The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 5 Episode 24

Thank You And Goodbye

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 03, 2013 on ABC Family

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  • Terrible

    Overall amy was a bitch who acted like nothing was her fault and felt like it was just okay to leave her son and go to college when she had a baby she knew it wasn't easy but really wow she always asked her mom and everyone to take care of her son and the show was really about love but really no one got married at the end people were waiting for a perfect ending for 5 years what a let down
  • Will they bring it back

    Will they ever bring the show back? I loved it. It was hard to follow but then got better.
  • Rubbish Ending

    This was an unbelievably disappointing way to end the series. It was a really nasty clip show on the whole with a stupid ending with Amy and her family. Urg :(

    The series had declined massively this season and this ending was rushed and thoughtless.
  • Worst Ending Ever

    The show was so good up till the final season. How can it end this way? Why not jump ahead five years. I am disgusted it ended this way

  • Very Bad

    This is probably the most awful show I have ever watched. All the characters are stereotyped, boring, and repetitive. I honestly wasted my time with this one. Secondly, it sends a bad message to other teens my age! I only watched the whole show so I could see amy and Ricky end up together. But they didn't! I was unable to relate to the characters or the stupid situations that they were always in. I'd never let my kids watch this poorly written show.
  • Pissed off!

    I just finished watching every season, and I loved it until this episode! It was basically a cliff hanger! And it was the series finally? Come on now it could have explained more stuff.... I really think Brenda Hampton should make a 6th season, the whole series just doesn't feel over yet. It's as if they just got lazy with the show and just canceled it out of no really do think there could be some ideas to make a sixth season. A movie even could be good, they could end the show with a movie, so there's enough time to explain everything. Wizards of waverly place did it!
  • What a Horrible Finale!

    I agree with both x_wolf_x and LegendKiller87 on that one. The ending left me hanging and wondering about Amy Juergens. Will she and Ricky Underwood get back together again or will she move on to Ben Boykavich after he suggested to her that she didn't have to get married, especially to Ricky? Would going to school in New York make her happier and more educated than she already is? They should of rewriten the episode to make more sence and not leave so many unanswered questions.
  • Bad Series Finale EVER

    Cound't agree more.. This was the worst series finale ever. Such a waste of time. I don't know what the writers were thinking. WAIT. I know it. They weren't thinking. I still can't believe that Amy and Ricky didn't get married. They should do it all over again and make a new ending. That sucks!!!!
  • What A Stupid Finale!

    The ending should've been Ricky & Amy getting them breaking up in the know it wasn't a predictable ending,but it wasn't the way the show should've breaking up?What were the writers thinking?They knew the fans wanted to see Ricky & Amy get married more than not give them the ending we wanted?And I thought Chuck's series finale was a bad series was WAY worse than that made me believe watching this show was a complete waist of time.

    i have never seen a worse series finale EVER!!! LOVED the show until this season when they started screwing everything up! you watch a show for 5 years you expect a good ending not such a total disappointment!!