The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 6

The Summer of Our Discontent

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 27, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Amy has to go to summer school. Ricky wants to spend his first night in his apartment with John. Grace gets accepted in a pre-med summer program. Ben wants to tell his father about Betty. George wants to tell Anne the truth but he can't.

    This episode was slighty better than the last episode. I loved the beginning of this episode with Jack, Madison, Ben and Grace and their "Our Dead Parents" Club. I actually think that this club could be interesting. Ricky - Ricky is so sweet in this episode to want John to be the first guest to spend the night. Amy - Amy was better in this episode. I do think she was being very crabby with her friends. Though, I understand her crabbiness with having to take care of John, working at the Daycare, and having to do summer school.

    Ben - I loved Ben's reaction at the end of the episode when Ricky was holding the baby. Hopefully Ben and Amy will be officially broken up after summer. I liked the scene where Ben tells his dad that Betty is a hooker and his dad already knew.

    Adrian - I was liking more and more in every episode but not so much in this one. I can't believe she would be so jealous of Ricky because he wanted John to spend the night. I also didn't like the awkward moment she had with Ashley.

    Jack - Jack is going to football camp this summer. Henry and Alice - I loved the scene where she kept slapping Henry.

    Anne - I'm very annoyed with Anne. I don't want her marrying that jerk David.

    George - I really wanted him to tell Anne about the pregnancy, but I blame Anne for that because she wouldn't let him talk. I also love his plan for an RV trip.

    Ashley - I loved Ashley in this episode. She's the reason I'm giving this episode such a high rating. I love how all her emotions spill out to George. I love her crying and sharing her feelings.

    Grace - Grace gets into a Pre-Med Young Healers Summer Training Program. I'm glad she decided to go because she would have been depressed and bored all summer. Lauren and Madison - I loved seeing them in this episode. I still wish they had a bigger role in the show. I do love that they are both going on vacation together and not with Amy. It doesn't really seem like they are friends with Amy anyways.

    I liked seeing the councellor in this episode. It's too bad he's leaving because I love some of the facial expressions he makes. I give this episode a 9.1/10.