Grace) is probably one of the better actors on the show. The girl who plays Adrian is probably the hottest of the cast which makes her acting of the sexy one really good. But people like Ben's two friends are starting to annoy me.
  • Episode three

    Third episode!

    Amy and Ben share a first kiss after a day at the county fair. While at the fair, Amy has 'night' sickness. Grace still loves Jack, and she wants to date him, she thinks her parents are wrong about him, and she doesn't care what they say anymore, she has to date Jack. Ricky thinks he can help, so, Grace and Ricky tell Mr. and Mrs. Bowman that they will be at the county fair, as friends. The two parents go for it, so Grace and Ricky head off and Grace and Jack spend the night at the county fair and have loads of fun with each other, Grace is happy with how her life is.
    Adrian becomes jealous of Grace.
    Amy tells Ashley about her being pregnant.

  • WOOT!!!

    Amy tells Ashley about her pregnancy, but still neglects to tell Anne and George, and Ricky and Ben. Anne and George begin to bicker and argue, and Ashley starts to worry about their marriage. Ricky decides to help Grace go out with Jack secretly, but it might not be for the right reasons. Alice and Henry have their first kiss, as do Ben and Amy. While at the county fair, Ben takes Amy on the carousel. And, while Ben tries to kiss her for the very first time, she gets sick and throws up.

    This was a real tearjerker at some parts. I'm glad Amy told Ashley.
  • Loved it.

    In this episode Grace tries, once again, to tell her parents to let her see Jack again, but her parents are not letting her. Amy still doesn't tell her parents about the baby and her pregnancy affects are showing. Ricky helps Grace meet with Jack by pretending take her out, but she meets Jack instead. Adrian thinks that Ricky is just using her for sex and ditching her whenever they are together. Ben is trying to plan he perfect kiss moment with Amy and they go to the carnival. Amy barfs right before they are about to kiss though. Amy tells Ashley that she's pregnant because Ashley figures it out. Ben and Amy kiss when he drops off her jacket. Amy's parents are in a fight. Dr. High tower calls Amy about meeting with her and her mother. Adrian still feels abandoned by Ricky when he leaves and she is sort of jealous of Grace.
    Great episode. Even though i think that Grace shouldn't see Jack anymore and i hope Amy tells her parents soon. Watch it =)

  • Hmm...realistic?

    I think not. Ok, duh guys, and girls alike, worry about their first kiss, especially if it's with someone they really like. (Or in this case "love." Whatever.) But to get it on with a giant teddy bear??? Ugh, that's just...gross/creepy. Asking a friend for advice or help, eh, it's in the realm of possibility. But your sex-obsessed friend, who is a girl? ...alrighty then. A county fair seem a little too old-fashioned for this kind of series. But again, alrighty then. It's up to the writers... The episode was just...pretty ridiculous. (Other than Ricky and Adrian having sex, mainly for the sake of doing it... And Grace falling into Jake's and Ricky's pressure on her...) Ok, one part was mildly sweet. When Ben stopped by Amy's house after the rather disasterous date to give something (I forgot what it was) back to her. Then he said he forgot something to, and he leaned in to kiss her. But he took way too much time, and that was one of the most long, drawn out kisses ever...and it ws also rather cheesey... But it was mildy, almost, kinda maybe in a small way sweet. Ugh, I'm just not pleased with the show so far. I keep watching it, hoping that it will improve, but I'm losing hope. Fast.
  • Interesting Episode!

    This episode was very good. Once again we see Amy trying to hide that she is pregnant and apart of that she is trying to ignore that she is pregnant.

    Ben took Amy on a date and finally kissed her. It was very funny when he started to practice with the bear!

    We see that Amy's parents are having problems and it does not look good. Amy's sister Ashley realised that Amy is pregnant and she is ready to really help her sister out and give her support.

    We can see that Amy's doctor is ready to really help her out especially to talk to her mother. Looks like Amy has got a lot of support from everyone!
  • Amy discovers that she is starting to get "fat".

    Three weeks in and we are starting to get a feel for the characters, as there has been enough time for them to develop. This episode felt exactly like 7th Heaven from the odd comedy to Ben making out with the bear.

    Also with 3 hours of programming we are starting to realize who the good actors and actresses are. Megan Park, who plays Grace Bowman, continues to bring life to a somewhat exaggerated character and make it seem believable. Francia Raisa is also doing a good job with her character, and is probably the most attractive actress on the show, so that helps her seem more believable as a sex addict. The two key fathers George and John are also funny characters who need to be given more air-time.

    There are still some glaring flaws with the show. Amy and her whole family's behavior comes off as irrational. When the star of a show is hard to get behind it's difficult to enjoy the show (although Grey's Anatomy is good and Ellen Pompeo is kind of annoying). The two Asian kids are also really annoying.

    Did anyone else think Ben's father looked exactly like James Gandolfini?

    This was not the best-written broadcast but it did give hope that this could be a strong series after a few more weeks.
  • Great!

    Ricky helps Grace meet with Jack. He takes her out, but she meets Jack instead. Amy and Ben go on a date to the carnival. Amy barfs right before they are about to kiss though. Later, after she's home, they kiss. Amy tells Ashley that she's pregnant because Ashley figures it out. Amy's parents are in a fight. Dr. Hightower calls Amy about meeting with her and her mother. Adrian still feels abandoned by Ricky when he leaves and she is sort of jealous of Grace.

    This episode was great! I really like Ben and Amy together. I don't like Grace and Jack together though. I think Amy should tell her parents before they find out from someone else. The same goes for Ricky. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • I missed the first twenty minutes, but I'm pretty sure how it went...

    "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" so far in these past three episodes have left me waiting for Amy to finally tell the world what's really going on, and now, I think my wish is finally starting to come true. First, Amy's mom wants to get bigger clothes, and her little sister Ashley is suspicious, so that only means that people are starting to notice. Second, Amy is starting to get sick with all the food she begins eating, and throws it up right before her and Ben's big kiss.

    This isn't very descripted, and quite blan is you put it that way, but next week's episode could finally (and hopefully) be the winner for me.