The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 14

Smokin' Like A Virgin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2012 on ABC Family

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  • Guilty Pleasure

    The Secret Life is my Secret Guilty Pleasure...well, not so much secret anymore. So, the long awaited return of the Secret Life left me feeling disappointed. I'm happy where Ricky and Amy are in their relationship. For a dysfunctional couple, they're on the right track and they both deserve it. The rest of the show was boring and poorly written. Seriously, there are some talented actors on this show performing with poor material. When Ben found out that his wife slept with his best friend, the scene should have been explosive. Or when Lauren confronted her her friend for sleeping with her boyfriend, it should have been intense. These scenes were written as after thoughts and beyond dull.
  • Waste of time...

    Wow, I want my hour back, seriously. The worst episode of The Secret Life ever produced. I knew this show was annoying before but this just gave me a headache. Do they really expect us to believe this?

    Amy & Ricky - I've never liked these two and the fact that their putting them on the forefront is super annoying. Also what is up with Ricky being the one wanting to get married? Just an episode ago, it was the other way around. Okay?

    George, Nora, and Anne - The banter has gotten tired and George & Anne have gone back and forth so much to the point that no one cares anymore. And that kiss at the end was a perfect showing of that.

    The Madison, Lauren, Henry, Alice, Adrian, Ben mess - This is probably the most ridiculous story line to date. I get why Lauren is upset but Ben? A couple episodes ago he couldn't wait to get rid of Adrian and now he's shunning his best friend because of one mistake? These characterizations are just lazy, and no one is buying that Adrian & Henry slept together anyway. I've come to known the main goal of the show is hook everyone up and it's not entertaining.

    Dylan - New character alert! So exciting!!! Not really. So Dylan is a stoner and Ben stands up for her even though he barely knows her. Okay, sure, lets go with that.

    Jack, Grace, Daniel, and Adrian - I'm happy that Daniel and Grace are done but whats with avoiding Jack? I know they're trying to make it more interesting but it's come to the point where any other person would just give up. Grace has proved to be an immature idiot, and Jack is still after her, even though he's off to college? Nah, I don't believe it. And as for Grace & Adrian moving in together? Yeah sure, every teenager gets to live with their best friend in high school even though they have a fine home life. Not really. My money is on that these two will be the next to hook up. Not kidding, this show is so capable of doing that.

    Ashley - The only interesting prospect of the episode. I like the idea of her being the ice queen. She needs to put all this stupid teenagers in their place.

    Overall, worst ever. Will I be watching next week? Most likely unfortunately. It's a disease, I'm telling you.


    CAN'T WAIT FOR 3/26 !!!