The Secret Life of the American Teenager

ABC Family (ended 2013)





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  • With a show like this, you gotta wonder why they call themselves ABC Family.

    I really hate this show and for good reasons: 1. The characters are unlikable; if they're not being teenage stereotypes then they're certain acting like idiots who don't know what they're doing. 2. It doesn't belong on a "family friendly" channel; this is a show I expect from TeenNick. Oh wait, isn't that Degrassi?! A show that deals with teenage problems just to amuse teenagers who are most likely experiencing those problems as they're watching it?! 3. It's so dramatic; and don't fucking tell me "it's a teen drama" or "teens go through this kind of trauma all the time" otherwise I'll kindly tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! A. Zoey 101 was a much better teen drama than this piece of crap; it might not be Dan Schneider's best show, but at least it had a subtle tone. This show is so dramatic with its portrayal of teen pregnancy and how to deal with it that it's just made me cringe and groan every time I saw a fucking promo for the show. B. I have a friend who was pregnant during high school and she wasn't moody or regretful of getting knocked up while still a teenager; she was fucking happy and proud that she was going to be a fucking mother!!! This show embraces the stereotype that teens who get pregnant regret the decision so much so that if I was a girl and I got pregnant( I'm a dude, by the way), I wouldn't just be offended, I'd petition to have the show cancelled before it's first season wrapped up. I don't recommend you watch this show or any of the shows on ABC "Family" because the characters are very stereotypical, the acting is so over dramatic it's stupid and the premise is offensive to most expecting teen parents. Fuck this show and fuck ABC "Family!!" >:(