The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 14

Til It's Gone

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2010 on ABC Family
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Anne encounters an old flame while on vacation, and Amy becomes attracted to his teenage son. Back at home, Ben has an important decision to make about his love life, and Ashley bonds with Griffin. Ricky and Adrian are trying to abstain from sex, but one of them is really struggling with it. As Grace's feelings for Jack run dry, she takes some shocking recent advice from her mother. Finally, Ricky decides that it's time to confront Amy about his custody rights with John.moreless

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  • Ricky cheats on Adrian, and Amy finally gets back from vacation.

    As typical Secret Life fashion, the episode started out strong, and went downhill from there. Ben's Italian girlfriend, Maria was annoying, but luckily she was in about two minutes of the episode. Amy was, hands down, the best part about this episode. Her acting has gotten better, and her new boy is really cute. I was really happy when she met him, she didn't tell him she had a baby, or start to complain. Also, when she apologized to Ashley, I felt like Amy's character has been revived from who she was before. Another good part was the Ashley and Griffen talk, when they both decided that they didn't need to date just yet. Now on to the creepy part. How the heck did Tom know Grace was having sex with herself?! Was he spying on her, or listening through her door? Either way, I'm very creeped out and disturbed by this. Also, the whole Ricky cheating on Adrian with Zoey, was totally pointless, but when Zoey called Adrian, and told her it was payback for Adrian sleeping with her boyfriend, it was heart-breaking to see Adrian fall apart, and throw her phone to the ground in anger. I also enjoyed Ricky telling Amy, he was going to get legal action, so he could have joint-custody of his son. Hopefully next week is as good as this episode was.

  • Ben is deciding whether he should break up with Amy or not. Ricky cheats on Adrian with a new girl Zoey.

    I liked this episode better than the last episode, but nothing really happened in this episode. Amy - I liked that Amy showed an interest in another guy. Maybe she'll break up with Ben. I don't like how she treated George. Anne & George - I just wish they would both get over their stupid thing about the baby. I also think it would be interesting if the baby was Anne's college sweetheart. Ricky & Adrian - They are ruining Ricky's character. He's like addicted to sex or something. He should be taught that there's more to life than just sex. I do like how Mackenzie Rosman portrays Zooey. I love how she calls Adrian and tells her that she slept with Ricky. I want Ricky and Adrian break up. Ashley & Griffin - I love all the Ashley and Griffin scenes. At least the writers didn't manage to ruin these characters. I like their friendship. Grace - I think it's interesting that they are covering the topic of masturbation But it's really creeoy how Tom knows about it. I give this episode a 7.7/10.moreless
  • Is this show losing its edge?

    That's what this viewer is starting to believe. Two episodes into its return from hiatus and neither was very impressive. The constant switching of boyfriend and girlfriend already makes me lose interest, but Ben suddenly becoming obsessed with Maria out of nowhere? I'm not really buying that. That is not to say that the scene with Ben in his room hiding Maria and Leo coming in and out was not absolutely hilarious, but that was about the end of the laughs here tonight.

    This show is still better than just about every other teen drama, but some of these current storylines are just really, really boring. This show really needs a jolt of excitement from somewhere.moreless
  • Very forgettable.

    Did anything really happen in this episode? I mean, everything stays the same by the end, and I don't see how this relates to the last episode, and nothing is gone anywhere. The only parts that were really worth watching was Ricky cheating on Adrian yet again. I like how Adrian is saying no to sex for now from Ricky, so he had to cheat on her with Zoey, which is sort of the cliffhanger in this episode. What is Adrian going to do now? Amy gets back from her vacation, but Anne stays with her high school sweetheart. Amy gets a license and an SUV, I hated how she rubbed in Ashley's face just 'cause Ashley got the bigger room. I'm liking the Ashley/Griffin friendship. Grace masturbating was hilarious! But it looks like she has a problem by the end, since she doesn't even want to see Jack anymore due to masturbation Ben makes out with his Italian girlfriend, and is thinking of breaking up with Amy. Which isn't resolved in this episode. To me, this episode was pretty forgettable, nothing really special happened. Just same old, same old. Loved the scene in the end, when Ricky tells off Amy. Great scene.moreless
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Mackenzie Rosman


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