The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 14

The Father and the Son

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2009 on ABC Family
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The Father and the Son
Ricky's father comes to town with some advice for him on how to be a parent.

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  • Amy considers adoption.

    Well ever since the wedding, Amy has been putting things in to perspective, and I think reality hit her at this point. That's why she would consider adoption. I love how Ricky defends his son/daughter. He doesn't want the baby to get adopted. Ben didn't get much airtime, I think the best scene was at the batting cages. Ricky's father stops by and meets the gang, and we know Ricky does not like his father (i.e sexually abused), it was crazy at the batting cages, Ricky looked really freaked out. And Ricky has to face his demons sooner or later, especially after the cliffhanger. Will he give in to his dad for money? Everything else was filler. Grace keeps on getting strung along by Ricky. Adrian looks like she is becoming posessive of Ricky. What else is new? An okay episode, with a plot with great potential.moreless
  • Fourteenth Episode

    Ricky's dad shows up at Amy's and house and Amy is scared. Ricky's dad Bob talks to George and tells him that Ricky is a liar and that he would help out financially. Once he leaves Amy feels its time to tell her parents what she knows about Ricky and his father. So, George and Anne find out that Ricky was sexually abused. Ricky and Grace go on their second date while Bob calls Grace's house and Tom tells him that they went to the batting cages and he feels he did something bad so he calls up Jack to take him to the batting cages. Jack and Tom show up and Ricky and Grace don't believe Tom and think that Jack used him to go see Grace until Ricky's dad shows up at the batting cages.

    Eh. an okay episode. It was good but it was a filler episode.moreless
  • Rickys fathers a creep.

    I can't believe that his father actually suggested selling the baby. what a creep. I wish that amy's parents would just say that she can keep the baby they are putting a lot of pressure on her to get rid of it but keep saying it's her choice I don't think it's very fair or supportive. I think that she will end up keeping the baby. I wonder how rick ends up acting as a father. I don't like how he keeps jumping between girls I feel bad for adrianna but I am glad that her dad told her the truth she needed to hear it from someone.moreless
  • Okay, so you do know it takes at least six years to become an architect?

    For some reason, everyone was thoroughly delusional in this episode and I found it annoying. Amy still can't find a solution to her financial situation, but she's only 15 so I don't fault her too much. However, Anne is living in a fairy-land as well. Has she noticed how difficult it is to get a job lately? It's not all that easy. And you have to go to school for at least six years before you can become an architect. And let me tell you, they're not exactly hiring these days. The reason this episode was filler was that there was some exploration into Ricky's character, but no resolution as to what the real story is. Ricky's dad comes to town and says Ricky and been lying about being abused, Ricky says his father is lying, and no one knows exactly what is going on. Although, when Ricky's father mentions to Ricky some strategies for selling his baby, it's pretty much implied the guy is trash. Adrian and Grace are both living in a mutual land of delusion as well; they both believe Ricky is love with them, or at least cares about them. I doubt that is the case.moreless
  • Ricky's father comes into the picture.

    This episode had all the elements of a good television show: a mysterious guest star, a cliffhanger ending and just a little bit of comedy thrown in.

    The cast all brought their A game tonight. I mentioned on the forum how I'm starting to appreciate India Eisley more, but Molly Ringwald also put in a decent performance tonight as well. I wish Ben would get more time, and his father would become a permanent cast member, but that's probably not going to happen.

    The show truly is the new 7th Heaven as it's a perfect mix of teen struggles with family drama. For the first time in awhile I cannot wait to see what happens next week.moreless
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