The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 19

Money For Nothing, Chicks For Free

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Amy gets a job.

    This episode was okay, I liked the idea of it. Amy & Anne both getting a job together, Grace using her sudden popularity as an advantage to help Jack sell candy bars. Adrian revirginizing herself for her brother, and dressing like Grace. The concept meant well, but the way it took things was just okay. Jack's plot was annoying as usual, it's good that he's doing something good, but is he really that stupid, to get his money, car, and phone all stolen at the same time? And running, not knowing where he's going? In the end, he finds out it was Duncan, the kid he's mentoring, only 'cause he's dating Shana. Anne was funny at the job, and I like how Ben is still totally comitted to Amy. Ricky wanting to be a part of Amy's life, then backing out because of child support? Seems like a big waste of a plot to me. That's what brought the rating down, but everything else was good.
  • Ninteenth Episode

    Adrian wants to change her style and Grace suggests taking her virginity back so they see Reverend Stone for some help. Ben and Amy are back together. Ricky confronts Ben about what Ben said about Ricky not having any money for child support. Anne gets her and Amy a job at a hot dog place. Jack sells candy bars for disadvanage youth to help out Duncun for $5 a bar (thats expensive for 1 candy bar). Jack gets robbed when he goes back to give the money to Duncun and his truck gets stolen too, and a couple of guys tell Jack that Duncun made that candy bar thing up to scare him away from his sister Shauna.

    A great episode. Quite funny.
  • A little too ridiculous for my liking.

    The second half of the first season has been decent thus far, but this episode was just a bit too silly for my taste. From the fake mugging, to the reclaiming virginity, to the generic working at a hot dog joint storyline, this just had later seasons of 7th Heaven all over it (that is not a compliment).

    As the other review pointed out Amy is still annoying, but luckily her face is not on screen as much as it used to be. One of the few things I liked here was that they acknowledged Ben is in the band, something that hasn't been mentioned since the first episode I believe.
  • Excellent Installment (Amy is still annoying)

    I am not a supporter of ben or amy but wow! Amy just lost all of the growth she gets from standing up to ricky. First of all, she was moping about Leon and Donoven backing out and about possibly working.

    Then in the hallway when jack was selling candy bars, she needed five dollars and ben just gave it to her and bought even more chocolate.

    She Followed that by arguing with him, and complaining that he didnt tell her to take it easy and relax because she's pregnant.

    Then when her mom got her a job, she was all "I ate alot of chocolate i don't want to i want to nap"

    When she was there, she was whining and didnt do anything except complain ( in two languages ! ! ! ) Sorry for the rant but, i feel that she's been using Ben ( not that he seems to care ) playing i amthe victim of my pregnancy and being lazy disrespectful and annoying. Also i loved How happy anne was and how she made the best of the situation. I found Ben to reliant on his DAD's $$$$$$ and i liked how his dad will try to mske him do something.

    I feel Grace is so naive. She will get in trouble. I feel that The Jack, Duncan and Shonna thing WILL Be TROuBLE I think that Adrianne's making a change for then better BUT her bro gotta go

    So that's my long review Now :)