The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 15

That's Enough of That

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • It's a boy.

    This episode was so good, we really got to understand Ricky more, and the acting was terrific. I love how everyone worked together in the end to get Ricky's dad in jail. Jack saw him buying druns when he was mentoring a kid named Duncan. Jack called Adrian, Adrian called her dad, and now he's in prison! I love Anne's speech to Bob, "Stay far, far away." Amy was kind of being a jerk to Ben, she loves him, so why couldn't he see the sonogram? It's just her stomach. We find out the sex of the baby, and I guess Amy is set on having the baby adopted, without Bob's help, as Ben, Amy, and Anne make a videotape for the future, for the baby. The heartbreaking scene was when Ricky broke up with Grace, saying he never loved her. I felt so bad for her, she didn't deserve that. I liked Grace's dad as Ricky's father figure. Amazing episode. :D
  • Fifteenth Episode

    Today's the day that Amy is able to find out the sex of the baby if she wants to and Ben is really excited, he's got his video camera ready until his father points out that Amy may not want him there because he isn't the father and they haven't been intimate, and he hasn't seen her stomach before. So, Ben tells him that she wants him there. Ben gets kinda mad when Amy tells him at school that it would awkward if he was thereThe decision of adoption is coming closer to be decided. Ricky tells Grace he can't see her because of his father. Elsewhere, Ashley tries to meet with Reverend Stone to ask for his help in making sure her parents don't get divorced and Amy keeps her baby. While there she meets Veronica and uses her fake ID to get a job where Veronica works, not knowing that George and Leo were going to come there and eat. Meanwhile, Amy and Anne find out its a boy and texts Ashley and George while Ben tapes a video of Amy for her baby that shes giving up for adoption. While Jack does his community service mentoring he sees Ricky's dad buying drugs and tells Adrian and Ricky's dad gets arrested!

    Wow. This was the best episode in a long time. So, much going on 9.7/10.
  • Best episode in a long time.

    Just when you're ready to give up on The Secret Life of the American Teenager they go out and deliver a really gripping episode like this.

    Marking the returns of Steve Schirripa as Ben's omnipotent father Leo Boykewich and Brian George, of Seinfeld fame as Babu, as Ricky's foster father. Both characters added some needed adult presence on the show. As always the father/daughter duo of George and Ashley was entertaining as well.

    But what shocked me the most was the emergence of Daren Kagasoff as a strong actor in this edition. He was never too serious about the role, but his performance here was emotional and nothing short of gripping. He really made you feel for the struggles plaguing Ricky's life.

    The ending was a bit too impromptu for my liking, but hopefully this isn't the end of drama in Ricky Underwood's hometown.
  • Never in a million years did I ever believe I would be giving any episode of this show a 10 rating.

    I'm in absolute shock and still in tears after having just watched this episode. I never thought that this series which has been for the most part a drama with many silly ridiculous and even realistic moments would even dare to take such dark serious frontiers and so quickly.

    This episode and absolutely beautiful from start to finish. They won me over in the first few minutes with the Ricky/Adrian argument. But damn, I did NOT expect it to get better and better from there. We got the most amazing acting in the series from both the teens and the adults. We got a variety of suspense, drama, angst, and anxiety. We still get a bit of the enjoyable moments of character interaction that make this show fun to watch as always. And we got new character interactions you NEVER saw coming bringing in both plot and character development for people like you wouldn't believe. Ricky's character is amazing as we see him struggling with the world around him and his self destruction. The ending scenes are absolutely beautiful and tearjerking. I'm still in shock that this show did something I thought it could never do. Most of Hollywood would NEVER take teen-oriented dramas seriously or would make teen-oriented dramas that can REALLY make some serious connections with their audiences. There's just so much focus on the cliches and the stereotyping of it all that you would never think amazing writing or acting from teenagers could EVER be possible. But this show did it...they finally did it... Just a few episodes ago they gave us a cute and hilarious wedding and now they gave us a beautiful and serious dramatic situation. This show gave us an amazing seriously taken dramatic episode. THIS SHOW! Who would've thought. If more people watch this episode, they would take everything bad they thought of the show to begin with like I did.

    It won me. It won me!
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