The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 11

Just Say No

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Loved it

    One of the main reasons why I liked this episode a lot was because it was able to surprise me and change my opinion on some characters.

    I actually found Madison funny and Lauren bearable in this episode, even though I still think she has a big attitude problem. I could see a possible chemistry between Madison and Jack and I hope they pair them together. I also was surprised by how Grace got bolder and actually kissed Ricky, in her own house with her parents in it. I actually like Ricky and Grace together, although I suspect that he is going to eventually ruin her life as well if they do decide to get serious. I wish they had focused more on Amy and Ben instead of giving storyline to Henry and Alice. I know they are supposed to be the comic couple, but seriously, both of them are really boring, they should just remove those characters from the show or keep them to a minimal.

    I always liked George's character and I was a little sad for him when he was told that his marriage was over. Overall, I thought this was a big improvement from the previous episodes in some aspects and enjoyed watching it.
  • "Does this count as oral?"

    Well this episode made me really happy on a lot of levels. First of all, Grace & Ricky finally hooked up, and I liked how Grace asked Adrian's permission first. I just wish Ricky wasn't such a womanizer, so he would be committed to Grace. I like how Grace is so inexperienced, "Does this count as oral?" and he was just sucking her finger, that made me laugh. Grace's mom walks in, to be continued. Adrian spends most of the episode on the road, until her dad finds her, and she has to go back to school. Her dad tells he she's going to an all girls school next semester. To be continued. Tom still wants to keep in contact with Betty. To be continued. Henry & Alice are still having bad sex. To be continued. At least one thing ws mended, that's Amy's and Lauren's friendship after thew whole Ricky thing, she finds out he was sexually abused. She tells Ben and they do research on the topic, and they end up about to have sex. To be continued. The counseler's missing, to be continued. Anne wants to divorce George. To be continued, and lastly Grace doesn't want Jack back, to be continued. So everything is left up in the air, which made this a good mid-season finale.
  • Mid-Season Finale. Eleventh Episode

    In the midseason finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Adrian leaves town and her disappearance along with the disappearance of the counsouler Mr. Molina sparks rumors that they ran off together. Adrian's father is determined to find his daughter. Meanwhile, Amy and Ben contemplate whether to have sex or not. The school finds out about Ricky's visits to Lauren's dad. Grace is pressured into wearing her purity ring after her mother finds her and Ricky making out in the kitchen when their supposed to be baking cookies. Adrian yells into the halls of schools and starts talking to her father until she hears the words "All Girl Private School". At the end of the episode leaves us with the possible ending of Anne and George's marriage.

    This was a good episode, I loved Adrian's storyline. She has to be one of the best actors on this show.
  • The mid-season finale.

    After last week's monstrosity The Secret Life of the American Teenager returned with a less than spectacular, yet still acceptable installment. The same odd behavior exhibited last week was on display again tonight such as Madison and Grace shouting in the halls, and Jack continuing to act like a complete buffoon. Shailene Woodley is completely unfit for a leading role, but when she's with Kenny Baumann he's comfortable in his character enough to cover up her disastrous acting. There were a few funny gags here, but this show has just gone downhill in recent weeks. Not nearly enough Mark Derwin and the lack of Steve Schirripa really led to a lower rating. Everything George says is hilarious so I'm left confused as to why he gets less time on screen. The highlight of the episode was definitely the confrontation between Adrian and her father. Emotional moments like this, and George talking to Ashley about her birth are what made this show great. When The Secret Life returns in January let's hope they give us more tearjerkers like that.
  • Did Amy and Ben sleep together? What happens to Grace and Ricky after almost making out to almost having sex? Are George and Anne really over? Henry and Alice - what about Ashley? Jack? Adrian's new school? TOO MANY QUESTIONS- NOT ENOUGH ANSWERS.

    This was NOT a season finale. Season finales are supposed to resolve some issues and create new ones, with a huge shock at the end. There was no shock - everything fell into place. Season finales are supposed to mix up things that fall into place. Things should happen you never see coming. Some new couple should've hooked up. Ben's dad and Amy's mom could have kissed or something. Jack could get kicked off the football team or something and have a real story line! Next season better be was a good show till I saw the finale...come on secret life writers..bulk up! Give these characters some meat. Shailene Woodley is super talented. Make her do something besides whine. Give Jack a story. Keep giving installments to Adrian's story. Make Ricky get real help. Make Grace have sex and deal with the consequences. Make Henry and Ashley the real deal. Have a character we all love die / move away, etc. Don't be afraid to do something drastic!
  • Craziest to sane: Ricky, Grace, Jack, Madison, Ben, Amy, Ashely, Henry, Adrian, Alice, Lauren, Tom.

    Top down wind blowing through her hair, Adrian was having a good day before she arrived at school; started yelling her business down the hall and heard the words All Girls' Private School. "Under all those layers of clothes is probably a straight jacket." I knew all Ricky had to do was be more of a charity case than he already is and Grace would be all over him. (I finally got to see the football field.) It's so funny that Ben can wait for sex (applause) but not for marriage. Ashley was conceived in a graveyard that does say a lot. For a season finale it wasn't too special though.