The Secret Life of the American Teenager

ABC Family (ended 2013)





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  • Wasted my winter break for this :(

    I watched this whole show in a matter of 2 weeks! I have school tomorrow and it's 12:08 PM. I CANNOT BELIVE I WASTED MY TIME WATCHING THIS SHOW. I really got uninterested in season 4, but I was so far in the show, I couldn't stop watching. What I really hated was how unappreciative Amy is. She is always upset, which created a moody tone to the storyline. We didn't even get to find out who Ben end's up with, or if Ricky ends up with Clementine. So, It was very aggravating to watch the final episode. With all the other shows I watch like 90210, or gossip girl, there is always a happy ending, and there's an ENDING to the story. So I was VERY unhappy with this show, because you cant leave a cliff hanger to very dedicated fans.