The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Season 4

ABC Family (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Love Is Love
    Episode 24
    Anne shares some news with her family.
  • 4SnP
    Episode 23
    Grace becomes jealous of Amy.
  • The Text Best Thing
    Episode 22
    Amy sets a date for the wedding, which spreads like wildfire, along with a rumor about Anne.
  • Allies
    Episode 21

    Amy's discontent with summer school is beginning to affect her grades. Grace is seeing Jack, but is keeping him at arms length, Ricky is exasperated at Amy's thoughtlessness in inviting friends to stay in their cramped apartment, Henry, Alice, Madison and Lauren make tentative advances to each other, and Kathleen and George's friendship is heating up.

  • Strange Familiar
    Episode 20

    George and Kathleen show signs of being interested in each other, and Amy isn't pleased about it. Grace and Jacob finally begin to talk to each other.

  • The Splits
    Episode 19

    Ben and Dylan go on their first real date together. Tom and Jacob go for a ride, but get into some trouble. Relationships are ending as Leo, Betty, Ben, and Adrian get their divorce papers and Kathleen considers divorcing her husband. And Ricky continues to press Amy about planning their wedding and finally discovers why she has been hesitant to make any plans.

  • The Beach Is Back
    Episode 18

    Dylan and her friends surprise Ben at school, while Grace doesn't want her half brother Jacob attending her school. Elsewhere, Kathleen tries to understand her late husband's secrets. Ricky and John join George for a day at the "beach". And Ricky takes a stressed out Amy to a very special place.

  • 4/16/12

    Amy is acting strangely toward everyone, and Ricky is shocked when he discovers the reason why. Dylan's brother Joe, who dislikes Ben, sends his parents a picture of Dylan and Ben kissing, which causes problems all around. Grace is unsure how to react to her mother's shocking news about her late father, and she turns to Jack for support. Also, Anne's evening with Nora raises questions for George.

  • They Gotta Eat
    Episode 16

    Kathleen struggles with a decision whether or not to allow a boy from South Africa to stay with them instead of attending boarding school, especially when she considers who his father is.

  • Defiance
    Episode 15

    Summer school is the backdrop for another series of intrigues: Amy, Madison and Lauren argue, Henry is in the doghouse with both Ben and Alice, and summer plans take a sudden twist for Grace and Ben.

  • 3/26/12

    Amy and Ricky are now engaged,and Ricky is surprisedto learn that Amy is in no rush to start planning a wedding.Other characters deal with the fallout from the recent graduation party, and relationships change dramatically.

  • And Circumstance
    Episode 13

    It's graduation day - and both Ricky and Jack have something to say. Relationships shift dramatically at the after-graduation party.

  • Pomp
    Episode 12

    A marriage is on the rocks. The wife is going to college and files for divorce -- and it's not Adrian. The seniors prepare for graduation, and the valedictorian is announced -- much to his dismay.

  • The Games We Play
    Episode 11

    Adrian is introduced to the brother of one of Daniel's friend, and sparks fly. Henry and Alice's relationship changes, and Amy hopes for a proposal from Ricky -- who has a surprise of his own.

  • 4-1-1
    Episode 10

    Nora finds a new place to live, Ricky has an unexpected visitor who has run into legal problems after sexting nude photos of his girlfriend, and Grace plays matchmaker.

  • Flip Flop
    Episode 9
    Adrian has a new goal in mind.
  • 8/1/11
    It's time for senior prom!! Amy is mad that Ricky doesn't want to go so she pressures him into taking her to prom. Adrian and Ben go together, and Amy finds out Adrian is trying to get pregnant. Later, after the dance Adrian tries to seduce Ben into sleeping with her so she can be prego and keep him in the marriage.moreless
  • Cute
    Episode 7
    Amy is furious that Ricky has been accused of offering to sleep with the local college admissions director. Grace is having trouble fitting in with Daniel's college life, and Ben wonders if Adrian has begun seeing another man.
  • Don't Go In There!
    Episode 6
    Adrian comes to Ben's defense as a bunch of students begin to blame him for their daughter's death. Kathleen has an interview at a college. Grace gets pranked b Kathleen, Michael, and Jack.
  • Hole in the Wall
    Episode 5
    Still unable to be honest with Adrian about his feelings, Ben finally snaps when she makes a big decision behind his back. Emotions continue to flare as Leo and even the school counselor try persuading Ben to stick with his marriage. Elsewhere, Amy is desperate to make things work with Ricky, but she is uneasy about some recent communication he has had with Adrian. Tom is also beginning to feel unhappy in his relationship, and Grace is enjoying attention from both Daniel and Jack.moreless
  • 7/4/11
    Amy and Ricky disagree over whether or not John needs to be taken to the ER, which results in further arguments over their future together. Elsewhere, Grace meets a new guy named Daniel and is now juggling him, Grant, and Jack without a second thought. Ben's father encourages him to work on his marriage, while Adrian tries to trick Ben into telling her how he really feels.moreless
  • 6/27/11
    Grace goes away on a medical mission trip, but Griffin's boyfriend Peter suspects that she may not have been faithful to Grant while she was gone. Bunny substitutes for Camille in Leo's office, with interesting results. And Ben explores his feelings for Adrian.
  • Another One Closes
    Episode 2
    Betty applies her own brand of comfort for Adrian's mourning. Ashley decides to go ahead with her cross-country road trip.
  • 6/13/11
    An emotional and depressed Adrian refuses to leave the house or allow visitors, leaving friends and family uncertain how to help her grieve. After a few months of frequent sleepovers, Ricky invites Amy to move in permanently with their son, but in light of Ben and Adrian's recent drama, she feels guilty about the positive direction that her own life is taking. Meanwhile, Tom is in an unusual new relationship that concerns his mother; Ashley prepares to travel across the country with her boyfriend; and on top of some obvious family difficulties, Leo has unexpected drama with a longtime female employee.moreless