The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Season 5

ABC Family (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • 6/3/13
    High school graduation is finally here, prompting everyone to reminisce about how much their lives have changed over the past few years. Amy's relationships with Ricky and Ben weigh heavily on her mind, while Grace contemplates Jack's place in her life. Meanwhile, Adrian is ecstatic when an unexpected visitor knocks on her door.moreless
  • Caught in a Trap
    Episode 23
    Ricky suspects that Amy is hiding something and confronts her about their future. Everyone gives Ethan some much-needed advice about his love life. Amy is furious when she learns the lengths Ben will go to in order to win her back. Jack's commitment to Grace is tested, and Henry makes an important decision about his future. Meanwhile, Chloe finally puts her past demons to rest.moreless
  • 5/20/13
    Adrian is devastated by Omar's decision and takes her pain out on Ricky and Jack. Ben refuses to give up on his dream of reuniting with Amy and makes a shocking confession to Alice. Ethan and Margaret have an honest conversation about his relationship with Kathy. Meanwhile, Clementine returns to town and pays Ricky a visit.moreless
  • First and Last
    Episode 21
    Amy and Ricky announce they will get married the day after Amy graduates from high school, but everyone is skeptical that the wedding will actually happen. Grace and Jack announce their engagement, but it's soon clear that Grace is having second thoughts about her decision. George and Kathleen are distracted from their secret plans when their mothers arrive for unexpected visits, but they eventually include their families in a special surprise. Meanwhile, Ethan is jealous when Kathy agrees to help Brian prepare for the spelling bee.moreless
  • All My Sisters With Me
    Amy, Adrian and Grace struggle to reconcile their pending marriages with their individual dreams. Anne begins to feel like an outsider in her own family but soon finds an unexpected ally in Kathleen. Kathy and Ethan get into a fight after Ethan questions the status of their relationship. Leo worries about Ben's obsession with Amy. Meanwhile, Chloe reconnects with someone from her past.moreless
  • Interference
    Episode 19
    Ethan is convinced no adult actually uses algebra, but a chance meeting with Danica McKellar helps him look at math in a different light. Amy's frantic search for her missing wedding bands leads her to Ben, who advises her to break-up with Ricky before it's too late. George and Kathleen's romantic dinner is interrupted by an uninvited guest. Meanwhile, Mrs. Stone confronts Grace about her relationship with Jack.moreless
  • Money for Nothin
    Episode 18
    Ricky tries to find a way to support Amy's dream of going to Hudson University, despite everyone's reservations about their relationship. Amy worries about her future when her meeting with the college counselor doesn't go quite like she'd expected.
  • Fraid So
    Episode 17
    George and Reverend Stone insist that Jack see a therapist, but it's Adrian's advice that ultimately persuades him to go. Ricky feels Amy's absence as he juggles taking care of John with his work and school responsibilities. Cathy is stunned when she learns that her ex-boyfriend wants to see their baby. Amy realizes that she doesn't want to lose Ricky. Meanwhile, Leo secures an important business account.moreless
  • Shiny and New
    Episode 16

    Amy's decision to tour a college campus in New York strains her relationship with Ricky; Jack's efforts to protect himself yield devastating consequences; George explores a new career path; Ethan rejects Cierra's offer to tutor him in math.

  • Untying the Knot
    Episode 15

    The truth is revealed about Amy and Ricky's marital status; Jack refuses to seek help; George is encouraged to work things out with Anne; Kathy and Chloe's friendship does not sit well with Ethan.

  • It's a Miracle
    Episode 14

    Ben has an epiphany about Amy; Omar pops the question to Adrian; Ricky and Amy each share their thoughts about their lives and marriage with Dr. Fields; Jack's injuries make him restless.

  • To Each Her Own
    Episode 13

    Amy finds what she believes to be the perfect wedding dress at a thrift store; Ethan wants to fly to Texas to talk to Kathy's parents; Anne questions Robbie's paternity; George and Kathleen meet celebrity Chaz Bono.

  • 11/19/12

    The gang sneaks into an abandoned toy warehouse on Christmas Eve. Grace stays by Jack's side at the hospital and hopes for a holiday miracle. Kathy goes into labor at the toy factory.

  • Half Over
    Episode 11

    Jack is in the hospital in critical condition after being assaulted by Ginger's pimp. Ricky isn't sure Amy really wants to get married, Kathy tries to convince Ethan he would be better off with a different girl, and Leo and Camille take a big step towards increasing the size of their family.

  • Regrets
    Episode 10

    Adrian and Omar contemplate living together and Anne starts planning for Amy's wedding.

  • 8/13/12

    Ben and Amy discuss their feelings on the relationship they share.

  • 8/6/12

    Amy finds herself envious of Ricky's lifestyle as a college student.

  • Girlfriends
    Episode 7

    Amy is upset to see what happens when Kathy starts hanging out with a bad crowd, threatening to end their friendship for good.

  • Holy Rollers
    Episode 6

    Grace does her best to get her friends to attend church with her, but it doesn't go as she expected. Meanwhile, everyone is busy sneaking around, and it looks like Amy get caught.

  • Past History
    Episode 5

    As Ricky starts his first day of college, he meets an old friend from his past who brings a new temptation. Amy begins to mentor a new student, Kathy.

  • Lies and Byes
    Episode 4

    Ben is worried about the investigation into the school fire, while Adrian seeks out her father at the courthouse. But for what reason?

  • I Do and I Don't
    Episode 3

    A new student is mentored by Amy.

  • Shotgun
    Episode 2

    Grace wants nothing to do with Adrian; Ricky and Amy come back after getting eloped.

  • To Begin With ...
    Episode 1

    The rumor mill goes into overdrive when Ricky and Amy disappear.