The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 11

The Games We Play

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 22, 2011 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Amy and Madison are talking, and Amy is reflecting on the fact that, despite everything, she would prefer to be married to Ricky, so that she has the assurance that he will always be there for her and John. Madison points out that marriage is no guarantee, and Amy acknowledges that, but says that she'd rather be married, just the same – she tells Madison that she doesn't feel good about herself, being pregnant and 15 and living with Ricky at 17, and isn't even sure she wouldn't be better off living with her parents, and then adds ironically, "not that my parents are even living together, now."

Ricky is telling John a "fairy tale", thinly disguised as his own story growing up, adding that "when he was 16, the boy met a girl at band camp, and they had a baby together", and then went on to describe how the girl drove the boy crazy, wanting to get married. "And then, he decided to give her what she wanted, because he loved her so much, so he went shopping and bought a diamond ring. A tiny diamond ring, the kind of diamond ring you buy when you save your money working at a butcher shop." He then shows John a ring nestled in a box of black velvet. John approves of it, and Ricky tells John that he is giving it to Amy on the evening of his high school graduation.

Back in Madison's room, Amy is getting ready to leave. As she is leaving, she tells Madison that she has to think of a way to get Ricky to propose to her, and her idea is to run by the soda shop and get Ricky's favorite chocolate milkshake, then while he's eating it, she'll run a hot bath, light some candles, and invite him to take a bath with her. "He thinks I can't be wild . . . I can be wild!" she says. Madison isn't encouraging – "You think a chocolate shake and a bath is wild?" "It's romantic!" insists Amy. Madison rolls her eyes. "You've already given Ricky his only living son – you think a milkshake and a bath is going to top that?" she asks incredulously. "If he won't marry you after all the things you've been through together, he's not going to ask you after a chocolate shake and a bath!" "Shut up!" Amy snaps, and adds, "maybe I'll even wash his hair . . ." "Oooh," mocks Madison. Amy leaves in disgust.

Lauren and Jesse are making out, and Jesse wants to take it further, but Lauren wants to wait and see how their relationship works out. They talk about Jesse going to college next year, and Lauren tells him that she will have lots of options for college, and doesn't want to restrict herself to schools that are close to him. Jesse explains that he is willing to change schools for her, but she refuses: "I don't want that responsibility!" she declares, wondering what happens if their relationship changes. Jesse tries to coax her into sex – "don't you want your first time to be with me?" but Lauren is pragmatic, "Yes – tonight. But in a year or after that? I don't know what I'll want – and neither do you. So – let's just wait." Jesse tells Lauren that he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him, too, but when they kiss, his groping goes further than Lauren is comfortable with. She jumps up and yells at him, "You know what? That was just a "I want to get into your pants" 'I love you,'" she declares angrily. "That was not a real "I love you", so you know what? I take mine back! Goodnight!" she declares, throwing him out.

Jack calls Madison and tells her that she is right about him being in love and obsessed with Grace, but he wants to have a date to go with him to graduation events, and wonders if she'd go with him, "for old time's sake." He tells her that he's not being a jerk, he's just trying to be totally honest. Madison cheerfully agrees, to Jack's surprise, because she wants to be included in all the events like Amy and Lauren will be, "even if it's just with you!"

Daniel and Grace are hugging in the kitchen and are interrupted by a phone call from Adrian – apparently, Dante', his neighbor from upstairs, never called Adrian after their evening together. "He took advantage of her and then never called her!" Grade declares, but Daniel is skeptical: "Are you saying 'took advantage' or 'took her up on her offer'?" he asks, telling Grace as he's leaving that it's none of their business. Grace answers the phone and sure enough, it's Adrian, wondering why Dante' hasn't called. Grace suggests that she play hard to get, but Adrian tells her "it's a little too late for that!" "You slept with him on a first date?!" Grace asks judgementally, but Adrian tells her that she slept with Daniel before she even had a date. Adrian is upset at the situation, because, as she tells Grace, "Guys just don't not call me! This has never happened before! This isn't good for my ego!" Adrian wasn't entirely truthful with Dante', and hasn't told him that she lost the baby, just that she was married and getting a divorce. "I need this guy!" Grace cautions her that if Dante' doesn't work out, they'll find another guy. "But I want THAT one!" Adrian whines.

Ricky is laying on the bed enjoying his chocolate shake. He called a thank you to Amy in the next room, who tells him that he's welcome. He shakes his head, grinning, and mutters to himself, grinning, "Someone's looking for a proposal." Amy's voice drifts back, inviting him to join her in her bath: "I can wash your hair!?" she offers, and Ricky cracks up silently: "Someone is desperate!" he laughs to himself. "This could be fun!" He calls to her, "I'll be right there!" and soto voce, grinning, adds "…til death do us part . . ."

Ben, Alice and Henry and in Ben's bedroom at his old house. Alice is chortling about being a senior next year and choosing colleges. Henry is glum, because he didn't do well on his SAT is afraid that he won't be considered by the same schools that would want Alice and Ben. "I choke on standardized tests," he admits. Leo enters, offering a tray of mini-pizzas he wants to test out with a new kind of sausage, and then wanders away. "He's a little lonely since Betty left," he whispers to Henry and Alice. Alice assures him that he'll find someone new, but Ben laments, "I need to find someone new!" Henry and Alice tell Ben to listen to their opinion next time around, and then leave when Leo pokes his head back into the bedroom, leaving Ben looking speculatively at Leo. "So – what's this all about? This is about Camille, isn't it?" Leo wonders when it might be too soon to call her, and Ben tells him that it's never too soon. Leo isn't sure about the right approach (call? Just show up? Give her a piece of jewelry? Flowers?), but Ben recommends a more low-key approach – call or email, and let her know that he and Betty are separated. Leo is anxious, "The last time, I went over there with nothing in my hand other than a job offer, and I got my ass kicked!" he exclaims. He doesn't want to go empty-handed this time. Ben tells him not to just show up, because Camille may be dating someone by now – a thought that alarms Leo. Ben suggests sending her flowers, with a note asking her to call him.

Nora and George are arguing – it's late, and Anne is on her way back to Palm Springs with the baby, since George didn't invite her to stay at the house. Nora thinks that George should tell Anne that she is staying in the house, but George doesn't want to – it's his house for now, and since Anne won't let him stay at her house, she can't stay at his. Anne walks in to pick up the baby, and George casually drapes his arm around Nora, trying to make Anne jealous. Nora pokes him sharply, and quickly clears the air: "Hi, I'm Ricky's mom – I'm Nora, I'm gay and I'm living her as a temporary solution." Anne greets her warmly, and George wonders if either of them were at all jealous, but both of them agree: "No!" Nora beats a quick retreat, and Anne asks George if she is paying rent. "You know she's not going to have sex with you," she tells George. "I know what a lesbian is!" protests George, and Anne adds that if Nora brings home a date, neither of them are having sex with George. "They might!" he protests, as Anne rolls her eyes. He backs down, offering her the other side of the bed if she'd rather stay the night. They arrange separate sleeping arrangements as Nora comes back to retrieve her cell phone. Anne and Nora chat as George stomps off, and Nora lets slip that Amy is trying to get Ricky to marry her. "Oh, no! Is that what Ricky says?" asks Anne, but Nora confides that she doesn't think Ricky minds too much.

Cuddling on the bed, Ricky tells Amy that he thinks they should get married when they graduate from college. Amy is incredulous: "Really? Wow – that's sound good!" she says in surprise, "but kinda vague. Could you be more vague?" she asks him. Ricky protests that it was very specific – five years from now. "We should make a five year plan and stick to it." Amy is surprised. "Five years will go by like that – especially if every night is like tonight!" he grins. Miscieviously, he asks her to give him a massage, and she agrees, somewhat confused.

Alice and Henry are talking on a bench outside of school. Henry is glum, because even if his SATs would let him into the school Alice wants to go to, his parents wouldn't be able to afford it because he is one of five children. Alice consoles him not to worry about it until he has to, but Henry is worried about something else – "we both know that this relationship may not last, and yet, we're still having sex." Alice is confused, because he sees the relationship lasting, and wonders if he is sabotaging the SATs just to avoid getting into a good college. "Are you trying to get away from me?" she asks. Henry hesitates, and reminds her that they have been together since the third grade, and that it might be good for them to go to different colleges and take a break from each other. "I may even want to travel for a year or two before I go to college," he admits. Alice only hears one thing: "Henry, you are not breaking up with me at school, are you?!" "Take a break," he corrects her anxiously, "and not for another year!" "YOU COWARD!" she snarls. "You don't want to be with me, so you're going to wait until we get into different colleges and then use that as an excuse?" Henry smiles nervously: "Just forget I said anything," he tells her softly, but tearfully, she grabs her backpack and dashes away. Ben walks up and asks Henry where Alice is going, but Henry is stunned at how quickly the conversation went bad: "I think I'm going to throw up," he says miserably, "Alice thinks I broke up with her," he tells Ben. "WHY?! – did you?" asks Ben, but Henry is hesitant – "No, not until next year, when we go our separate ways," he tells Ben, who is confused after their talk about the SATs the evening before. Henry confesses that he simply cannot face taking the SATs again. He begins to tell Ben about the pressures of the expectations of excelling in an Asian family, and how they expect he and Alice to marry. "But she's the only girl I've ever kissed," he protests, wondering what it's like to experience new things with different women.

Madison, Lauren and Amy are talking, and Madison is describing how she will be Jack's date during the graduation activities, "even though he doesn't love me." "Why would you do that?" asks Amy, and Madison admits that she wanted to join them in the fun. "You have exactly zero self esteem, you know that?" Lauren sneers, and Madison is offended and turns on Amy: "I don't see a ring on your finger – whatsamatter, chocolate shake and a bath didn't work out?" Amy explains to a confused Lauren that she was trying to get Ricky to marry her, and that he did agree – in five years, when they were finished with college. "And then he asked me to massage his neck," she admits. Lauren wonders when Ricky is going to start doing things to make Amy happy. Jesse walks up and asks to talk to Lauren, who agrees reluctantly. He apologizes for being so pushy, and assures her that he does know what "no" means, and that he really does love her. Lauren thinks he is trying to get back into her good graces, and marches off, leaving a protesting Jesse behind.

Adrian and Grace are discussing Dante', and Grace tells her that it was too soon, and that she's not going to ask why, because it will make Adrian look desperate. Adrian bursts into the counselor's office and begs her to find a way for her to graduate with her class instead of at the end of the summer. "I have to walk across that stage in cap and gown – I have to be with Ricky," she blurts out, and at the counselor's astonished look, she corrects herself, "Ricky, and Jack . . . and all of my friends," she says. In disbelief, the counselor stares at her, and Adrian begs again, telling her that after all the unhappiness she's been through, surely she can try to help her on this one thing. The counselor reluctantly agrees to try.

Happily, Adrian dashes out of the office and accidently runs into Ricky, who thinks she did it on purpose. He doesn't care – in two weeks, they won't have to run into each other any more, but Adrian reminds him that she got into the same college that he did, and may be in the graduation ceremonies after all, and finish up in the summer. "Whatever," he shrugs, and she assures him that she's not after him – she has a boyfriend. "Does your husband know?" Ricky inquires, and Adrian assures Ricky that Ben doesn't care. Ricky tells her that he's in love with Amy, but Adrian points out that since he is neither married or engaged, he is technically still available. "Not for long," he tells her, but she is undaunted.

A young man is in Daniel's apartment, browsing through the refrigerator. Adrian knocks and comes in, but is confused when she sees the wrong guy. He assures her that it's Daniel's apartment, but he lives upstairs and was just borrowing some food. Adrian goes on a rant about the rude boy that lives upstairs who didn't call her, and her tells her that Dante' left on a backpacking trip to Europe. For a moment, Adrian is relieved that there's reason, but he goes on to say, "But he could have called you if he wanted to – you're the divorced one, right? Adrian?" Adrian is surprised that Dante' talked about her, but it turns out that this is Omar, Dante's brother. Adrian, while momentarily embarrassed, suddenly sees possibilities . . .

Jack stops by to see Madison, who tells him that she has thought about it and decided against going to graduation events with him, because Lauren's probably right about her lack of self-esteem, and she's afraid she might end up sleeping with Jack. Jack is concerned and protests that they are friends, but Madison tells him that they aren't that good friends – they talk in the halls, but she doesn't want to go out with him. "Madison, c'mon! I can't go through graduation solo!" he protests, then reminds her about Lauren and Jesse and Amy and Ricky. "Lauren broke up with Jesse," she tells him. He begs her, "After all the time we've spent together? I really need you!", but she refuses, telling him that he needs to get over Grace. "And when you do, and if I'm still around and I don't have a boyfriend – then maybe I'll think about going out with you as a friend. But – not, now. No."

Jesse is in his room, talking to his bird, a large white cockatoo. He is trying to teach it to say "idiot", "so that I can hear it every day of my life." A soft knock at the door, and Lauren enters. She tells him that he's not an idiot, and then has decided that he can probably learn from his mistake. He agrees that he will never make the mistake of pushing her to do more than she wants to ever again, and she forgives him. They kiss and make up, as Lauren ignores a phone call from Madison, who is happy that she has said no to Jack.

Jack is desperate. He stops in to see Grace, who is with Daniel, and asks them both if they will go to graduation with him. "Are you asking me out on a date?" asks Daniel incredulously. "Jack . . ." Grace begins, and then reminds him that his parents will be there. "That has 'LOSER' written all over it!" he protests. "And taking your ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend wouldn't?" asks Daniel reasonably. Grace suggests he asks someone else, but Jack wants it to be someone important, so that when he looks back on the photos years from now, he won't be saying, "Who's that girl?" He storms out, embarrassed, and Daniel shakes his head, until he catches the look of sympathy on Grace's face. "Oh, no – you aren't feeling sorry for him, are you?!" She starts to say it's graduation . . . but Daniel jumps up, exasperated. "That's it – I can't deal with your friends and all their issues!" he exclaims, telling her that there's no room in their relationship for anyone else.

Alice is in Ben's room, sobbing quietly. Leo finds her, and crying, she tells him that Henry broke up with her. Leo is surprised. "He's ruined my senior year – maybe even my life," she says through her tears. Leo offers to find Ben, as Alice explains that she's never dated anyone else, and doesn't want to start all over. "I want Henry . . . and Henry doesn't want me!" she cries. Leo hugs her comfortingly.

Camille comes to her front door to find a large bouquet of three dozen roses and a note. Opening the note, she finds a black velvet pouch, with a simple diamond bracelet inside. The note reads, "Would you mind calling me? I would really like to talk to you. Love, Leo."

Ben and Henry are out getting dinner. Henry is still feeling sick at his stomach, and Ben asks him kindly if he has thought his decision about Alice through. He admits he didn't think it through – but it had been in the back of his mind for months, and then suddenly popped out. "It's not that I don't love her – it's just that I don't think I love her enough to think about making any kind of commitment," he admits. Ben reassures him that they had been friends before, and will be again, but Henry is skeptical, repeating one of his mother's sayings: "Friends to lovers forever – lover to friends, never." He tells Ben that that shouldn't stop Ben and Alice from being friends, "but not too close of a friend!" he warns him. Ben laughs at the very idea. "I would never!" he tells Henry, but Henry tells Ben that he and Alice are both vulnerable at this time. Ben assures him that it will never happen, and Henry asks him to make sure it doesn't happen.

Nora pops into the kitchen and runs into Anne, and they talk about George and his immaturity. "Still, you must love him, you had three kids with him," observes Nora. Anne shrugs, and admits that it might be love . . . "but it's a very low flame," she adds, laughing. Nora asks her if she is sure that she doesn't mind her staying there, and Anne hurries to assure her that she doesn't mind, but isn't sure what Ashley is going to say when she returns. Nora asks when Ashley is coming back, but Anne tells her that she's not sure Ashley will ever come back – "she's been wanting to be somewhere else since she was 13!" George quietly observes Nora and Anne smiling and talking, with a smile of his own.

In the butcher shop, Ricky and Bunny are closing up as Amy comes in, bringing Ricky's favorite movie, "The Seven Samurai," along with news that she has ordered his favorite Chinese dinner, scallion pancakes, as her treat, to go with it. He reminds her that samurai are Japanese, not Chinese, and Amy wonders if she should find a sushi place nearby, instead, but Ricky assures her that he likes Chinese. She suggests that they all go upstairs in get into their pajamas. "Wouldn't that be fun?" "I don't have pajamas," he reminds her. "I know . . . " she says, smiling, and leads John upstairs. As she leaves, Bunny drawls to Ricky, "Well, you've got her just where you want her, now, don't you? What's going on?" Ricky tells her nothing is wrong – life is good – but she is skeptical. "I know you," she says, "You're up to something!" "No, she's up to something – she's trying to get a proposal out of me, and I intend to enjoy that!" he grins. Bunny warns him not to take it too far, but then asks if he is going to propose. Mischievously, he says, "I'd tell you, but I know you don't like discussing personal business at work." With a grin, he walks away, a bounce in his step.