The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Season 2

ABC Family (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • The Big One
    Episode 1
    As Amy deals with the daily struggles of teen motherhood, Anne has some life-changing news of her own to handle. Elsewhere, Ben's father falls hard for an interesting new woman, and Adrian's once-estranged father now wants to reconnect with her. Ben wants to be intimate with Amy, and he feels threatened by Ricky's constant presence around her house. Lastly, just as Grace makes a shocking decision in her personal life, an unexpected tragedy affects everyone.moreless
  • 6/29/09

    Devastated by a family tragedy, Grace is inconsolable to her family and friends. Meanwhile, Ben is unsure of the new role he will play in Amy's life.

  • Par for the Course
    Episode 3
    When Grace begins to pull away from everyone, Ricky takes it upon himself to try and help her out. Amy is desperate for some time away from her work and mothering duties, even if only to attend Dr. Bowman's funeral. Adrian receives an unexpected surprise from her father.
  • Ciao
    Episode 4
    Amy is having trouble coping with her new lifestyle and resents the lack of time she has for herself. Ben begins to decide how he will be spending his summer break, while Grace takes her first baby steps toward recovery after the recent tragedy in her family.
  • Born Free
    Episode 5
    A juicy rumor about the Juergens family sweeps through school. Ben would prefer to be alone on his trip to Italy, but Amy insists on tagging along with her baby - and Ricky isn't too happy about it. Grace is upset over what her mother is choosing to do with her father's clothes and other personal items. Suspicion continues to rise with Ben's future step-mother, who seems to be hiding something big.moreless
  • 7/27/09
    Ben prepares to depart for Italy, while Amy comes to terms with the fact that she must work and attend summer school. As Jack gets ready for football camp, Grace has some options of her own to consider for the summer. Elsewhere, George's dirty secret continues to impact his daughters, and Adrian is upset about Ricky's changing priorities.moreless
  • Summertime
    Episode 7
    With the summer coming to an end, Ben ponders whether he even wants to continue his relationship with Amy. Grace returns from medical camp with an attitude that doesn't sit well with her family or friends, and Amy doesn't approve of her mother's boyfriend - until he bribes her in a shocking way. Elsewhere, tension rises between Ricky and Adrian, and Ashley starts her first day of high school with an unbelievable bang. Lastly, George finally reveals his secret to Anne, but it's nothing compared to what she's about to tell him.moreless
  • 8/10/09
    Adrian is eager for Anne and George to reunite, but her intentions are for personal reasons, which leads to friction between Adrian and Amy. Meanwhile, Anne makes some important decisions about her future with David. Amy is convinced that Ben had sex in Italy over the summer, but he denies it. Jack and Grace deal with jealousy issues, while Adrian pushes for an exclusive relationship with Ricky.moreless
  • Hot Nuts
    Episode 9
    Amy and Adrian's fighting escalates, leading to Amy's suspension from school. While Ricky fears that he will lose visitation rights with his son, Adrian is encouraged by her father to make amends. Elsewhere, Anne decides to start dating again, and her daughters are surprised when they meet her dinner escort. Ben admits that he has given up on having sex with Amy, but the real question is why he feels that way. Lastly, as Jack becomes more involved with Grace's family, her brother Tom starts exhibiting dangerous behavior.moreless
  • 8/24/09
    A pregnant teenager at school approaches Ben, wanting to spend time with him. Elsewhere, Grace wishes to speak at her support group about her and Jack's sexual encounter, which makes Jack very nervous. With Anne on bed rest, George finds an unusual housekeeper to help out, then gets into a big fight with Amy. Finally, Griffin tries to protect Ashley from a guy who is interested in her, and Adrian makes a decision about her future with Ricky.moreless
  • Cramped
    Episode 11
    When George and Ashley move back home, he turns the garage into a gorgeous new bedroom for her - and Amy is furious. Elsewhere, Mrs. Bowman is hiding something major from her two kids, and Leo invites Betty to move in with him and Ben. Adrian pulls away from Ricky, who gets into hot water with George after spending the afternoon with Ashley. Lastly, some information is finally revealed about Ben's summer vacation in Italy.moreless
  • Be My, Be My Baby
    Episode 12
    Ben and Amy try to get their romance back on track, but they both have concerns about their future together. Meanwhile, a variety of issues threaten Jack and Grace's relationship, while Ricky grows closer to Adrian by attending counseling with her. George has serious doubts about starting over as a father, and in a chaotic twist of events, Anne goes into labor at the house.moreless
  • 1/4/10
    Anne and Amy take off on a relaxing vacation with their babies, but there is still a lot of drama going on in their absence, including the fact that George seriously doubts he is the biological father of baby Robbie. Elsewhere, as Ben contemplates breaking up with Amy, his Italian girlfriend shows up unexpectedly. Jack wants to continue dating Grace, but she doubts the future of their relationship. Ricky fears that he is being pushed out of his son's life, Ashley feels neglected at home, and Adrian's cozy little family situation might suddenly be disrupted. Finally, a strange woman with a questionable reputation begins working as the high school counselor on the same day that several of the kids decide to ditch classes.moreless
  • Til It's Gone
    Episode 14
    Anne encounters an old flame while on vacation, and Amy becomes attracted to his teenage son. Back at home, Ben has an important decision to make about his love life, and Ashley bonds with Griffin. Ricky and Adrian are trying to abstain from sex, but one of them is really struggling with it. As Grace's feelings for Jack run dry, she takes some shocking recent advice from her mother. Finally, Ricky decides that it's time to confront Amy about his custody rights with John.moreless
  • Love & Lost
    Episode 15
    Adrian takes her anger toward Ricky out on the butcher shop window, and unless she wants to face felony charges, she must find a way to pay for the damages out of her own pocket. Elsewhere, Jack goes for a rebound relationship after breaking up with Grace. As Ricky attempts to make peace with Amy, she and Ben come to a mutual agreement about their future together. Lastly, a bizarre twist of events threatens Grace and Adrian's friendship, and George learns that Anne--who is currently living with her mother--might not be returning home anytime soon.moreless
  • Just Say Me
    Episode 16
    Frustrated with their love lives, Amy and some other girls at school determine that maybe it's time to just focus on themselves for a change. Grace's newest passion becomes an interesting school-wide campaign, which sets off a firestorm when the counselor gets involved. Meanwhile, Ricky is suspicious when Amy and Adrian decide to give friendship a try, and George is lonely without Anne, who is still living a sick Mimsy indefinitely.moreless
  • 2/2/10
    George does his best to win Anne back and convince her to come home with Robbie. Meanwhile Ben and Grace become close while Ben's ex Amy goes out with Jimmy. Ashley may finally be interested in a guy when Griffin sets her up with his cousin. Amy allows Adrian to be around Ricky when he is spending time with their son.moreless
  • 2/8/10
    Amy fears that Jimmy's standoffish behavior is a result of her bad kissing, so Ricky offers to help her practice, which ends up being a bad idea. Elsewhere, Adrian's parents are planning a quiet, low-key wedding at home, and Ricky is hesitant to introduce everyone to his foster parents. A mother-daughter dance is being planned at school, but most of the students have strained relationships with their moms at the moment. Lastly, Ben must decide whether to continue pursuing Grace, and Anne suggests therapy as a final attempt for her and George to keep their family together.moreless
  • The Rhythm of Life
    Episode 19
    The mother-daughter dance at school has arrived, but it ends up being a strange and uncomfortable event for everyone involved. It is revealed that Leo and Betty are planning a wedding, and George and Anne are ready to reverse their divorce. Back at home, Ricky is taking care of the baby, but he is interrogated all night by George and Ruben, who know that he kissed Amy recently. Lastly, Ben thinks he may have broken up with Amy for the wrong reasons, but he has no clue about a current rumor involving her.moreless
  • Mistakes Were Made
    Episode 20
    Secrets revealed during the dance start to take effect when Amy learns about Ben's most recent sexual encounter. Upset by the news, she attempts to fix things with Jimmy. Elsewhere, Anne and George try hard to make their relationship work, and Adrian gets into an argument with Grace. George discovers that Ashley might have a new boyfriend. Ben is angry with himself for letting Amy get away, and Ricky leaves town without telling anyone.moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 21
    Ricky takes time to track down his biological mother and confront her about his abusive childhood. Elsewhere, George wants to modernize his look by getting a makeover. Things are still tense between Adrian and Grace, and Jack breaks up with Madison after learning something about her. Also, Amy has a meltdown after a run-in with Ben, who is still trying to decide if he really wants her back.moreless
  • Good Girls and Boys
    Episode 22
    When Ricky returns home, he fights with Ben, takes some important advice from his foster parents, and breaks up with Adrian. Elsewhere, Grace has a new approach to sex after having a talk with her new stepfather, and George disagrees with Anne about the next step for their relationship. Lastly, Amy and Ricky argue over custody of their son.moreless
  • I Got You Babe
    Episode 23
    A messy custody battle ensues as Amy and Ricky continue to disagree over their rights as John's parents. Still angry with Ricky for breaking up with her, Adrian sides with Amy and encourages several of their friends to do the same. Elsewhere, George grows more frustrated with Anne's refusal to get re-married right away. Ben and Grace get closer, and Ashley feels ready to make some changes in her life.moreless
  • 3/22/10
    Ricky and Amy come together to throw a first birthday party for John, but it all goes differently than planned. Meanwhile, Ashley confides in her father about wanting to go on birth control. Anne and George are on the road again to check up on her ailing mother. Leo and Betty get ready for their wedding day, while Adrian's parents tie the knot in a private ceremony. Lastly, a possible pregnancy prompts someone to consider abortion.moreless