The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 4

One Foot Out the Door

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 04, 2011 on ABC Family
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Amy and Ricky disagree over whether or not John needs to be taken to the ER, which results in further arguments over their future together. Elsewhere, Grace meets a new guy named Daniel and is now juggling him, Grant, and Jack without a second thought. Ben's father encourages him to work on his marriage, while Adrian tries to trick Ben into telling her how he really feels.moreless
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  • 7/4

    I actually liked the storyline with John. It was a nice little storyline they had with him possibly being hurt and Amy and Ricky stressing over how to handle it. For a show that is pretty ridiculous in nature I actually found this to be a believable reaction to those two kids responding to their child's problem.

    The Adrian and Ben thing is a little bit weird, but I am curious to see how it plays out.

    I do wish that that they would find something to do with Ashley. This voyage she is on is not it.

    And I wish they could do something with Grace other than her "doing" it.

    I enjoyed this episode for what it was, but outside of the Ricky and Amy stuff, they need to start writing these characters better.moreless
  • 404

    So I think theres no denying when I say that Secret Life is in a rut. All the story lines put on the forefront here are pretty uninteresting. Grace acting like the worst character on television isn't amusing. I don't know if this character blunder is supposed to make people like her more or what. But its just not working out.

    I remember the time when she was the good Christian girl, I miss that time, not now that she's a "fickle" girl. And Adrian possibly trying to get pregnant again is just too ridiculous for my liking. Wheres the emotion we were seeing a couple weeks ago?

    And as for Ricky & Amy fighting, can you say annoying? Seriously, does anyone enjoy watching these two constantly bicker about their problems? I know I don't. Hopefully Secret Life "shakes things up" again like they did at the end of season 3 cause this is not amusing.moreless

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    • Amy: And?
      Ricky And what? I'll call back.
      Amy: You said 'my wife Amy's son'!
      Ricky: I don't think so!
      Amy: Uh-huh!
      Ricky: You're not my wife okay! We have an agreement that no one here is going to be husband and wife.

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    • Grace(about Rev. Stone's job at Mt. Xavier): What they need someone to perform Last Rites.

      Last Rites is one of the seven sacraments in the Roman Catholic church. Since Reverend Stone doesn't perform that sacrament we can assume he is the pastor of the Protestant denomination.