The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 3 Episode 26

Or Not To Be

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 06, 2011 on ABC Family
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Amy and Ricky finalize their plans for a weekend getaway. Adrian and Ben go to the hospital, ready to have the baby. Tom has a new girlfriend with two children, to Kathleen's consternation. Ashley has passed the GED and is finished with high school. Grace meets Grant's ex-girlfriend.moreless
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  • Emotional Episode

    I would have to say that this was the MOST emotional episode that I've seen from this more emotional than when Ricky explained to Adrian what abuse he was subjected to as a child. I love the Ricky and Amy are FINALLY trying to make things work with them. I hated the fact that Ben and Adrian got married just because she was pregnant, they're should have been some love there to begin with. I'm not saying the miscarriage was karma, but the baby was concieved out of revenge and NOT love. I HATE that they had to go through that HORRIBLE ordeal, but I like that the show was willing to show that not all the time do things go as planned. I definitely felt the grief from Adrian, Ben, Ricky, Amy, and Leo, not so much the others. I love the fact that she wanted to see Amy instead of Grace and that Ricky was there to console Ben. Overall, this was good, yet emotional episode.moreless
  • DullSPOILER alert!

    Now we all that peview's or trailers can ruin and spoil a TV show or movie, while we did have that in this case if didn't see a preview for this episode you can pretty much guess how it ends after watching the first 5 min.

    Ben and Adria lose their baby girl in a miscarrige. it is sad and really emotional and you could feel the grief from the charecters.The probelm was that their was no hope, no silver lining, no positve outlook by any of the charecters. Ben and Adria played their grief roles well, but when other people found out (It should be stated that at the start of the episode Ben and Adria go to the hospital for a routine check up in the morning) that Ben and Adria have been stuck longer at the hospital then expect they all think the worse (think but not say) when Adria calls Tom and tells him she's in the hospital he tells everyone but he inturpets it as Adria having the baby. so everyone goes to the hospital to hear what we all ready know.

    I feel this whole episode was another reason why not to have a baby at 16; because they could die in a mis-carrige (I'm not being funny here)Ben and Adria's relationship is going to go down the drain because Ben only married her because she was pregnat and cause it was the right thing to do (Like with Ammy only this time he's the baby's daddy) with no baby Ben will feel no need to be with AdriaThis is why Ricky is not all that wrong with not marring Amy right away, because he wants it to be for the right reasons not just because of John (Their son). Speacking of which now that Ricky and Amy's lovers might be breacking up this will cause fricton between the two.

    I'd saw this was a development but this happans in ever drama series, where they have a tragidy or big event that causes couples to fall back on their ex-lovers. Grey's Anatomy does this all the time with Izzy, Alex and George.

    This was depressing and i felt it before they actually told us what was going onThe only hightlight was the conversation between Grant's ex girlfriend and GraceEx-Girl: "You must be Grace"Grace: "You must be fat"

    a boring episode that i predicted the out come to a mile away as well as the next season.moreless
  • high for Secret Life standards.

    (Not counting season 1's finale) this is their best finale ever (granted that they only have two since S1), but still, we TV fan are build not to compare the first season to whatever succeeds it. I've never set high standards on this show though i enjoy watching it as my biggest guilty pleasure. This is a perfect way to end a pretty good season. Yeah I know it has its annoying moment (ahem ahem to Grace and Grant) but it had build up moments that we'll remember. The scene with Amy holding Adrian was heartbreaking. The fact that the baby was still born was painful enough but it made the story.moreless
  • 6/6

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager concluded its third season with a very emotional episode and while I did not cry I still felt something, and that ultimately is the goal of a drama. Adrian losing the baby helps this show in the long run, but it also gave them a powerful scene with an actor from The Sopranoes breaking down as all of Ben's friends came in happy and expecting to see a magical moment.

    Could the episode have been better? Sure, it could have. We could have actually seen the doctor tell them of the news, it actually could have been a little bit more graphic, even by ABC Family standards.

    The show got massive ratings because of that and frankly the show needed it. This show had slipped in quality a few months ago, but recently the show has been coming back and is quality summer entertainment. Strong ep here.moreless
  • Season 3 Finale

    Secret Life really delivers this week with it's best finale to date. For once in this show's run, Secret Life delivered actual emotions with decent acting from the entire cast. You really wouldn't think a show like this would stir this kind of emotions but it certainly did tonight.

    I really have to commend Francia Rasia. Also Brenda Hampton, who I usually always look down on (i.e. 3 pregnancies, 3 seasons), but she managed to put a risky spin on this pregnancy. I'm sure this episode changed this show for many of it's viewers.

    It definitely is the best episode of the series, with amazing interactions from the entire cast. Even though, Adrian losing the baby was known by many, it didn't change how powerful the final scenes were.

    My only complaint is how contrived and awkward Ricky & Amy's final scene was. So a dead baby gets Amy in the mood? Really? Besides that, this was a great finale.moreless

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    • Amy: I love you so much for keeping John tonight! It's so nice to be able to go away for the night and know that he's going to be cared for. Besides he won't even miss me, he loves you.

      George: And Kathleen said if I had any problems that she'd come over and help me out.

      Amy: Kathleen's married.

      George: She's an old friend.

      Amy: She's an ex-wife!

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