The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2009 on ABC Family
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With the summer coming to an end, Ben ponders whether he even wants to continue his relationship with Amy. Grace returns from medical camp with an attitude that doesn't sit well with her family or friends, and Amy doesn't approve of her mother's boyfriend - until he bribes her in a shocking way. Elsewhere, tension rises between Ricky and Adrian, and Ashley starts her first day of high school with an unbelievable bang. Lastly, George finally reveals his secret to Anne, but it's nothing compared to what she's about to tell him.moreless

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  • Back to school.

    I don't understand this title since this episode had nothing to do with summer, it's the first day of school. This episode was an awesome break from all the drama, it was fun & light, and just a great way to start off the school year. Highlights are Grace's close talking technique, and how much she's changed since Medical Camp, Ashley's catwalk on her first day of school, and everyone staring, and Ben's comment in class to Amy was hilarious! Everyone seems changed, and for the better. New character: Griffin. Everything is out in the open as George reveals that he lied about the vasectomy, a mini cliffhanger on what George & Ann are going to do. Groin injuries were pretty funny too, I laughed a lot in this episode, and a lot of things made me happy. So this episode is probably the best of the season! :Dmoreless
  • Season 2, Episode 7

    The best episode in a long while. Possibly even the best of the season so far. Summer comes to an end and school starts. Ben arrives home from Italy planning on breaking up with Amy. Ricky finds out Adrian has been talking to Ben over the summer. Grace is home from medical camp and is worried about groin injuries for Jack. David is going to give Amy a brand new SUV. It's Ashley's first day of high school and her entrance was the funniest thing ever. I loved it. Ashley meets her first friend, new gay freshman Griffin. Ben breaks up with Amy. George finally tells Anne that he lied about his vasectomy.moreless
  • Back to school to prove to dad that I am not a fool.

    The Secret Life of the American Teenager aired an episode that jumped months into the future, but the question is why. After hyping the potential trouble Ben might get into in Italy they do not even show us or tell us that much about what happened. While it was refreshing to see things shake up for a change, to see Ricky and Adrian with different partners, this kind of jump halfway through the season did not make a lot of sense. They should have done this with the premiere if they wanted to, but doing it here just makes no sense.moreless
  • Summer is over and school is starting. It's Ashley's first day of high school. Ben thinks that he and Amy are broken up. Grace practices being a doctor.

    I just wrote a review for this and I exited out by mistake so I'm just going to make this a short review. Beginning of episode was childish, silly, and boring. Middle/End of episode was brilliant. My favourite scene is when you hear everyone's thoughts.

    Ben and Amy: Amy's is spoiled brat. I liked the conversation they had at the end of the episode

    Ashely: Ashley looked hot in this episode!

    Griffin: I'm glad there's a gay character on the show.

    Anne and George: I'm glad George told Anne about the vasectomy. Jack and Grace - Grace is out of character. I loved when Jack throw his football and broke the window.

    Adrian and Ricky - I hate the jealousy between. It's annoying.

    Lauren and Madison - I love that Lauren is crushing on Griffin. I'm also glad that Lauren's brother and Madison broke up.

    Henry and Alice - I found them very funny in this episode. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
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