The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 6

The Summer of Our Discontent

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • The school year comes to a close.

    This episode is very season finale material, the school year is ending, everyone is trying to decide what to do over the summer, you've got quite a cliffhanger. Other than the the season finale-ish plots. This episode was pretty great. Amy continues to pay for her mistake, as she is known as "Pregnant Girl" in the yearbook, and she has to go to summer school. I finally understand Amy more as a character, after this episode. She's super stressed! She just makes her relationship with Ben so difficult when it doesn't have to be. Ben leaves thinking that Ricky "spent the night" at Amy's, leaving her for the summer. Who knows what she will do in Italy. grace taking the med school program in honor of her father, was a perfect way to end the dead father arc. Moving on, as the school year ends. George not telling Anne about the vasectomy was stupid, and signing divorce papers? Also, very stupid. Everything's out in the open when Ben's father already knew about Betty's past (i.e. prostitute). The Dead Parents Club made me laugh. Awesome episode, that could have been a season finale.
  • Season 2, Episode 6

    Its the end of the school year, and Amy is still mad she can't go with Ben to Italy for the summer. Amy finds a picture of her pregnant self in the yearbook and gets mad because she doesn't want to be remembered as the pregnant girl. Ricky gets his apartment finally ready and Adrian wants to stay the night but Ricky wants John to stay the first night. Anne tells George he has to sign the papers because she is going to marry David. George still hasnt told Anne that he lied about his vasectomy. Grace decides not to go to Cheer Camp and go to a Medical Camp that her dad applied for her. Jack goes to football camp. Ben goes over in the morning on the way to he airport to surprise Amy to say goodbye but Ricky is there and Ben gets mad.
  • 206.

    Not much going on here. Suddenly it is the end of the school year and we find out the plans of each of the cast members. What I do not like about this show is that some episodes offer a lot of new and exciting things, and some of them, much like this, just feature Ricky, Amy and Ben just bickering amongst each other with no real purpose whatsoever. This is called the filler episode in the television industry, and I think the declining ratings in this show can be directly attributed to The Secret Life of the American Teenager having too many of them.
  • Grace gets a great opportunity for the summer, and Ricky wants to spend more time with his son

    I liked in the beginning how all the freshman with dead parents came together to make a club. Jack tells Grace that he is going away for the summer to football camp. The school counsler tells Ben that he is quitting his job. Amy also learns she has to go to three different summer school classes. Ricky wants John to spend the night with him, in his new apartment. Adrian freaks out, completely confused why her boyfriend would rather spend his first night with his son than her. (!!!!) She is sure that he is cheating on her. She even goes as far as to go to Ashley and George's house to ask if there moving back to Anne's house. She has become my least favorite character in the whole series. Ashley has a fight with her father about his lie, and how he might be the father of Anne's baby. At the end of the episode, Ricky comes over Amy's house to get John, but he is asleep, so he ends up staying the night. Ben comes over the next morning to see Amy before he leaves to Italy. Ricky comes down the stairs holding John, and Ben gets upset and leaves.
    Overall score: 9/10
  • Amy has to go to summer school. Ricky wants to spend his first night in his apartment with John. Grace gets accepted in a pre-med summer program. Ben wants to tell his father about Betty. George wants to tell Anne the truth but he can't.

    This episode was slighty better than the last episode. I loved the beginning of this episode with Jack, Madison, Ben and Grace and their "Our Dead Parents" Club. I actually think that this club could be interesting. Ricky - Ricky is so sweet in this episode to want John to be the first guest to spend the night. Amy - Amy was better in this episode. I do think she was being very crabby with her friends. Though, I understand her crabbiness with having to take care of John, working at the Daycare, and having to do summer school.

    Ben - I loved Ben's reaction at the end of the episode when Ricky was holding the baby. Hopefully Ben and Amy will be officially broken up after summer. I liked the scene where Ben tells his dad that Betty is a hooker and his dad already knew.

    Adrian - I was liking more and more in every episode but not so much in this one. I can't believe she would be so jealous of Ricky because he wanted John to spend the night. I also didn't like the awkward moment she had with Ashley.

    Jack - Jack is going to football camp this summer. Henry and Alice - I loved the scene where she kept slapping Henry.

    Anne - I'm very annoyed with Anne. I don't want her marrying that jerk David.

    George - I really wanted him to tell Anne about the pregnancy, but I blame Anne for that because she wouldn't let him talk. I also love his plan for an RV trip.

    Ashley - I loved Ashley in this episode. She's the reason I'm giving this episode such a high rating. I love how all her emotions spill out to George. I love her crying and sharing her feelings.

    Grace - Grace gets into a Pre-Med Young Healers Summer Training Program. I'm glad she decided to go because she would have been depressed and bored all summer. Lauren and Madison - I loved seeing them in this episode. I still wish they had a bigger role in the show. I do love that they are both going on vacation together and not with Amy. It doesn't really seem like they are friends with Amy anyways.

    I liked seeing the councellor in this episode. It's too bad he's leaving because I love some of the facial expressions he makes. I give this episode a 9.1/10.
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