The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 17

The Second Time Around

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2010 on ABC Family
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George does his best to win Anne back and convince her to come home with Robbie. Meanwhile Ben and Grace become close while Ben's ex Amy goes out with Jimmy. Ashley may finally be interested in a guy when Griffin sets her up with his cousin. Amy allows Adrian to be around Ricky when he is spending time with their son.moreless

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  • Ben & Grace kiss.

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was very eventful. I'm liking the direction the show is going, I'm liking the current relationships. Ugh, but I am not liking Lauren and her new boyfriend. The whole "You better watch it" line from Lauren was hilarious since that guy can do way better. The Amy/Jimmy relationship is... cute. I liked there little date. Jack & Madison is starting to grow on me. Ricky & Adrian play house, with John. You can tell Adrian likes this game. Their relationship seems to be maturing. Ben & Grace was a bit out of the blue, but I think they're cute together. I don't see how the "no sex" rule is going to work with Ben. The conflict?: Amy happens to bring condoms on her date with Jimmy, Jimmy finds them and he's not looking so happy. I feel bad for Ashley, having to deal with her parent's seperation. Don't know what to think of Grant. Setbacks: You can tell the show is going downhill, when the dogs are having sex. George hitting a squirrel... really? It was sad to see George getting rejected again, by Anne's new boyfriend: Bleh. Betty & Leo talk about marriage: Bleh, as well. Henry & Alice were hysterical as usual. Cindy & Ruben get engaged, and Anne comes home in the end to find George talking to this blondie. :) A pretty good episode, everyone seems to be with someone at this moment, very strange, but good I guess. Good episode.moreless
  • George tries to get back together with Anne. Amy goes on a date with Jimmy and laves John with Adrian and Ricky. Grace and Ben start a relationship. Griffin sets up Ashley with his cousin.moreless

    This episode was sort of boring. Amy - I'm really starting to like Amy's character. She's starting to mature and grow up. I like how she trusts Ricky and Adrian together with the baby. I love the scene where that boy which I cannot remember the name of, finds a condom in Amy's purse. That scene was awesome

    Ashley - I like Griffin, but I don't think he should be setting her up with his cousin. Ben & Grace - I think it's interesting that they would be paired up together, but if that's ever going to happen, then it should happen in later seasons. Ben just broke up with Amy. He doesn't need another girlfriend. George & Anne - Anne's a jerk. George tries to save their marriage, and then Anne comes home, she's acts like she doesn't even miss Ashley, and she sees George with another woman. Obviously George will be with another woman if Anne will never go back to him. But she's stupid, and doesn't take the time, to notice that he's just having a friendly conversation with the neightbour. Anyways I give this episode a 6/10.moreless
  • Everybody's crazy.

    Did you ever notice that as TV shows progress everybody has to get a boyfriend or girlfriend? On The Big Bang Theory even Howard now has a girlfriend. I never understood the phenomenon, but for some reason shows run out of ideas after a few years and feel the need to get everyone together.

    I don't like any of the current relationships, except Ben and Grace, which is the most likely to fail. The two seem like the perfect match, but who doubts that Ben will return to "Little Miss Whines A Lot" Amy?

    This episode was just a lot of fluff to me. Mediocre at best.moreless
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