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  • very bad ending

    rick and amy should of stayed together and married. very dissapointed.
  • Ruined my interests in watching series again!

    Okay, So i wanna start this off by saying that the series was good, yeah it was pretty good at the beginning all the way to the climax, and the falling action. But the conclusion totally sucks! I am so upset right now. Brenda Hampton the writer of "Secret Life" ruined my interests in watching series like this again. The ending could've been better, much better than Amy leaving her family behind to study to New York. Oh come on, by the way i just checked an MTV article that says that "THERE'S PROBABLY NO SEASON 6 FOR SECRET LIFE" because of the fact that Amy(Shailene) is way too successful now that we wouldnt see her back at the set of secret life. Well No hate but fuck
  • Cannot be cancel

    I love the secret life of the American teenager it influence but not just me everybody when I heard this was ending I cried and I didn't like the way the ended it to sad if you want the show to cancel make the show happy
  • this is great

    You people are wrong. This is a great show.

    Teens do think like this all the time. The people that are talking trash about this shows.

    Are the ones that do thing like this? This is a great show. Don't never stop?
  • too much

    tone the crap down a bit. preteens and teens don't talk like this. they make a lot of bad decisions, but really. This show could do some good if it would get real.
  • great show

    so sad that this is the last season of a great show was shocked and disappointed that it is ending still am sad over it

    i think people re really overeactin about dis show,i mean all d actors in dis show re pretty gud.:-)wat?dey re gr8,& yeah i understand dat dey blow things out of propotion but dat d fun of it all.gosh!people should just let lose & enjoy it.if u re lookin for somethin real,why dnt u turn 2 realiality tv shows,dat s if dey re still real & just shut up &stop complaining.
  • secret life of american teenager

    the show is great
  • amanda kinder

  • Love this show !!





  • I love the show

    I hope you guys have another one coming out in 2012. If so when is it coming out. please
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager is in my opinion a very good show which aims at revealing what really happens to a pregnant teen. Superb actors are the icing on the cake, especially the incredibly talented Shailene Woodley.

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager is in my opinion a very good show which aims at revealing what really happens to a pregnant teen and then later on to a teenager with a baby. The story has many other realistic and up with the times themes, such as parents who are having their own relationship problems etc. This show is extremely addictive, because the stories told are so very interesting and make you crave to see more! Hopefully this show will stay around for many more seasons! Superb actors are the icing on the cake, especially the incredibly talented Shailene Woodley.
  • hi i am from England so i don't have The secret life of the American teenager over here but i do have 6 volumes of it on dvd and was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is any more volumes i don't know about as i love the show ?


    i love this show so much i had to buy 6volumes on ebay cause it is not out in England

    hi i am from England so i don't have The secret life of the American teenager over here but i do have 6 volumes of it on dvd and was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is any more volumes i don't know about as i love the show ?

  • Some people might say that this show is just about sex but its NOT!

    I love this show!!! A lot of people say that this show is just a show about sex including a lot of my friends but really it shows you how your life can change if you make the decision to have sex. This show has changed a lot since the first season and it does seem that it is a lot more of just a story line in a book that is always up and down till they solve the problem but it does still have a lot of things that show how your life will change and the hard decisions you have to make if you decide to have sex.
  • Episode 314 Rules of Engagement

    Great episode,the last scene between Amy and Ricky was so beautiful and really great, they make an amazing family and couple. I loved the play on words and how they were both happy that Amy was back home. Can't wait to see what happens next between them! I think that they can make it work and that Ricky can stay faithful if he finds the right women, and I think Amy is just right for him, she can put him in his place and she can make him feel something that he hasn't felt before, can tell when he answers the door, I have never seen him that speechless in any episode. Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Okay...Obviously people are blind because this show is amazing. Wake up... and Maybe take the time to actually watch it instead of complaining. This show is my favourite show. Watch it every week... then say something. The story line is fantastic! Ajm2909

    Alrighty... This show has a great story line... the director knows what people want. The actors will get better although they are already great. I hope that this show will continue on for a great amount of seasons because they can do so much. They can explain and show many things that can happen in the childs lide... Ricky and Amy, the whole cast even are phenomenal... They can only improve from where they are... I am very pissed off that it is ON HIATUS... So people who think that this show is no good... Go watch your stupid Spongebob...
  • This show sends a good message

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager is a very intriguing show that gives a fresh new looks to the whole teenage pregnancy thing. Teenage pregnancy is happening more and more these days and the secret life is just what people need to see to understand it. It's a great show full of drama, laughter, romance, awkwardness, and much more. This is defenity a great show to watch with the whole family no matter what age your are. I enjoyed watching all 11 episodes of the first season and I can't wait for more when season 2 comes out in 2009. This show isn't just about teenage pregnancy though it's also about life and how real people deal with real problems. This is a great show that I would recommend to anyone.
  • It has potential to become a great show

    While this show certainly does not have good writing, the characters are all very cleverly thought up. You have Amy who plays the French Horn, and is known as a geek. Her parents are always fighting and they later get divorced. In Season Two, Anne gets pregnant with his baby, even though she is with another guy. At band camp during the summer she meets Ricky, the drummer who was sexually abused as a child, resulting with him being put into foster care after his mother can't take care of him due to drug abuse. They end up having a one night stand which results in their son, John. Ricky's girlfriend is Adrian Lee, a majorette who is notorious for hooking up with guys. Her mother is an airline waitress who is hardly ever home. In season one, Adrian makes it her plan to find her dad who she has never met. She finally locates him only to find out he wants nothing to do with her. Eventually in the middle of Season One, he comes back into her life.

    Grace is the christin girl who swears to everyone she doesn't want to have sex till marrige. She dates the bad boy Ricky for awhile, but dumps him after learning he cheated on her with Adrian. In the season two preimere she has sex with Jack her longtime boyfriend and then finds out afterward her dad dies in a plane crash. It takes her awhile to get over it, but she does.

    Ben is the rich kid, who has everything from a large house to a limo driver. He meets Amy and falls in love with her. He is heartbroken when he finds out she is carrying Ricky's baby. He wants to support her and John so he proposes to her. They try to get married but learn that at 15 there way to young. His and Amy's relationship is constanly on the rocks, but they always manage to never break up.

    Madison and Lauren are Amy's best friends, you don't really learn to much about them beside that Lauren's dad is Ricky's therapist, and Madison's mom died when she was little. Also, Madison breifly dated Lauren's brother Jason.

    Alice and Henry are Ben's best friend. We don't know anything about their home life. Alice and Henry are dating though, and have sex many times during the series.

    Jack is the star football player dating Grace. His dad died when he was younger, and his step-dad is the pastor at the local church.
  • more of a teenage angst show where amy the main character/pregnant teenager stands in life, and how she deals with the problem. i just think its sensational

    i absolutely love this show! it is the only reason why i even do so much as to turn on my television set! i have never missed an episode, and i do not intend to! i idolize this director for standing strong and ignoring all the negative responses and reviews! the writer is an utterly amazing genius! i just cant seem to get enough of it! its the next best thing besides twilight! all the talk going on at my school suggests that this is one of the best ideas / series on right now! i just cant get over the fact that the so many people seem to despise this show! i find it extremely informative as well as entertaining! i beg of you, please keep the series running! dont let all of your fans down! =]
  • The Secret Life is informative... just like every other drama show basically.

    The show is about Amy (Shailene Woodley) who meets this dude named Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) at band class. The both of them started to talk and then both had started liking each other. One day after school both had decided to have sex. She has a feeling afterward that she may be pregnant. She finds out she is pregnant and tells her friends for then her family. Both Ricky and Amy don't go out or do anything after that happened. Amy then meets Ben (Kenny Baumann) who shows her that he likes her and wants to be with her. The show is very dramatic but is a really good one. If you like 7th Heaven, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, etc... then you would like this show.
  • this is a show about a girl named Amy who gets pregenant when she is 15 by a guy named Ricky while at band camp

    I love this show. i don't understand all of you people who think this show sucks because it dosen't.this is one of my fave shows. me and all my friends watch it. we all love it. i cant wait for the next episode where Amy has the baby. I cant wait to find out what Amy decides to name the baby i hope it is a good name. I also don't want this season to end so soon i wish it was on for longer. but I will watch the new season when it comes out and can't wait for it. i also hpe they dont stop the show after this season. THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • WOW.

    this is a great show to watch... it adresses the topic of teenage pregnancy well. especially when she tells anne, and all of her concerns are real, like the option of abortion and adoption. as well, the relationship between ben and amy is wonderful... they should stay together! ricky is troubled and maybe when he fixes himself up a bit he can have more to do with amy. my favourite character is ashley, who always tells things how it is. adrian really bothers me. she is truly awful to ricky and how he feels about the baby and amy... all in all a great show. WATCH IT!
  • amezing

    i personly love this show and i think it is and absoult fav of are generatsen an amezing show all of the actors are so amezing cant wait for the next season and dose eny body now whats up whith jan 5 i mean they are also primring the new season of one tree hill that day and i think somthing als was on that day well back to the pont i love this show and it is amezing i cant wait for the next season and the season after that and after that and that and i personly hope it becomes like &th heaven i mean that arid for 11 years i mean you saw ruthe aka mackenzie rosmen go frome a little girl to and young adult well cant wait for the next season keep up the good work
  • The first season of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager caught my attention and kept it to the very end. I found it very well written

    The first season of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager caught my attention and kept it to the very end. I found it very well written the way the individual stories merged together as the show developed. The show is about real people with real issues that teenagers go through. You can feel their hurt and pain because you know how possible their situation is. How easy it is to end up looking in the wrong place for love and acceptance. Amy and Ben are so cute together! The way he loves her so much that he wants to marry her and he doesn't care that she is having another guys baby.
    Fantastic show! I'm looking forward to the next season and know it's only going to get better.
    It's great seeing Molly Ringwald in something I like as she is a favourite of mine from the 80's teen movies she was in.
  • never miss an episode!

    i love this show so much, that when the season finale came, i was sad. it's not one of those typical teenager shows. heck, im not even a teenager and i watch it. it keeps in drawn in and makes you want more! very good casting & an amazing plot. this is a show for everyone, not just teenagers. and i think its a good show for parents to watch with their kids so they can communicate. i hope that the next season is even better. i know that i will always be a fan! i cant wait for next season!
  • Great Show

    The secret held by 15-year-old, straight-arrow Amy (Shailene Woodley) is that she's pregnant after losing her virginity during a one-night stand with a smirky suburban playa, Ricky (Daren Kagasoff). Mortified, she hasn't told her parents, and can only hint at it to the boy she really loves, charming wise guy Ben (Kenny Baumann, who looks like a young Bob Saget). There's also a major subplot about a Christian couple, classmates Grace (Megan Park) and Jack (Greg Finley), who pledged to God that they won't have sex until they're married. A pent-up Jack promptly went out and hooked up with the local floozy, Adrian (Francia Raisa). Hot buttons are pushed all over this series. Grace's religiosity gets her called a ''Jesus freak.'' Amy's dad (Mark Derwin) is having an affair. Randy Ricky was abused by his dad and now lives with foster parents; it's implied he acts out sexually (he also beds Adrian) because of his trauma. Then there are the jokes one can't quite be sure are meant to be jokes, such as a gas station with a sign reading ''Free Tampons With Fill Up.'' There's scant doubt Amy will keep her baby (an abortion would be one button too hot for ABC Family to push, I'm guessing). Instead, Teenager is one long public service announcement for responsible sexual behavior - solid advice barely transmuted into drama, let alone art - and following each episode is an actual PSA on the subject, read by Amy - er, actress Woodley. The whole thing feels like Juno...without the irony.
  • I love this show.

    I have watched this show from the beginning, it is one of my faveritr shows. The charicters just seem to click. I also love that Ben and Amy are together, they make a really cute couple, in my opinion. This show is about a girl named Amy who goes off to band camp and ends up getting pregnant by Ricky. In her new school she meets Ben who automaticly just seems to fall in love with her. She will have to overcome all of her highs and lows from now on. So if you haven't seen this show, you should really check it out.
  • its really cool how amy and been are thoinking about having sex and i can't wait tell next season and i love all of the characters. ecspceially amy and ben there so cute together.

    this show is awesome i haven't missed one episode yet i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i ii i i i ii i i ii i i i ii i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i ii i i i i i ii ii i i i i i i i i ii ii ii i i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this show and the character amy jurgens.
  • its about a girl in band u went to band camp and the drumer there had ad sex with her nd she got pregnant. she told her friends and they went crazy. well then she ran into this guy at school and they started going out. then the world found it!!!!

    i love this show. it is so good. i watch it everytime it is on. it is such a good show. it all may not happen in the real world but it still a good show. it shows how hard it is to be a teenage mom and wat u have to go through. it shows u how everthing gose on. it shows u how the parents would acted or how ur friends would. it shows u how u can not be a teenage mom. i love it because its drama. i hate drama if i am in the mittle of it but this show is so good. u may not like it but it is almost over so watch it.
  • A show about a teenager who gets pregnant and it's also about her freinds and there opinions of sex some chooses noto to have sexual relationships but others choose to make sex a BIG part of there life.

    If u dont like this show your insane!!!
    This show is exactly how teenagers act i kno cause i am this is so high school sex ,inocent people getting pregnant, abstinence, freinds betrayl,guys wantin sex.
    Every thing is so real i love a good drama and this is one it's great but it has little flaws like ben wanting to get married while he's only 15 but i mean so what this show is the best. I also think it gives u a whip o what sex is really like . Definetly not worth it seriously is it worth having what haping to amy happening to you??
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