The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 19

Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on ABC Family
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Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free
Adrian wants to mix things up a bit and tries to change her look, Jack is still bringing out his thoughtful side by raising money, and Anne might soon be off the unemployment list.

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    • Ben: I do have money.
      Ricky: Yeah. So you win and I lose, I guess.
      Ben: What?
      Ricky: I just came here to concede. You were right. I don't have any money, so I probably would not make the best father for the baby, or the best husband for Amy. You know, maybe Amy went back with you because the adoption fell through. Maybe she's just looking for security.
      Ben: Yeah, or maybe she just loves me.
      Ricky: She loves your money, anyway. I'm sure she loves the idea of not having to worry about her son's future, so you and Amy have a nice life with my son. A nice, comfortable life. You win, Ben.

    • Anne: I got a job today.
      Amy: You're kidding me!
      Anne: No, I'm not kidding you. And they like me so much that they're letting me have an assistant. You speak Spanish, right?
      Amy: Right.
      Anne: Okay, well, we better go, because we start at 3:30.
      Amy: We start what at 3:30?
      Anne: Our job. Come on, let's go. I'll tell you about it in the car.
      Amy: Mom, I've had a really long day. I just ate four $5 chocolate bars, and I don't feel too well. Maybe we could start tomorrow.
      Anne: $20 worth of chocolate? You're gonna have to work at least three hours for that, and maybe more, after taxes.

    • Ben: (to Ricky) So who's your second choice if you don't get Amy and/or the baby? I mean, I know you're used to getting what you want, but let's just say this time, you don't. Who you gonna go after? Adrian? Oh no, that's right. Adrian's in love with her brother right now. So what about Grace? Grace isn't gonna marry you. She's probably gonna become a doctor. She'll probably marry a doctor. I mean, she's a doctor's daughter, so she's a little out of your league, don't you think? Oh, and by the way, if you and Amy don't find a couple to adopt the baby, you're gonna be paying child support for the next 18 years. How you gonna do that? I mean, you don't just get to call yourself the daddy without being financially responsible for the child. Think about that. Child support every month for the next 18 years. So if you're just using the baby as a way to get to Amy, just keep in mind that's gonna cost you. But you know that, right? You shouldn't take things you can't pay for, Ricky.

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