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The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 20

Maybe Baby

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Maybe Baby
Amy gets help from her friends on what to do about the baby.

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  • Stupidest line ever: (Shows Amy reading a book called "A Baby's First Year") Anne: "I know you want to keep the baby, I can feel it"

    Seriously what was up with that, Amy is reading a book called "A Baby's First Year" and Anne walks in and says she can sense that she wants to keep the baby? Other than cheesy moments, this episode was really good. Jack confronts Duncan on stealing the candy money, and he punishes Duncan, by earning the money back, this time to an actual organization. Amy doesn't know what she's going to do with her baby, conveniently Ricky & Ben get the same job, and they bond! Anne also gets a job conveniently(and a new boyfriend). Then Grace & Jack agree to help Amy with the baby, along with the rest of the cast. The end seemed a bit unrealistic, how everyone just popped out of nowhere, but I guess it gave Amy a reason to keep the baby: support. It was kind of messed up when Ashley was mocking Amy's parent video, but she made up for it in the end. Leaves a small cliffhanger for Amy's baby shower so that's good. By the way, this gave a season finale vibe for some reason. Great episode.moreless
  • Twentieth Episode

    Anne goes to a job interview with the man who hit on her at the hot dog place. George tells Anne that he is gay and deaf so Anne pretty much ruins the job intereview because he isn't gay or deaf. Amy goes to a baby store and tells the clerk shes 21 and her names Lauren Madison. The clerk gives her a overalls outfit as a gift. Ben and Ricky get jobs at the sausage place. George and Ashley still want Amy to keep the baby and they find the videotape of Amy that Ben shot when she heard it was a boy. They are mad that they weren't involved wih making the video. Amy shows up and sees them watch the video and Ashley mocks Amy. Amy gets really upset about how Ashley thought she didn't care about the baby.

    And at the end of the episode (My favorite part and a very very funny part) Grace and Jack goes to Amy's house. Just 10 seconds later Adrian shows up at Amy's door. Ben and Ricky show up. Henry and Alice show up. Grace and Jack give Amy a ob offering where she'd have daycare, a paying job, and insurance. Grace tells Amy that Adrian is going to plan a baby shower for her and then Madison, Lauren, and Jason show up and Madison thinks they should be the ones to throw Amy a shower. And Amy decides to keep the baby!! A hilarious episode. 10/10. Never thought i'd give this show a 10!moreless
  • Amy decides to keep the baby.

    The ending to this episode with all the kids coming to Amy's house in support of her was really sappy, but the 7th Heaven-like moment worked because of the way every installment this season built up to it.

    Ashley's speech to Amy was nice, but it wouldn't have killed her to show a little emotion. I was just putting over India Eisley's talent for such a young age, but it felt like she was reading off cue cards here.

    The episode also lacked those "Georgeisms" that have made this show great, but all in all it was a fine way to build up to next week's finale.moreless
  • Great Episode (for this show)

    Anne goes and almost ruins a job interview because she actually listened to george. Amy was to stupid to get another way home yet her sister could. Amy goes to a baby store and tels the lady she's a 21 year old college student named Lauren Madison. Ashley and George watched the baby video from Amy to baby. Then Ashley TALKS IN A NEW VOICE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! for once when she mocks Amy. Amy gets mad. Ashley talks to Amy and they make up. Anne gets the job. Everyone comes and offers to help Amy keep the baby. Anne and Amy connect over the baby keeping thing. George and Ashley are happy. End the episode. Yaymoreless
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Anne-Marie Johnson

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Camille Winbush

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    • Anne: Amy, I know that you want to keep the baby. I can feel it, and while I don't know how I feel about you taking on motherhood at 15 years old, I think that you could do it, if that's what you really wanted. And that's what I told Reverend Stone today.
      Amy: (hugs her) I got a job! A job with insurance and daycare, and Ben got a job, and Ricky got a job, and everyone wants to help, Mom. Everyone. I think I can do it, if only you'll let me do it. Will you? Will you let me keep the baby? I'll be a good mom. I promise I will.
      Anne: Of course, Amy. Of course you can, and I will help you as much as I can. But Amy, this is going to be your baby, and you have to take care of him, and it's not gonna be easy.
      Amy: (crying) Thank you. Thank you! I know that I can be a good mom, because I've got the best mom in the whole world.

    • Amy: Get out!
      George: You can't tell me to get out of my own house. That's your mother's job.

    • Amy: This is not some weird group project, Ashley. This is a human being, and I am responsible for this human being. He's my son. I have to do the right thing. I have to do what's best for him. I have to find him a home.
      Ashley: Think about yourself. Think about doing the best thing for yourself, because maybe it's the best thing for you and your baby to stay together.
      Amy: I can't think about that, because it's not...it can't be.
      Ashley: Why can't it? Why do you insist on believing that this is a bad thing that happened? Because that's what other people think? Please listen to me, Amy. Please. I know you want to be in the band, but it's not the band that's important to you. It's music. You love music, and you can still play your French horn when the baby comes. And I know school is important to you, but really, isn't it education that's important? You'll get the education that you want somehow, Amy. I know you will, because you're smart. You've always been smart, so you'll figure out school. You'll figure out a way, and you'll find some work, something where you can earn some money. You can do this, Amy. You really can. It's possible that this baby's a good thing for all of us. It's possible that we can all learn how to live from this and be happy. Come on. so mimsy has Alzheimer's, and Mom and Dad are getting a divorce, and the family's splitting up, and you got pregnant the first time you had sex. So what? Maybe it's all good. Maybe if it isn't, let's just say it is.
      Amy: when Did you move away from the dark side?
      Ashley: As soon as I could.

    • Amy: Do you really think I don't care about my baby?
      Ashley: No. You care too much, yet not enough.
      Amy: What does that mean?
      George: Something good, right Ash?
      Ashley: You care enough to take care of the baby before he's born, but you don't care enough to take care of him after that?
      Amy: I can't! Someone else has to do that. Why can't you understand that?
      Ashley: I can't understand it, and I don't think the baby will understand it when he grows up, either.

    • Amy: No time for waffles. We're gonna be late for school! And by the way, Ashley, yogurt is much healthier than chocolate chip waffles.
      Ashley: The pregnant girl's concerned about being tardy?
      Amy: Yes. And I'm concerned about your health.
      Ashley: Well, until and unless I'm living in your stomach, leave my health to me.

    • Amy: (on a video recording, talking to her unborn child) And I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to make sure that happens for you. To make sure you get all that life has to offer, because that's what my parents did for me, and because you're my son.
      Ashley: (watching the video) Think the baby's gonna buy that when he's 18? (mocking Amy) "I love you so much, but I gave you away because I didn't want to miss prom or homecoming or high school graduation, or all of those fun times hanging with my two BFF's. And besides, I met a rich guy after I got pregnant, and I think he really, really likes me, and I just didn't want you to mess that up, little baby."

    • Leo: I found a job for you.
      Ben: Dad, come on. You're not gonna drag me down to the office and make me pretend to work for you there, are you?
      Leo: No, I'm gonna take you down there and let you get your hands dirty.
      Ben: Okay, Dad, if that's a threat, I'll get a job. A real job. I promise.
      Leo: It's not a threat. It's an opportunity to make some money and make some new friends.
      Ben: I have friends, and come on. I have money.
      Leo: You do? Well, that's news to me.
      Ben: Trust fund?
      Leo: Oh, that. No, you can't get any money out of that until you're 21. The kid will be in school by then. And you know what? Now that you brought it up, that trust fund...I'm making it 30. You can tap into it when you're 30.
      Ben: Dad--
      Leo: 40!

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