The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 22

Loose Lips

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 16, 2011 on ABC Family
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The entire town is in an uproar over Adrian's impending baby shower.
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  • 5/16

    I like Ben finally showing a little bit of anger and he was in the right when he called out Amy for everything he did wrong, although I liked George telling him to get out of the house immediately. His rant was great though and he told Amy off completely, like she has needed to hear from someone for awhile now.

    Where I think The Secret Life is wrong is that they don't have a lot of big storylines that last for a few weeks. Everything is long and drawn out for months and everything is about the trouble that a couple is going through. Mix things up, have a crazy serial killer on the loose, have a natural disaster, have something interesting other than a girl or guy saying "the wrong thing" to their significant other.moreless
  • 322

    One of the things that this episode definitely gave me was a headache but that doesn't mean this was a bad episode. This was a solid episode of The Secret Life that brought us some very interesting interactions.

    I felt all the clashes and arguments were a bit over the top even though Kathleen made a good point with her ridiculous sock story: One fight can escalate and mess up the whole universe, which is what we're seeing happen with Amy & Adrian.

    I liked the Jack & Grace interactions but I'm not looking forward too the Grace & Grant drama. The Ben & Amy scene was my favorite. Finally someone pointed out how contrived Ricky & Amy's relationship was, and Ben made a really good point.

    Amy was pretty annoying tonight but then again, everyone had their own annoying moments but I felt like the episode served it's purpose and got it's point across quite well. Overall, good episode, definitely memorable.moreless
  • Lots of entertaining drama

    Grace made the invitation, while Amy made the reservation and food menu. Amy and Grace asked Adrian for the guest list to which Adrian said they made her feel bad by pointing out the fact that she doesn't have any friends. Adrian screams out names of the girls that Ricky slept with to invite them so she can show everyone that she "won." So all the girls gather. Amy gets upset b/c she thinks that she did that on purpose to make Amy feel bad. This whole situation escalates and people start taking sides.

    Ben crosses the line and goes over to Amy's place and frankly says some very mean stuff to Amy. What happened to the sweet and understanding Ben that I loved in Season 1? Oh yeah...Ben snitches on Ricky and tells Amy that Ricky said he loved every girl he's been with. Ricky claims he's not taking sides, but at the end of the episode he reaches out to Adrian to make peace with Amy.

    I'm liking Amy's character a lot more this season. She's matured a lot. I still hope to see more improvement on her character because there are times I'm thinking...Amy you are better than that.

    Ashley--gosh what's going on with her lately? It's like she's PMSing all the time. I really would love to see Ashley and Amy getting along better..and Ashley getting a better attitude as well.

    I was entertained by this episode and it was nice that the subject wasn't about sex.moreless

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