The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 14

Smokin' Like A Virgin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2012 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

It's the morning after the graduation party. Ben and Dylan have been talking on the phone for hours, finding that they have many things in common. Dylan's mother, interested in her conversation, enters her room, and Dylan abruptly hangs up. Her mother gives her the third degree over the boy she is talking to, and Dylan tells her that he is the son of the Sausage King. Mom is impressed, but wonders how that will square with Dylan's vegetarianism. Dylan dismisses the problem, and tells her mother that Ben is "cute, and he's nice and he likes me – this could be it, this could be my first boyfriend!" Her mother excitedly calls for her father to join them.

Meanwhile, Ben is staring off into space with a smile on his face. Leo comes in and asks why he's been on the phone all afternoon, and Ben tells him that he has met a girl, a redhead, "and I love redheads." His dad encourages him to ask her out, nudging firmly until Ben picks up the phone to call Dylan back.

Dylan has been receiving the third degree from her parents, who are intensely curious about Ben. Her father is doubtful: "I don't know if this is the right first boyfriend for you," he frowns, but Dylan tells him firmly that he doesn't get to pick her boyfriends. "Of course not," agrees her mother, adding, "we just get to approve of him! So, when can you get him over here?" Dylan is flustered, and reminds them that Ben hasn't asked her out, yet. Just then, the phone rings – it's Ben, inviting her to dinner that evening. They both admit that their parents are in the same room with them, "another thing we have in common!" "What?" asks her mother. "Nosey, overprotective parents!" she retorts. "You ain't seen nothing, yet, kid," her father warns her.

Ricky is snoozing on the sofa bed in their apartment, but Amy is wide awake. Ricky complains that he doesn't often have a chance to sleep in, and suggest that Amy take a nap, but she's too wound up. She thanks him for the engagement ring, and he thanks her for saying yes. "Was there ever any doubt?" she asked, and he admits "No, otherwise I wouldn't have put myself out on the line like that, in front of so many witnesses!" They snuggle, and Ricky asks if she wants a big wedding. Amy tells him that she hasn't thought about it, which surprises him. She tells him that she hasn't planned a wedding in her mind, she just wanted the ring. "You don't want to get married? It's an engagement ring – you know that, right?" Ricky asks him incredulously. Amy tells him that she's not in a hurry to get married, but wanted the ring as a sign that he was totally committed to her, and so does everyone else. "I didn't give you a ring to mark my territory or something – I actually want to be married," Ricky tells her, confused. Amy thinks they should wait until she graduates from high school, at the very least, and if they feel like it, they can run off one weekend and get married. Ricky warns her that being engaged can make the engaged person more attractive to other people and a long engagement can cause problems.

Grace drags into the kitchen, and is noncommittal about the party the night before when Kathleen brightly asks her how it went. Daniel calls, and apologizes for overreacting at the party and leaving her there. Guiltily remembering Jack's kiss, she is surprised that Daniel isn't upset with her. "Why should I be upset with you? You didn't do anything," Daniel says reasonably. He asks her out for that evening, but as they are finalizing arrangements, Jack knocks gently on the door and eases into her room. She hangs up quickly, and Jack tells her that he's been waiting for her to wake up so they could talk. Grace is uncomfortable, and tells Jack that the kiss didn't mean anything and they shouldn't get back together. Jack disagrees, and to prove it, he leans in and they begin to kiss again.

Daniel receives a phone call from Adrian, who is frantic because Omar isn't taking her phone calls. Daniel is annoyed, and tells her that he blocked her calls, but she tells him that she unblocked them when they were in the car the night before, and demands to know where Omar is. Daniel refuses to discuss Omar with her, but Adrian begs him to intercede for her with Omar. As he hangs up, Omar walks in, sighing because Adrian has called him 27 times that morning. He admits that he's interested in Adrian, but feels like he should stay away because Adrian was interested in his brother first. "That never bothered you before," Daniel comments, but Omar admits that he doesn't like to see Adrian kissing other guys. "We should have stayed at that stupid party, man," Omar tells him.

Lauren is in her room cleaning out mementos of Jesse when Madison appears hesitantly at the door, telling Lauren that her mother let her in. Lauren in unforgiving: "Yeah? Well, my mom doesn't know that you slept with my boyfriend. And my mom doesn't know that I HATE you," she snarls. "Get out!" Madison is crushed, and slowing turns and leaves. Lauren picks up a photo of her and Madison. Angrily, she tears the photo up.

Ben is peacefully napping when Alice storms into his room. "WAKE UP!" she says, shaking him. Startled, he sits up, and asks her how she is. "I'm not good – how are you?" she responds. Thinking back on Dylan, he admits that he's actually alright. "You're alright? Henry slept with your wife, and you're alright?!" she exclaims. Ben is stunned at this piece of news.

Dylan is in her room, dressed for a date, and three of her friends, Wendy, Raven and Mercedes, rush in – one of them is Daniel's ex-girlfriend. "What happened?!" they ask. Ben, upset at Alice's news, has called Dylan and broken their date. Dylan is confused, because she doesn't know why Ben broke the date. Her friends comfort her, and one of them wonders if it has to do with that "trashy looking girl that was there last night." "Which one? They were all pretty trashy," asks one friend nastily. Dylan tells him that the girl is Ben's soon-to-be-ex-wife. "He's married, and he's getting a divorce, and he's still in high school? Hello? LOSER!" comments one of her friends scathingly. She explains that "unfortunately, he got this girl pregnant . . ." "HE HAS A KID?!" her friend screeches. "No! They lost the baby – the baby passed away." In the sudden silence, Dylan realizes that her mother is listening intently at her door in consternation. "GET AWAY FROM MY DOOR!" she yells. Her father drags her mother away, as her friends advise her that she should stick to guys at their own school, instead. "But I want Ben Boykewich!" she declares. "Well, if you want him – let's go get him," smiles Daniel's ex. "Should we go get Daniel while we're at it?" one asks cattily, and Daniel's ex declares that she doesn't have to go get him, she can get him with a simple picture: She has a photo on her phone that she took of Jack kissing Grace after the party, and she proceeds to forward it to Daniel. They leave to go and confront Ben.

Madison calls Henry, and they commiserate that, because of their actions at the party, they may be the only friends each has left. "Wait – everyone knows ?" asks Henry, distraught. "I was hoping only Alice knew!" "No, everyone knows," Madison assures him, and asks him to go with her to summer school that summer, so that she will have someone to hang out with.

Adrian calls Grace, who is bemused by Adrian's attitude towards Omar. "It's so not like you to beg a guy to go out with you!" says Grace. Adrian is defensive, saying that at least she's not going out with Daniel and Jack at the same time. "I'm not going out with Jack – I just kissed him – and I just kissed him again," Grace admits. They wonder what has come over them, and Adrian confesses that she has hit rock bottom. Grace tells her that she thinks she might love Daniel and Jack, too. Adrian can top that, though: She has slept with Henry. Grace is shocked.

Ben paces back and forth in front of his house in agitation as Henry walks up. "I know what this is about," Henry says quietly, but Ben is furious. "You had HOURS to say something to me, Henry. HOURS! I had to find out that you slept with Adrian through ALICE!" Henry is embarrassed and tries to apologize, but Ben will have none of it. "She is my WIFE!" Henry tries to remind him that she is his soon-to-be-ex, and tells him it's not his fault because that Adrian seduced him, just like she did Ben. Ben is adamant, though, that he is just as responsible for betraying Amy and Ricky with Adrian in that car that night. Henry tries to point out that Ben was with Dylan, and Adrian was feeling rejected by Ricky, Omar and Ben, and while he was trying to comfort her – things just happened. Ben is too angry though – even though Henry has been his closest friend since third grade, Ben tells Henry that he is no longer welcome at his house. Head bowed, Henry walks away. Drained, Ben slumps on the front steps, but is surprised by headlights in the drive. Dylan jumps out of the car, and, to Ben's astonishment, demands to know why he broke their date.

Stopping by to pick up John, Ricky and Amy are undergoing interrogation by Ann, George and Nora. George is suspicious that it's a trick on Ricky's part, and that he won't really marry Amy. They wonder when they will actually get married, but Amy is firm – she's not ready to get married yet. Ann tells them to calm down, "what is the hurry?" "You call two years after the baby is born 'in a hurry'?" snorts George. Amy says she doesn't want to spend her senior year planning a wedding, and she wants to go to college, too. "Why? He's the man, he's going to college, you don't have to," says George, to the dismay of all the women in the room. They begin to bicker, and Amy observes that Ann is in a bad mood. "I think somebody is regretting sleeping with somebody else," Nora adds as George quickly tries to hush her. Too late. "You told her that?!" exclaims Ann in dismay. Nora slides out, leaving the family glaring angrily at each other. Ricky suggests going to Margaret and Shaker's house, and Amy asks him if he thinks it's going to be any better over there. "Yes, I do," he tells her. "So, you think your parents are better than Amy's parents?" George demands, offended. "My parents are even better than my parents!" declares Ricky, to Amy's confusion. Amy then tells them that she's very happy being engaged right now, and wants to enjoy it. She and Ricky have the rest of their lives to be marri3ed, "…no offense…" she tells Ann and George, who make wry faces. Amy leaves to take a phone call from Lauren, and Ricky tells George that he's surprised, too, at Amy's attitude towards waiting for a wedding. George encourages Ann to talk to Amy, but Ann refuses: "What – to get married her senior year in high school?" Ricky realizes that fireworks are starting, so he beats a hasty retreat. Ann is discouraged. "How did we screw up so badly?" she asks George, distressed. "How did we take a marriage and three lovely children and turn it into a divorce, and living apart – this is not how things are supposed to be! This is not how I saw my life turning out," she continues tearfully, "as a divorced mother of three arguing with her ex-husband on a Saturday night about when our teenage daughter should marry the father of her baby!" George tries to tell her that it's "just life," but she is dogged: "It's not the life that I want. I don't know what I'm going to do – but I'm going to make some changes," she declares.

Ricky joins Nora in Ashley's garage room. "Nice room," he comments. "I think you've seen it before," Norah reminds him, but Ricky is unfazed. "Don't remind me of my past mistakes and I won't remind you of yours," he tells her. "Deal!" she agrees. She tells him that she is proud that he turned out to be such a beautiful person after all the hell she put him through.

Ann brings John into Amy's bedroom. As John plays, Ann cautions Amy against getting rushed into marriage. Amy is calm, though, and tells her mother that she wants to go to college, get her masters, teach, and perhaps help other young mothers dealing with the things that she has dealt with. "An engagement is not a marriage," Ann tells her. "Does everyone think I'm stupid?" declares Amy. "No – everyone just thinks you don't want to get married!" Ann tells her. "Well, that's crazy – of course I want to. I just don't know when, and I don't feel like I have to decide 'when' right away." Amy smiles. "My life could not get any better than this right now, Mom. I got what I wanted, and I'm happier than I ever knew I could be! And I don't feel like it can be taken away from me. Hey, I waited for this – I EARNED this!" she says, wiggling her ring finger. "It's like a badge of honor, this ring," she adds, "and not only that, I love Ricky and John – and I also love myself." Ann is wistful. "That's what I want, that feeling," she says sadly. "Then go get that!" Amy encourages her with a hug. To their surprise, Ashley enters the room. "Get what?" she asks. Ann leaps up and hugs Ashley, glad to see her, and asks her why she didn't let them know she was coming. Ashley tells them that they didn't know when they would arrive. Amy tells Ashley she wishes she had been at graduation the day before, because Ricky proposed to her in front of the entire graduation. "Really? How embarrassing!" murmurs Ashley, appalled. "Ashley . . ." sighs Ann. Ashley tells Ann that she has been accepted to a college. "I was a year behind Amy in high school, but I'll be a year ahead in college," she says with satisfaction. She and Toby have both been accepted to a college in Florida. "Oh, so it's not Oxford, it's Clown College," sneers Amy. "Shut up," retorts Ashley. "No, YOU shut up," Amy snaps back. Ricky, hearing the commotion, comes in the room and greets Ashley with a smile. Ashley looks down, as Amy finishes with a zinger: "Dad rented your room, you know," she tells Ashley, who turns and walks out. Flashing a frown at Amy, Ann follows her, leaving Ricky staring at Amy in surprise.

Ben shows the girls into his room. They don't think much of the plain décor, and one of them says that it looks like a room where someone would smoke pot. Ben assures them that no one has smoked pot in his room, but is surprised when Dylan ask if he minds if they do. He's hesitant, but then decides that they can smoke if they want.

Grace comes downstairs to meet Daniel for their date, apologizing for keeping him waiting. "That's ok, this will only take a minute," he tells her sternly, and then shows her the picture of her and Jack kissing. She apologizes, but Daniel is unconvinced. "Are you sure this didn't follow a long night together?" he demands. "All I did was kiss him!" Grace says petulantly, but Daniel tells her that no, she gave him a reason not to trust her, and made him feel that she didn't care about him. "You care about Jack," he declares, "You STILL care about Jack," he repeats, sighing. She points out that his ex-girlfriend wanted to put those doubts in his head when she texted the picture. He tells her that he doesn't want to be with her, and leaves. Kathleen comes in the kitchen, surprised that Daniel has left. Grace angrily tells her that she hopes her mother and Jack are happy because Daniel broke up with her. Kathleen is sympathetic, though, and assures Grace that she's sorry, because she liked Daniel. Grace grouses that she should never have kissed Jack at that party, and blames her mother: "I can't believe you let me go to that – are you crazy? I'm only 17! Mom, I should not be allowed to go to all-night parties, especially when there are seniors there! You know, if Dad was alive, he NEVER would have let this happen," she lectures a stunned Kathleen.

Graces flounces out to go to Adrian's house, and Jack comes into the kitchen, asking Kathleen if he heard yelling. Kathleen confirms that Daniel broke up with Grace, but cautions him that it doesn't mean that Grace will turn to him. In fact, she warns him, Grace may blame Jack for the breakup. "But she already blames you!" Jack points out. "That could change," Kathleen tells him knowingly, and reminds him that Daniel and Grace might make up. She then tells him to consider making a fresh start in college and to get to know college girls. "Maybe it's time for you and Grace to just be friends," she finishes, to Jack's dismay.

Adrian greets Grace, and continues to fret over Omar not calling her. Grace tells her that Daniel broke up with her. Adrian isn't surprised: "Hello? Cameras are everywhere!" Grace wonders if anyone took a picture of Adrian and Henry, but Adrian is pretty sure no one did. "Which one was she?" Adrian asks. "The trashy looking one," Grace tells her. "Which one? They were ALL trashy looking," Adrian sneers. Grace agrees. "And it's trashy to take a photo of the girl that your ex-boyfriend is dating when that girl is kissing her old boyfriend!" Grace declares with confused logic. Suddenly, Adrian looks at her phone and realizes she missed a call from Dante', Omar's brother. Grace is skeptical: Is Adrian really going to date two brothers at the same time? "I dunno –what's the right thing to do?" Adrian asks in confusion. Dante' knocks on the door, and Grace urges Adrian to tell him the truth about going out with Omar. As Dante' comes in, Grace leaves the room. As Dante' apologizes for not telling Adrian that he was leaving the country, Adrian blurts out that she went out with Omar while he was gone, "but now he hates me, but I still care about him," she finishes in a rush. Dante' stares at her, perplexed.

Ashley is talking to Nora, who is hurriedly packing. Ashley assures Nora that she doesn't have to move, because she doesn't live there anymore. Amy enters the room, and chimes in that Ashley can have her room, because she really doesn't live there anymore. Ashley refuses: "Your room seems to have a curse on it, or something," she says, rolling her eyes. "How can you say that?" Amy demands. "All my dreams just came true!" Ashley is unimpressed. "Oh? You dreamed of having a baby in high school and having to marry the baby's father? Well, then, I guess dreams do come true." Amy and Nora exchange a look, and quickly gathering up her things, Nora leaves. After a moment, Amy confronts Ashley. "We didn't miss you, you know. Not one little minute. You think you're better than everyone else!" "But I am better than a lot of people," Ashley responds confidently, "you, for example." Amy is annoyed. "I thought your trip would teach you something," she snaps. "Well, even if it didn't, I'd still be smarter than you," Ashley says coolly. Rolling her eyes, Amy turns and leaves Ashley alone in the room.

In the kitchen, George is trying to convince Ann to stay the night. "it's too late for you to leave," he tells her. She sighs. "It's never too late for me to leave," she says enigmatically. Ricky and Amy leave with John, and Ricky thanks them for watching John over the weekend. After they leave, Ann moves to leave, but George stops her and kisses her. Unmoved, she simply looks at him, and then walks out the door, passing a hesitant Nora. Nora joins George in the kitchen. "Damn," George grouses, "I lost my mojo." "Sweet girl, that Ashley," says Nora sarcastically. They decide to forget everyone else and play a game of rummy.

Grace and Adrian are sitting on Adrian's couch, as Adrian tells Grace that Dante' broke up with her. "Telling the truth doesn't always work out," she declares. She and Grace talk about needing a fresh start, without the complication of guys. Suddenly Adrian has an idea: Grace can stay with her in her condo over the summer and they can both go to summer school together and keep each other out of trouble. Grace isn't excited about going to med camp and running into Grant, and they consider the idea of summer school.

They go to Kathleen, and Adrian launches into a heartfelt plea for Grace to stay with her over the summer. She pulls all the heartstrings: "I just can't do it on my own! Everything that's happened to me has left me too weak," she tells Kathleen dramatically. "I NEED Grace – I need my best friend to live with me," she pleads. "We need each other, and together, we can do anything -- including staying away from guys!" Kathleen tells them that Jack is moving out, and suggests that Adrian moves into their home, "and I can help you stay on track," she tells them. "Or, if you just moved home, I bet your mom could help you focus on school," she finishes. Grace tells Kathleen that it doesn't work with her living there. "You see what happens – I just go out with guys to get out of being here," she pleads, reminding her that she'll be in college in just a year. Grace promises her mother that if she and Adrian don't follow the plan of concentrating on school and avoiding boys, she will stay at home for her first year of college. Both girls continue to beg. Kathleen is thoughtful.

Margaret praises Amy's idea of going to summer school, but Ricky is unimpressed, because he knows that Lauren begged Amy to go to summer school with her now that she is no longer friends with Madison. Margaret tells Ricky that Ethan will be moving in with them over the summer, because of overcrowding at juvenile detention, and she wants him to attend summer school. She asks Amy to keep an eye on Ethan while he's in school. Margaret leaves Ricky and Amy to talk, and Ricky assures Amy that she doesn't have to go to summer school, she can take her time and plan the wedding for whenever she wants to, "and I'll promise I'll show up!" Amy, smiling, suggests a wedding in June after she graduates.

Dylan's parents have followed Dylan been sitting outside of Ben's house when Leo pulled up, and he invites them in. They explain that they always like to know where Dylan is, and Leo agrees that if he had a daughter, he'd be protective, too. "This is her first boyfriend, and she is our only daughter," they explain, and Dylan's father tells Leo that Dylan told them Ben's marriage and the baby. "It's not as bad as it sounds," he reassures him. "He's a good kid, Ben in," as he turns and opens Ben's bedroom door without knocking, "they're probably all just off at the movies . . . " he says, as he walks in. His voice trails off as he sees the group sitting slumped around the room. Dylan's father's nose twitches. "Do I smell pot?!" he asks incredulous. "I dunno . . . do you?" Leo asks, confused. Taking a whiff, he turns accusingly to Ben. "DOES HE?" The group is silent and uncomfortable. "Yeah, I think he does," says Dylan's mother grimly. "Dylan, what's going on, here?" Dylan stammers, but Ben chivalrously takes the blame, and tells them that someone at the party the night before gave him some pot, "and I just suggested . . ." Dylan quickly agrees with his version of the story, and suddenly Ben realizes that the couple standing in his room are Dylan's parents. All three parents glare accusingly at Ben.