The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 11

Lady Liberty

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2010 on ABC Family
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Ben's problems worsen as he gets fired from his job, has a big fight with his father, and considers more drastic measures to win Amy back. Elsewhere, George and Anne make a final decision about their future together, and Adrian wants to reconnect with Ricky, but he does not share the same feelings. Also, Amy's friends from New York talk her into going out to a pajama club, but there's something on her mind that prevents her from having a good time.moreless

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  • Incredibly boring.

    Who actually liked this episode? I know I didn't. This episode just gave me a headache with all the constant talking. And what's with giving so much screen time to the least important characters such as Madison and Lauren? Throughout all of this episode, all they talked about was Ricky & Amy in New York. Sure there were some eventful highlights, but to be honest this episode was not memorable, and it wasn't very intriguing either. The definite plus side is the planning of a fake engagement between Ben & Adrian. It's definitely interesting, lets just see how well they take the story line. Another plus side was the the definite surprise that it was Amy's birthday all along and that's why she was expecting calls and messages. "Happy Birthday to Me" Everyone was so involved in their own problems, that no one cared about Amy's birthday. Everything that came out of Grace & Grant's mouth was incredibly ridiculous and unrealistic. Pants Off Dance Off!? Ashley continues to be a pain. The conversations run on way too long. Same annoyances, and on top of that, it was also boring and forgettable.moreless
  • 7/10

    I waited in anticipation for this weeks episode (Lady Liberty) only to be disappointed. I was so happy with last weeks episode and expected so much more this week! I really hope that Ricky & Amy work things out because their plot is what's keeping me hooked. Amy has changed so much in season 2 and I love it as well as Ricky. Some characters are really creating rubbish within the series ect Lauren, Madison, Jack & Grace. The whole Ben & Adrian situation is really spinning out of control. I have enjoyed watching George & Anne Juergens relationship develop. Amazing :) Lol surprise me next week and please be good!moreless
  • 8/16

    As The Secret Life winds down yet another season (or half season, whatever this show does) we are reminded why we watch this show: as annoying as these characters can be, and as hilarious (sometimes unintentionally) as the parents are, we are interested in what happens to them. We want to know who Adrian will end up with and what Ben will do. The Secret Life has created characters we care about, a rare feat in television these days.

    And this was a good episode to be honest, nothing over the top, nothing memorable either, but just an interesting hour of TV. Plus, Ana from Desperate Housewives!moreless

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