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  • Horrible last season

    This was such a good show which I highly enjoyed, but this last season just about ruined it all. And wtf is wrong with the last episode, I know it got cancelled and all, but this is just about ridiculous. Thanks for a good show up untill last season, even though I had hoped it continued like season 4. Amy and Ricky really deserved to have some happiness in their lives after all they have gone through.
  • So many questions unanswered. Horrible Ending.

    I loved this show from beginning to almost the very end. I was so excited to see that John would have a happy family, and everyone would end up with someone that they should've been the whole time. Adrian wasn't my favorite character at all, and she's the only one who for sure had a happy ending with Omar. Then the Jack and Grace thing, like did Grace ever find out about the secretive make-out session between Jack and Madison? It never says for sure if Ben and Amy gets back together, and what happens next with Ricky, does he get back to gather with Klemintine? Does he still try for Amy? I just hated the ending, and I feel like they should have had an extra episode explaining everybody's relationships. I was upset that it was coming to an end anyways and to see it end like that was very upsetting.
  • Worst Ending EVER!

    I have watched this show from beginning to end and this is what I get! I am so disappointed and sad, angry! WHY? I was so looking forward to the think everyone deserves to know what happened to the cast! I understand the only graduated high school and they ALL had their life in front of them, but what happened to Grace and Jack and Tom and Anne and George and Ben and Adrian well i guess we kind of know what happened. I have no words to explain how sad i am....... The show was amazing except the ending!
  • Canceled because Shailene Woodley got the lead role in Divergent

    I've been thinking about this theory for awhile that maybe the series finale was rushed, like it would have ended differently if the show was renewed. Now I hope a pray that there is a movie deal like veronica mars where it's ten years later and we see what happened to everyone
  • Decent

    It wasnt a too bad of a show, but I find there was a little bit too much of the same drama played over and over again, but I did watch it from the beginning to the ending and was kinda sad of the way that it ended.
  • A great show just don't watch the last episode it will make it a disappointment

    In the beginning of the series everything made sense. Ben was the good guy, Ricky wasn't and neither was Adrian. But once Ben had slept with Adrian and they almost had their own child everything changed. Amy and Ricky fell in love and were going to get married. In my opinion Amy is selfish. Sure I will agree one shouldn't marry one just because they have a child together, but Amy and Ricky were just so perfect together. But what gets me angry the most is Amy begged Ricky to get engaged when he felt they should of just waited. He then gives her what she wanted he couldn't even go to a college that was three hours away from where they live because AMY felt it was too far away. But now Amy goes to New York and leaves her child to stay with Ricky. The show gives the wrong message at the end Ann says John isn't a life sentence but I guess because Ann left her family to go to palm springs she can't judge Amy. The show should have ended differently it wasn't fair for Ricky the one who actually grew up
  • Huge disappointment for emotional investment!!!

    It took me just one episode to get hooked to this show. Then be it the evolution of Ricky from being a man slut to such a responsible man, i completed 4 seasons in 7 days (literally) and started season 5 with same dedication. I took it slowly in order not to miss even a glimpse of it, as i knew it is the last season. And as i reached the finale, i was speechless, angry and sad with same level. I mean seriouslyy????? After being so attached to each moment Ricky and Amy spent together, this is how you end it??? That guy sacrificed so much for her and made himself such a caring loving father/fiance and this is what he deserves?? Sitting alone with his kid telling "she stayed happily ever after, so did we". I haven't seen more depressing ending than this. I don't know how and when i am gonna overcome this ending. Or probably i'll stop watching any more shows. How could they end an adorable and perfect relationship on such a sad note. I am deeply saddened with how abruptly the show ended!! Huge
  • An ending to call her own

    To many people are hating on Amy. She didn't want to have to be with a man, and depend on someone else. Amy wanted to be her own hero, and rely on herself for the first time. Just because she has a baby doesn't mean that she has to give up on her dream. and it may kill her to be away from john but she needs to do it for herself.

    all the teens here do is have unprotected sex and only like one of them gets pregnant. Why does no one have an STD yet.
  • Wasted my winter break for this :(

    I watched this whole show in a matter of 2 weeks! I have school tomorrow and it's 12:08 PM. I CANNOT BELIVE I WASTED MY TIME WATCHING THIS SHOW. I really got uninterested in season 4, but I was so far in the show, I couldn't stop watching. What I really hated was how unappreciative Amy is. She is always upset, which created a moody tone to the storyline. We didn't even get to find out who Ben end's up with, or if Ricky ends up with Clementine. So, It was very aggravating to watch the final episode. With all the other shows I watch like 90210, or gossip girl, there is always a happy ending, and there's an ENDING to the story. So I was VERY unhappy with this show, because you cant leave a cliff hanger to very dedicated fans.
  • Worst Ending Ever

    The ending was a bad message to send to teens. Amy shouldn't have been able to go to her dream college. SHE HAD A SON! That's what happens when you have children. You don't just get to do what you want anymore. Ricky is going to keep John by himself for the next four years?! Unrealistic! It's already rare for the father to be involved in the first place. It would have been nice if the two stayed together, but they ruined that too! They tried to make it seem like they were too young to get married but weren't they too young to have a son? Whatever... I just feel like Amy could not go to school in New York and leave John. Was the moral of the show that you can have a child and just dump them with someone else and go out of state to college? Wrong message!
  • I miss this show , bring it back !!

    why did it have to end out of nowhere ! I want to see more !!
  • Bad Series Finale EVER

    Cound't agree more.. This was the worst series finale ever. Such a waste of time. I don't know what the writers were thinking. WAIT. I know it. They weren't thinking. I still can't believe that Amy and Ricky didn't get married. They should do it all over again and make a new ending. That sucks!!!!
  • I demand an alternate last episode!

    It just didn't feel right. The ending was so wrong, it felt just jumbled together. I know it was sad and rushed but I feel so cheated as a fan. :(
  • Cannot be cancel

    I love the secret life of the American teenager it influence but not just me everybody when I heard this was ending I cried and I didn't like the way the ended it to sad if you want the show to cancel make the show happy
  • Ended terribly.

    Too many loose ends not tied up. And even if the writers felt that Amy and Ricky not ending up together was realistic it did not follow the story line up to that point. They got through everything, every time it seemed like they wouldn't make it..... Can't say how disappointed I was! . This show would have rated a 10 without the finale.
  • final episode

    I liked this series since season 1 when I was 14 upto season 5, but the last episode was not as I had hopped. Like what happened when amy did not marry ricky and decided to go to nyc, what happend to ben? Did he finally get amy. The writer should have shown us what happened in like 2 years later. Worst final episode ever!!!
  • Finale....

    I am so mad that i watched this show from the very beginning on Netflix about two moths ago. i really loved it and it is a great little show they put together. i have always had my mind set on ricky and amy getting married. but at the same time i guess there trying to say that not all teen pregnancies get their happy ever after. i mean that is what everyone expected but thats the whole point i think they were really focused on the worse of what could happen. So I'm not satisfied with that being the very last episode i just wish they would give us like 1 year from now or something or i don't know. but overall it left a good message. I just FREAKIN HATED THE LAST EPISODE !!!!
  • Finale 2013 was TERRIBLE

    I thought the finale was terrible the worst I've ever seen. I was happy Adrien and Omar left together, but that was about it. I watched that show since episode one. I waited since Ricky & Amy met at Band camp for them to get married, and I was anticipating finally seeing their wedding. The writers decide to have her leave and go to NY for college, college that she could have gone to right there where she lived. Then they show Ricky on the couch alone with their son John. What a horrible ending. They should have had her realize how much she loved them both and let them get married! The writers for this show suck, they should be fired from the station!
  • Very bad

    The show was perfect... and yeah, i saw coming the part where Amy went to NY, even do i didn't like it... but there are so many things that need to be explain... we don't even know what its happening with Ben! this finale sucks all the way...
  • Horrible

    This show could have been really good, but the writing and acting was so terrible I'm surprised the show last this long! Teens are not as loose and skanky as these writers try to make them out to be. The last show was nothing more than scenes from past shows. Hardly anything new!!
  • You've Got To Be Kidding ME!

    You could of at least showed 10 years down the future what they all end up as! Seriously I feel like you wasted all my time watching that show as a series final!
  • Season Final? The F?

    I've been watching this show for 4! years. To find out that this is the last episode ? Is there another show coming out that continues the plot? Does it go on telling us what happens to Ricky and Amy, Amy and Ben? Chloe? Adrian? any of them? Does Grace find out about Jack and Madison? So many questions unanswered for THIS to be the end of the show. The show is alright but the ENDING? Wtf?
  • Terrible finale

    WORST SERIES FINALE - the show was good the whole time it was on, but tonght the series finale sucked - they ruined the ending.
  • good show i guess

    the semi-plots are boring but the main plot including amy and ricky are good
  • Good plots, bad everything else.

    This show could have been good, because the idea itself is good. But instead, it has terrible writing and terrible acting. I can't even watch it anymore because I get so frustrated with it.
  • addicted

    i started watching this show half way through season 4 and didnt have a clue what was going on so on youtube i watched 'secret life in 5 minutes'. i got what was going on and i am now almost addicted the actors arent that good and the storylines not the best. but i jus tlove wating for the next one coming up and seeing what happens next i cannot wait until they show the new series in march this year im so excited!!!!
  • Horrible just horrible

    First off I wouldnt have watched this show if my friend didnt recommand it. Im not much of a TV person because everything u watch on TV is a rip off of a show from the 80's or 90's with a daker tone. When I watched the first season of this I thought I was in for a treat... UNTIL the second season started then everything went to hell... Heres my list of down falls I noticed in the show. Charecter change up, which is a very bad thing. Charecters dont change they grow for the good or bad. The dialog became childish and lame. The writers also started to slip eachother up, Brenda Hampton will start the season then the minor writers would come in and tear down her foundation not that the foundation was great but it was on track. One thing that always left me confused was how they would create new charecters then take em off the show although the charecter shouldnt been there in the first place I just dont understand why they built charecters who dont fit into the circumstances. I also felt when they thought the audience was vearing away from the show they played on our hearts by killing people who were close to charecters who had potential... BOTTOMLINE the show needs new consultants, new writers and a new theme. Oh before I forget! The theme song doesnt even match the show. Nobody is in love their just obsessed in having their way. This show lacks intelligence, they fail at reaching their targeted audience and teens arent this dumb. Its insulting... HELL NO! HELL NO! When I wrote my first review I was on S4 EP8. Now that im on the last episode Im feeling like blowing my freaking head off but not before I kill Amy, Ben and Ricky these charecters really get under my skin. They couldnt hook us with drama so they turned everyone gay??? This is abcfamily right? Then where in the hell is my weekly lesson. This show gets a 2.5. BRING BACK KYLE XY.

    UHG! Im out.

  • this is great

    You people are wrong. This is a great show.

    Teens do think like this all the time. The people that are talking trash about this shows.

    Are the ones that do thing like this? This is a great show. Don't never stop?
  • too much

    tone the crap down a bit. preteens and teens don't talk like this. they make a lot of bad decisions, but really. This show could do some good if it would get real.
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