The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Season 3

ABC Family (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Or Not To Be
    Episode 26
    Amy and Ricky finalize their plans for a weekend getaway. Adrian and Ben go to the hospital, ready to have the baby. Tom has a new girlfriend with two children, to Kathleen's consternation. Ashley has passed the GED and is finished with high school. Grace meets Grant's ex-girlfriend.
  • To Be...
    Episode 25
    Amy is upset that Ricky allowed Jack and Madison to borrow his apartment, and is feeling uneasy about how their relationship will survive if Ricky decides to go away to college. Ben and Adrian begin to adjust to married life.
  • 5/30/11
    Adrian makes plans to come back to school a week after the birth of the baby in order to stay on track for graduation. Adrian and Ben both have misgivings before the wedding, and Ricky realizes that romancing Amy may be more effective than pressuring her for sex.
  • Round II
    Episode 23
    Adrian hosts a baby shower. Lauren, Madison, Amy, and Grace all attend. Ricky finds out that Leo is having problems with stress.
  • Loose Lips
    Episode 22
    The entire town is in an uproar over Adrian's impending baby shower.
  • Young at Heart
    Episode 21
    Grace and Adrian shop for a wedding dress, and Amy is cornered into planning a baby shower for Adrian. Grace and Grant have relationship problems.
  • Moving In and Out
    Episode 20
    No one is happy about Amy's plans to move in with Ricky -- including Ricky. Leo encourages Ricky to think about college, and Anne accuses Amy of rushing things with Ricky as a way of competing with Ben and Adrian. Madison is uneasy with Jack's decision not to have sex with her, and Grace asks her mother for a sleepover with Grant.moreless
  • Deeper and Deeper
    Episode 19
    Ashley continues her homeschooling with the addition of a "study buddy". Ben and Adrian look for a place to live, while Amy changes her tactics with Ricky. Grace and Grant consider how they will take their relationship to the next level. Jack refuses Madison's proposition, and Lauren is crushing on a new guy.moreless
  • Another Proposal
    Episode 18
    Both Amy and Ricky feel under pressure now that Ben has proposed to Adrian, which causes Amy to suggest taking their relationship to the next level. Ben suggests an alternative to a big wedding to Adrian, and Lauren's mother and step-father are having problems.
  • 4/11/11
    Ricky is still reluctant to let his biological mother meet John, and now he must deal with some new information he has learned about her. Meanwhile, Ashley is determined to make things work with her homeschooling, and George is eager to work on his parenting skills. Also, Ben and Adrian both confide in friends and family as they try to decide if they want a committed relationship with each other.moreless
  • Mirrors
    Episode 16
    Now that Ricky's biological mother is back in town and eager to stick around, he is very concerned about letting her be involved in his life, and it doesn't help matters when she starts bonding with Amy. Elsewhere, Ashley stubbornly continues her mission to be home-schooled, and Grant tells Grace that he wants her to get tested for STD's. Jesse makes some decisions about his and Lauren's relationship, now that he is headed for college, and Madison becomes interested in her much older boss. Lastly, Ben wants to be married to Adrian before their baby arrives, and he asks for his father's input.moreless
  • Who Do You Trust
    Episode 15
    Ricky reluctantly agrees to get tested for STD's after Amy asks him to, but he is shocked by who he runs into at the doctor's office. Elsewhere, the gender of Ben and Adrian's baby is revealed, and they are attempting to make their relationship work. Grace discusses having sex with Grant, and Ashley approaches the new counselor with the desire to be homeschooled.moreless
  • Rules of Engagement
    Episode 14
    Adrian has another pregnancy scare, which leads to her and Ben discussing their future. Elsewhere, Ashley continues to stalk Ricky, and she has her own unusual reasons for wanting sex with him. Ben and Amy finally meet to discuss their rocky past, right before she and Ricky get together for a romantic dinner. Lastly, Grace and Grant pursue another step forward in their relationship, and suspicions arise that George is cheating on Anne again.moreless
  • Up All Night
    Episode 13
    As Grant and Grace grow, Amy and Ricky try to find out if they should be a couple. Ben wonders if he has made a mistake.
  • Sweet and Sour
    Episode 12
    Amy calls Ricky to let him know she's angry that everybody, including her parents, have forgotten her birthday. Meanwhile, Adrian has a medical scare with her pregnancy, which leads to some problems with Ben, and Grace's relationship with Grant heats up. Madison's father finds out some unsettling information about his daughter's sex life with Jack, and as Leo gets angrier with Ben, he gains some perspective on his own marriage.moreless
  • Lady Liberty
    Episode 11
    Ben's problems worsen as he gets fired from his job, has a big fight with his father, and considers more drastic measures to win Amy back. Elsewhere, George and Anne make a final decision about their future together, and Adrian wants to reconnect with Ricky, but he does not share the same feelings. Also, Amy's friends from New York talk her into going out to a pajama club, but there's something on her mind that prevents her from having a good time.moreless
  • 8/9/10
    Ricky leaves baby John with George and Anne while he goes to visit Amy in New York. The time that they spend together re-opens some of the feelings that they had for each other long ago. Meanwhile, Ben goes with Adrian to a sonogram appointment. Jack is torn about letting Madison sleep over, and Grace continues to build her relationship with Grant. Also, Ben is elated when he finally speaks to Amy briefly on the phone, but the future of their relationship is still in question.moreless
  • Chicken Little
    Episode 9
    Grace's attempt at a double date takes an interesting turn when she ends up helping a young man come to terms with his sexual orientation. Meanwhile, Ashley is still wrestling with her feelings for Ricky, and she finds emotional support from an unlikely person. Adrian and Ben are stunned when their fathers suggest that they eventually consider marriage for the sake of their baby. Later, Ricky and Adrian finally get together to talk, and George and Anne consider making a dramatic change in their lives.moreless
  • 7/26/10
    Amy has not been taking anyone's phone calls for three days, and Ben is not handling it well, leading Grace to believe that she might have another chance with him. Meanwhile, George plans a romantic evening with Anne, and Ben accompanies Adrian to her first doctor's appointment. The tension continues between Ricky and Ashley, and Ricky approaches Ruben with a special request. Lastly, Amy contacts Adrian to offer her friendship and support.moreless
  • New York, New York
    Episode 7
    After agonizing over the situation for far too long, Ben travels to New York so he can tell Amy about the baby before she hears it from someone else. Also, Ricky spends some time with his biological mother, who is 24 hours away from serving a jail sentence. Adrian spills the beans at school about her pregnancy in an unusual way, and Ashley thinks she might be in love with the wrong person.moreless
  • 7/12/10
    Adrian makes her final decision about her pregnancy. As the information goes around, it seems that Amy is the only one who doesn't know, and almost everyone seems to be avoiding her phone calls from New York. Meanwhile, Adrian's parents continue to argue over their daughter's recent choices, and Ricky is upset with his foster mother for getting involved in a messy situation. Also, Madison becomes territorial when she learns that Jack is currently living so close to Grace.moreless
  • 7/5/10
    A rumor spreads around school about Amy, who is in New York and has just learned that the music program is specifically for teen mothers. Meanwhile, Adrian is prepared to have an abortion, but her parents are at odds over whose decision it is, and Grace encourages her friend to consider other options. Also, Ricky has an intimate moment with Ashley while living in the Juergens' house; George and Anne find time to get closer; and Tom and Jack become roommates.moreless
  • 6/28/10
    After Amy leaves for New York, Ricky moves into her house temporarily to take care of John, which doesn't please Anne and George, since something appears to be going on between Ricky and Ashley. Elsewhere, Adrian goes to her mother for advice on what to do about her pregnancy, and her parents' differing opinions threaten to split their family apart. Ben also wrestles with the reality of the situation and vows not to let it ruin his future with Amy.moreless
  • Get Out of Town
    Episode 3
    Ben decides to try his hardest to keep his secret from Amy and cut himself off from Adrian, but things become complicated when his father tells Adrian's father about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Amy is pleasantly surprised to find that her family and friends are pushing for her to attend the music program in New York. Also, George and Anne continue to argue, specifically about some of Ashley's most recent decisions.moreless
  • 6/14/10
    Amy is accepted into a 4-week music program in New York, but she worries that it is too far away to attend. Elsewhere, Jack is looking for a new place to live, and maybe even a possible reconciliation with Grace. Ashley stands by Adrian as she wrestles with a very important decision. Ben and Amy have decided to get back together, but his drama with Adrian is impossible for him to ignore. Lastly, Ricky learns the truth about Adrian's situation, and George and Anne deal with trust issues in their relationship.moreless
  • Do Over
    Episode 1
    Ben thinks Adrian is lying about being pregnant and doesn't act like himself. Elsewhere, Jack finds out his family is moving and thinks about not moving with. Also, Ashley has a talk with her doctor about birth control.