The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 3

I Feel Sick

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 15, 2008 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Grace mentions in this episode that she is going to the Dairy Shack. Series creator Brenda Hampton used this exact same name for a popular hangout in her other television series, 7th Heaven.

  • Quotes

    • Ben: And, um, I forgot something. I forgot to do this this. (leans in to kiss her)
      Ben: Goodnight Amy.
      Amy: Goodnight Ben. And again: I'm sorry for everything.
      Ben: I'm not.

    • Ashley: Would you go change? You kind of stink.
      Amy: Yes, I know. Good night.
      Ashley: Wait. (long silence) I stayed up because I wanted to ask you something. You're're not, like, pregnant or anything, are you?
      Amy: (stuttering) Wh...wh...why would you say something like that?
      Ashley: Look, Amy, you're acting really weird lately, and you're stuttering again, so I know you're trying to cover something up. You're lying. You're lying all the time, and you're hungry all the time. You eat everything in sight, and you've gained weight, and you've got boobs. And you got sick? I mean, you love the carousel.
      Amy: I know.
      Ashley: So? (more silence) I won't tell them if you are. I won't tell anyone, I promise. You're gonna need me if you are, because you know they're gonna kill you, and you're gonna need a friend.
      Amy: I have friends, Ashley.
      Ashley: Not in this house. Not if you're having a baby. Just tell me. Are you? Are you having a baby?
      Amy: (tears in her eyes) Yeah. Don't tell anyone, okay? I'll tell them when I need to.

    • Ashley: (to Amy, who's trying on a new top) When did you get boobs?

    • Ben: (persuading Amy to go to the county fair) They've got plenty of food there. They've got corndogs and hotdogs and sausage and peppers and onions and churros and cotton candy and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate...
      Amy: (laughing) Okay! You had me at corndogs.

    • Adrian: (on Ricky helping Grace out) I'm not jealous of some prissy little virgin who thinks that she's better than everyone else! So you know what? Go do whatever you want. After all, we really aren't even friends. We're just bed buddies.

    • Ricky: (on the phone with Grace) Yeah, I was offering to let you pretend to date me. I'll pick you up and take you home but you and Jack can have anytime in between that.
      Grace: Wait, you mean sneak around?
      Ricky: C'mon Grace. Stop being the Jesus freak people think you are and be normal for once.

    • Anne: You know what, I think you're getting curves.
      Amy: (stuttering) No, I don't think so.

    • Dr. Fields: (leaving Ricky a voicemail) Ricky, Ken Fields here. You missed your appointment. In fact, you missed several appointments. It's not good for you because you need the help. It's not good for me because I need the money.

    • Alice: (on Ben calling her a control freak) I'm a control freak? And you? You're actually putting time and effort into planning a spontaneous moment where you kiss your girlfriend for the first time.

    • Anne: (on Marsha Bowman) Are you kidding? She'd never let you wear that tube top.
      Ashley: Well you won't let me wear it either.
      Anne: You're wearing it aren't you?

    • Anne: (an older guy checks Ashley out) Give me a break! She's 13, you pervert.

    • Grace: Well, they're my parents. I have to do what they tell me. Don't you do what your parents tell you?
      Ricky: Hell no!

    • Marc: Any plans for college?
      Adrian: Maybe. I hear Indiana University has an awesome sex education programme.
      Marc: Awesome, huh? I saw that you almost got a perfect score on the verbal study of PSAT. You know Columbia's got a great English lit department. Bet you'd really love New York.
      Adrian: Well I really love sex...

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