The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 9

Slice of Life

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 26, 2008 on ABC Family
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Slice of Life
George bonds with Amy and Ashley. Elsewhere, Tom hires a "friend" for the night, and Lauren is caught kissing Ricky.

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  • I liked this episode :)

    I thought it was different from the previous ones, in that it didn't take itself too seriously, and the episode was more easy going than others. I thought the part with Tom and the stripper (starring Jennifer Coolidge) was cute, especially when she lectures him about how horrible her business is, especially when Grace walks in. I think my favorite scenes in this episode were the ones that involved Adrien's storyline because Francia Raisa who plays her character did such a good job on her scenes where she comes face to face with her father.

    The scenes with Lauren and Ricky was a little random, and I didn't really see the point, but it didn't bother me. I was also happy that we didn't get to see much of Madison because her character has been really annoying since the second episode.

    Probably the only storyline that got me bored was the one that involved Henry. It was just so out of the blue when he mentions that Alice dumped him, even though they were perfectly fine in the previous episode with their sex statistics conversations. Although I liked the scenes with Henry and Ashley because I thought they were nice, I feel like the guy who plays Henry cannot act very well, and his storyline was just a bore to me. Other than that, I really liked watching this episode.moreless
  • Awesome format of an episode.

    So in this episode, it revolves around one night, and everyone is having pizza! Ben, Henry, George, Ashley, and Amy are all together having pizza, as George pretends Adrian's place is his. I like the George/Adrian bond, it's like he's the father figure. In this case she needs one. I don't understand why Ashley was so upset when George was just consoling Adrian. Anne allows George back home. And Ben & Amy talk about going back to school. Alice & Henry break up, and Henry falls in to the arms of Ashley. Grace accompany's Adrian to see her biological father, and she has pizza in the back. It doesn't go as planned when her father wants nothing to do with her, that was kind of messed up. I'm starting to like Adrian more as a character, she has more to offer than being Ricky's "bed buddy". Meanwhile Ricky has nothing to do, 'cause Adrian is doing someting, and Grace is with Adrian. So his last resort is Lauren, bleh, the pizza that was supposed to be for Adrian, he gave to Lauren, and they share a kiss which Madison & Jason see. Amy & Ashley find out the apartment is George's apartment, when Ricky knocks looking for Adrian, very clever writers. Meanwhile Ben's dad, and Anne talk about Ben & Amy's future over pizza, which could foreshadow future romance. Tom hires an internet hooker to have pizza with him. Wow. It was funny Grace walked in, in the end. And you could tell she likes Ricky, by asking what was he wearing. No Jack! Yay! But Adrian did try to get Jack & Grace back together, that was the deal in the last episode. I loved the format, and it goes perfectly with the title. "Slice of Life" and everyone had pizza. Get it, "slice." Although some very strange out of character decisions were made, still a flawless episode.moreless
  • Ninth Episode

    This episode takes place all in a single night when a local pizza place makes a deal that some of the money they make will go to Grant High School. SO, everyone is ordering pizza from the same place. Amy and Ashley go to George's new place (it's really Adrian and her mothers condo). Ben and Henry join them later that night. Ben's father Leo goes to see Anne and brings them a pizza. Adrian is with her new friend Grace trying to find her father while back at Grace's house Tom is home alone and buy a "friend" Betty for the night.

    This was a good episode in my opinion but there were still some wierd things in this episode that didn't make this episode a great one.moreless
  • A show that continues to get more ridiculous uses a different storytelling format in this episode.

    This episode takes place in a single night and all the characters/stories are intertwined through a special event: a local pizza place is donating all the funds made in that one single night to Grant High School so just about everyone regardless of their situation that night is getting pizza from the same place.

    There's a ton of crazy potential pairings going on and I think this is the point where this show has reached it's insanity point. People that I once thought were cool such as Henry are now becoming as whiny as Ben is. George is as stupid as he ever was. Adrian finds her dad which turns out to be upsetting and a bit predictable (if you watch the next episode after this one though there's a better explanation for this situation which is kind of relieving).

    The part of this episode which I thought was going to be terrible was when Tom invites that stripper to his house. It wasnt as horrid as I thought it was. Jennifer Coolidge was great as the stripper. I thought the whole her lecturing him on meeting people on the Internet was a bit unrealistic but then again, I suppose she wasnt expecting her customer to be someone with Down Syndrome who didnt know any better. If I was stripper who was being paid by someone with Down Syndrome, I would've also been like "okay just pay me so I can get outta here". Heh.moreless
  • my thoughts on what the writers were thinking while writing this episode: '.................'

    this entire show in general has seemed to defy any sort of conventional reality, but i think this episode really takes the cake.

    the main thing going through my head while watching this episode was 'WTF'. nothing is explained. imagine every ridiculous thing that never in real life would happen between these characters, and it does. madison or lauren or whatever her name is is caught making out with ricky, who is really just past pathetic at this point. i mean, come on. i guess the whole 'oh gee, i'm adopted and my father hates me so now i'm a man slut' thing cut him a little slack, but the kid has some obvious issues. oh, and then there was the part where grace's little "brother" arranges for a prostitute three times his age to come to his house to eat pizza and "talk." again, WTF. the whole situation was completely ridiculous! not to mention offensive. the whole while she was there, the scary-looking prostitute went on and on about how dangerous is it to find a "companion" over the internet, and how they aren't to be trusted, and now when am i going to get paid? i think i was crying at the point. and i know, the best and most obvious thing to have done at this point would be to have stopped watching altogether. but somehow, watching this was like eating stale crackers. you keep eating them because they're there, and you made the mistake of opening them.

    my advice, if you choose to take it: save yourself the agony and aggravation and flip to a different channel.moreless
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Andrew McFarlane

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Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

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    • Adrian: Let me ask you something. How does a guy stay married to a woman for fifteen years and have two daughters with her, and then just walk away?
      George: Have we ever had a conversation before? I don't think so, so I don't think we'll be starting with that one.
      Adrian: Well, why not? I want to know.
      George: Why do you want to know?
      Adrian: Because that's what my father did. He just walked away and never looked back. And he knows that I'm here. He knows, and he acts like I don't even exist!

    • Ashley: (about her father) Okay, Mom, you have to let him come home. I don't care if people knows that she's pregnant, or that he had an affair, or that you're doing whatever with Ben's dad, but I do care that people know we're poor. That is the ultimate humiliation!

    • Betty: Tom, I need you to know something. If you don't pay me the money, a very mean guy is gonna come and beat you up with a bag of oranges that he keeps in his trunk.

    • Adrian: Date nights are for people who aren't having sex.
      Grace: Oh, my parents have plenty of sex.
      Adrian: How do you know?
      Grace: I'm just assuming.

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