The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 3

Par for the Course

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 06, 2009 on ABC Family
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When Grace begins to pull away from everyone, Ricky takes it upon himself to try and help her out. Amy is desperate for some time away from her work and mothering duties, even if only to attend Dr. Bowman's funeral. Adrian receives an unexpected surprise from her father.moreless

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  • Grace and Ricky get closer and Adrian takes a vow not to have sex

    In the begginning of the episode, Amy is in the kitchen getting ready for school, when Ricky comes in saying hes going to take John to Day Care. At first Amy complains about not wanting her baby to go with Ricky, but then her mother comes in and says its fine if Ricky takes John. Then Amy complains to her mom about wanting to miss work to go to Grace's dad's funeral. Her mom says no and Amy goes upstairs to get dressed. Then it goes to school, where Adrian is walking through the hallways when she sees Jack, and goes over to him, he then blames her for having sex with him, (which they did a year ago), and he says that she is the reason Grace's dad died in a plane crash, and she in turn slaps him, which makes Ben go running over to see whats happening. After Jack walks away, Adrian admits how her life is horrible, and Ben gives her a hug. He asks how she feels, and then you hear Amy's voice. He turns around and insists he was only trying to make her feel better, and then Adrian walks away. Amy tells him if hes just trying to get Adrian to have sex with him, its not going to work, because Amy doesn't want to have sex again for at least another year or two. You can tell Ben is sad after hearing this. As Amy walks away from him, she runs into her friends, Madison and Lauren. They tell her that their friends with Grace (even though they have never talked to each other) and their going to the funeral. Then Ricky walks up, and Madison and Lauren run away. Amy tells him that she wants to be the only one to take care of their son, and as she walks away in anger, Ricky yells "Hes my son to you know."

    Then to Grace who is still crying in her room, sure she is the one is the one to blame for her dads death. After Jack had tried talking to her, her churchs preist comes, and convinces her to go to the funeral. Ben and his dad get in a fight, causing Ben to quit his job, and go to the funeral. Amy and her mom are outside the Day Care, and Amy procedes to call her baby a "curse." Then at the funeral, Grace refuses to go out of the limo, and Ricky goes in the try to get her out, after a long time, she finally gets out, and goes to the funeral. Also at the funeral, Adrian tells her dad that she no longer wants to have so much sex anymore.

    Overall score: 7.5moreless
  • The blame game.

    Well Grace's words of blaming herself, and God punishing people has apparently affected everyone else. Adrian is upset over it, when everyone starts blaming her for something that is totally illogical, well at least she stopped having sex. Oh god, Amy is so annoying! Ben hugs Adrian to console her, and Amy somehow manages to make it all about her. Seriously? Amy also takes Grace's words in to consideration when she thinks God is punishing her, by getting pregnant. How come everyone all of sudden believes what Grace says. I love how Ricky helped Grace out of the car, that was such an awesome scene, the whole funeral was awesome. It was sad at the end though. Awesome episode, and it's nice to see Grace making the first steps in to dealing with her dad's death. Accepting that it wasn't her fault.moreless
  • Season 2, Episode 3

    This is the funeral episode for Marshall Bowman – father of popular Christian cheerleader Grace Bowman who thinks she killed her father by having sex with Jack. Ricky comes over and wants to take John to daycare and Amy of course doesn't want him to take him, and Anne tells Ricky he can take John. Okay come on Amy, live a little, you're so protective about everything over John. She's starting to get on my nerves. Amy and Ben can't attend the funeral and they want to go. Amy is really annoying now. She gets mad at Ben because he hugged Adrian. Come on Amy get a life. And in my opinion Amy thinks she's so cool because she has a baby, and she is telling everyone her and Grace are friends and telling people like Madison and Lauren their not Grace's friends. Ricky offers to take John to daycare everyday and Amy tells him she can handle John on her own! AH! Can you tell I'm angry with Amy in this episode? lol. Grace doesn't want to go to the funeral and won't get out of the limo, Ricky tells Mrs. Bowman he can get her out, he will get her out. The best part of the episode was Ricky and Grace inside the limo. It was a very special moment. I'm glad she decided to attend the funeral. I like the spreading of the ashes on the golf course. Average Episode.moreless
  • Average, day of the funeral

    Average, day of the funeral . Amy needs someone to slap her ( oh adriene ) A M Y : She needs an attiude adjustment. She complains about being to busy . Ricky offers to help . She gives him a hard time until her mom comes . At school she's a monster. She tells Ricky ( who did his job fine ) that she doesnt want his help . She also is ungrateful for her job and asks to ditch it for the funeral . When her mother comes , she thinks that means she can ditch . then , she says that she's a teen mother so she is missing out on everything ! ! ! it's her fault she's a teen mother . She also chose to keep the baby . Wow. Even her dad thought she was annoying !!!!!!

    I H A T E H E R S O D A R N M U C H !!

    Every one else :

    Grace was annoying like last week, but ricky got her out

    George & Ashley were funny as normal - they should have a better bigger part Anne was Ann like

    Ben was whiny and fighty i hate him toomoreless
  • Marshall Bowman's funeral.

    As you can tell by the high scores I have been giving this show The Secret Life of The American Teenager has been having a truly stellar second season. The acting is noticabley better than the freshmen offering, especially from Daren Kagasoff (Ricky Underwood) who could be the breakout star of this show. As always Ashley and George were the most entertaining characters, although their roles have been diminished since the first season, which I have to question the reasoning behind.

    The one glaring flaw that I continue to mention is Shailene Woodley, who plays Amy Juergens on the show. I get that her character is really agitated with her state of life, but Shailene just is too unlikable. She just rubs me the wrong way and prevents me from giving this show some 8.0 or higher scores.moreless
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    • Ricky: Where's your Jesus in all this?
      Grace: What?
      Ricky: Yeah. Where's this Jesus you used to talk about? You told me he'd forgive me for all the times I had sex. He won't forgive you for the one time you did? You're a hypocrite, but you didn't kill anyone. You didn't kill your dad. In fact, if your dad was here, he would probably kill you for acting like this. Grace, your brother is out there on the church steps, waiting to say words he doesn't want to say, because that's what your dad asked him to do as his last request. If Tom can step up to the plate at a time like this, so can you. Get over yourself.
      Grace: It's easier for Tom.
      Ricky: It's easier for Tom?!? Please! Nothing's easy for Tom! He has to try twice as hard as the rest of us every day of the year. You think that's not true today, of all days?
      Grace: He doesn't have to live with this guilt. I can't live with this guilt. I can't! I feel horrible. I never knew it was possible to feel this horrible.
      Ricky: If you're so upset because you think you really disappointed your dad in life, are you gonna also disappoint him in his death, or are you just gonna go out there and do what you have to do? We all have to do whatever we have to do, Grace. You have to do this. He loved you. No matter what, he loved you. You know that. Don't! Don't do it! Don't give in! Stay angry! Angry enough at me to get out of the car and go stand by your mother and your brother.

    • George: Hey, your dad's a good man, and he doesn't care if you're in the sausage business or the biscuit business. He just wants you to be happy.
      Ben: I'm not happy.
      George: That's because you're not sleeping with my daughter, and that makes me very happy.

    • Anne: Don't forget all the good that Grace has done for you. Grace is a nice girl.
      Amy: Not anymore. Didn't you hear? Grace had sex with Jack, and she liked it! (Anne laughs) What?
      Anne: And that makes it a bigger sin, that she liked it?

    • Grace: I'm not getting out of the car, so why don't you just get out of the car, so we can get on with this whole stupid service and I can go home?
      Ricky: No. I'm not leaving you inside the car, and I'm not leaving you when we get outside the car.
      Grace: I told you I'm not getting out of the car.
      Ricky: Yeah, you are. You are getting out of the car, one way or the other.
      Grace: I don't think so.
      Ricky: I know so.
      Grace: Don't talk to me like that!
      Ricky: I will drag your ass out of this car if I have to, because you are gonna go to whatever service your dad planned for himself. Whatever he planned is what he wanted. This service is his last request of you. You may have messed up and didn't do other things he asked of you, but you are not messing up again, because this time, I'm here, and I'm gonna make you do the right thing. Get out of the car, Grace. Your mother wants you out of the car, and I told her I'd get you out of the car. (takes her arm)
      Grace: Don't touch me!
      Ricky: I will touch you if I have to touch you. I'd rather have you angry at me than feel guilty the rest of your life for not going to your father's funeral.

    • Amy: Are you here so I can go to the funeral?
      Anne: No. I'm here so the women that you work with can go to the funeral
      Amy: Can't I just go to the part that's at the church, and not the graveside service?
      Anne: Amy, I'm here to be with you, to help out at the nursery, because you have to work.
      Amy: But I don't have to work if you're here. Please, Mom?
      Anne: Amy!
      Amy: Everyone is going. Everyone! Did you see how full the other parking lot is?
      Anne: Yes, I did. Dr. Bowman's been a doctor in this community for 20 years, and he was a deacon at the church, and I told the women that you work with that I would help out so that they could go to the funeral.
      So you'd rather help them than me?
      Anne: I thought that I was helping you. I thought that I was helping you give back to the church that's given so much to you. To my daughter and to my grandson. Amy, what's wrong? Really, what's wrong?
      Amy: I'm missing out on everything everyone else is doing. I feel like Old Mother Hubbard! I feel like and I look like Old Mother Hubbard! The only good thing that came out of all this is my boobs.

    • Anne: Amy, it's okay. All new mothers feel overwhelmed and isolated.
      I'm not just a new mother. I'm a new mother in high school, and that's just so wrong! Maybe God is punishing me, and if he is, I can't take it!
      Anne: Who said that? Someone said that God is punishing you? That's ridiculous.
      Amy: Is it? Because I thought about it, and maybe God is punishing you, too.
      You know what, Amy? I doubt that God punishes people nearly as much as people punish each other and themselves. John is not a punishment.
      Amy: That's what I said when Grace said that, but I don't know. Maybe John's a blessing and a curse.
      Anne: John is not a curse.

    • Jack: Well, there must be something I can do for you today. It's gonna be a tough day.
      Tom: Yeah, but I will get through it without your help. We'll all get through it without your help. I am the man of this house.
      Jack: I know that, but still, can't I do something? I have to, Tom. I have to do something. I'm going crazy. I need to help do something.
      Tom: Can you bring back my dad?

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