The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 12

The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2009 on ABC Family
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Assisted by their friends, Ben and Amy marry in secret. Meanwhile, Tom asserts his independence after meeting a new girl.

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  • One of the funniest best episodes of the season

    This episode was hilarious and had me laughing most of the time.

    George and Anne's argument over Womens studies and him moving to the garage was hilarious. The teens were also really funny when they all get fake IDs to go to Ben and Amy's secret wedding, and I burst out laughing when Grace burst in with curlers on her hair and got her photo take with it for the ID. Tom and his date were also really cute. There were also some shocking moments like when Ben Jack actually kisses Alice or when Amy actually suggests to Ben that they get married. It was also cute seeing Adrien trying to get her parents together again in her own way. The only down part to this episode for me was Anne's attitude to Amy in the beginning of the episode, where she basically told Amy to watch out for her own without giving her any support whatsoever. I can understand that Anne would want Amy to be more responsible with the baby, but it just sounded like she was more self-centered with her own life and her new job, rather than worrying about her daughter. This was the only part of the episode which I did not enjoy, but I loved every other moment of it.moreless
  • Ben & Amy elope.

    One of the best episodes ever. It had a shade of comedy, drama, and plain silliness. It was the perfect balance. Everyone shows up for Amy/Ben's wedding, which after this episode, I started shipping them. Yes, I know it is totally unrealistic, and Ben & Amy met like 2 seconds ago, but when they exchanged their vows, they looked truly in love, and it was so heart warming. I can tell Adrian was so jealous. The Fake ID sequence was hilarious! Grace's picture was the funniest, and I love all the transitions. George camping out in the garage was also funny. Looks like everything is still left up in the air in the end, since their still at the chapel when it ended. Amy's friends are getting annoying, and I don't know what to think of Alice/Jack's newfound relationship, I like Henry/Ashley though. Amazing flawless funny heartwarming episode. :Dmoreless
  • Twelveth Episode

    Amy finds out that her mother won't be watching her baby while shes at school. So, she and Ben plan to marry secretly without telling their parents.Since their underage they need fake IDs. So, Amy, Ben, and their witnesses Henry and Ashley get fake IDs. What they don't know is that Ricky, Grace, Lauren, Madison, Jason, Adrian all got fake IDs too because they plan to attend the wedding. Adrian's parents plan a dinner out together with Adrian to talk about her future and what's best for her. So, she talks her mother into letting her come later so she can attend the wedding. Grace is going to her first date with Ricky to the wedding and Tom and his new girlfriend tag along. Ben and Amy are surprise to see all their friends there especially Ricky.

    This episode was quite good. I find myself most entertained by Adrian. She is what makes this show!moreless
  • When Amy and Ben get married.

    In this episode of The Secret life of the American Teenager, this is what happens. Amy learns once the baby is born that her mother will not be staying at home to look after the baby, while she goes to school. Amy and Ben meet up and both decide to go get married that night. Thing is they're parents have no idea of this. Amy then convinces her friend Ashley to come to the wedding. All three of them get fake ID's from one of Jack's friends. Soon after everyone finds out about the wedding and so Amy's friends decide to go along. The answer is yes both Amy nor Ben had any idea that their friends were coming. Amy and Ben then leave for the wedding. At the chapel everyone is waiting for them, although again Ben and Amy still have no idea about who else is going to be there. Once they enter the chapel, both of them see everyone sitting there but continue in and get married.moreless
  • Would the producers of this show please admit that this is actually a comedy?

    Hahaha. I can't tell you how hilarious this "drama" is unless you see this episode. Ben and Amy finally tie the knot but the six main teen characters + Ashley + Alice + Henry + Madison + Lauren + Laruen's brother + Tom + Tom's girlfriend are all in attendance of this wedding...and they all got the most ridiculous fake IDs. Joe was rolling in dough after this episode.

    I also love George/Anne. He moves into the garage. Quite the funny.

    And at the same time the teens are still struggling with their wacky sex and teen pregnancy issues. I amazed that they all made it to Nevada somehow and pulled this off without the adults knowing. This is one of my favs cuz it's funny but it's still adorable no matter how messed up this show appears.moreless
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Renee Olstead

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Camille Winbush

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    • Amy: Mom's not going to listen to me. She won't even keep the baby for me. Yeah. I asked her if she'd keep the baby for me while I was at school and band and stuff, and she said she wouldn't. She's going to get a job. Can you believe that?
      Ashley: You thought she would keep the baby for you? What do you mean "keep the baby"?
      Amy: Watch the baby.
      Ashley: For 24 hours a day while you have a life?
      Amy: Not 24 hours a day. Just most of the day, Monday through Friday. Who's side are you on?
      Ashley:Dad's. And why would she agree to raise the baby anyway? Why would you want her to? Look at the two of us. We're completely screwed up. That kid's better off adopted.
      Amy: Ashley, this is my baby, and I'm going to keep my baby.
      Ashley: I thought you wanted Mom to keep your baby!

    • Amy: Do you still want to get married?
      Ben: Of course. But I think your parents said no to that one, unfortunately.
      Amy: I'm not asking for their permission this time, and neither should you, and neither should your dad. We have to do it now.
      Ben: We're underage.
      Amy: Do you want to marry me?
      Ben: Yes. I said I did, but I mean, I'd like our families to be there.
      Amy: Well, Ben, this is not the type of wedding that you send invitations to and invite the family. We have to elope.
      Ben: I mean, how? Again, we're underage.
      Amy: Fake ID's.

    • George: Missed me missed me now you gotta kiss me!
      Anne: I'm never kissing you again!
      George: Now we're dreaming the same dream baby!

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