The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on ABC Family
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Amy and Ben struggle to get along when Ben tells her he wants some time to himself. Anne and George start looking for suitable adoption parents.

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  • Ricky is interested in Amy.

    Well, this show continues to impress me lately, this show keeps on coming, with good episodes. Amy is sure she wants the gay couple to be the fathers of her baby. I am so glad Ben took a break from Amy, it's teaching her a lesson, and how she totally took Ben for granted the past year, although it was kind of sad, how he wouldn't talk to her, she was left unforgiven, when everyone else was forgiven. (Marshall & Jack) The fight between Grace & Adrian was surprising & awesome! And the highlight of this episode. I don't like the Jack/Shana relationship, I think I like him better with Alice. Adrian is such a bad friend, she tells Grace not to call Ricky, after making up and being friends again, and then she calls Ricky. The best scene is when Ricky hugged Amy. Ben, Grace, and Adrian all looking at them in awe. Wow, great scene. Then Ricky wants to be with Amy in the end. Flawless.moreless
  • Seventeenth Episode

    Amy and Ben are still not talking after last nights argument. Jack gets a call from Shauna and she tells him that she lied about having a boyfriend and that shes wants to go out with him. Jack goes and apologizes to Grace about telling her that Ricky and Adrian are still sleeping together. Grace tells Jack that she already called Adrian and found out that Ricky was with her. Donovan calls Anne and wants to talk to her about him and Leon adopting Amy's baby. Mr. Molina tells Ben and Jack that he won't be talking about any personal info anymore. Adrian is thinking about sleeping with her step brother, Max. Ricky doesn't want to give the baby up for adoption. Adrian and Grace get into a fight over Ricky at school and then start laughing. And later, Donovan and Leon meet with Amy and Ricky to talk about the adotion. After, Donovan and Leon decide not to adopt Amy's baby.

    I loved the Adrian and Grace fight scene. It was so funny.moreless
  • Amy continues to move forward with the adoption.

    Part of the reason the final episodes of the first half of Season 1 started to go downhill was because of some absolutely ridiculous scenes that took place in the school. Fights and arguments that were so absurd in principle that calling them surreal would be an understatement.

    The Adrian and Grace fight could certainly fit under that category, but it was actually fairly enticing and entertaining. While the two characters were created under the most generic of stereotypes they truly have evolved into three-dimensional personalities that surely have loyal cult followings. Not to mention they now have new paths to head down after Ricky verbally dismissed them (although the pundit in me has to question how long that will last).

    The final scene with Amy and Ben's father Leo was well-done as well. It was smart to not have Ben staring from the bedroom window crying too, as nobody on the cast is able to produce generic tears.

    But a good episode overall, and the turnaround of this show is one of the better stories thus far in 2009.moreless
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    • Grace: I wanna be married to Ricky.
      Adrian: Are you kidding me? You caught us sleeping together!
      Grace: Oh, I thought you guys were having sex.
      (Adrian stares at her)
      Grace: I'm kidding.

    • Grace: (to Adrian) You're the 'b' word!
      Adrian: Oh, the 'b' word? What's the 'b' word, Grace?
      Grace: You know what the 'b' word is, Adrian, because that's what you are.
      Adrian: Say it!
      Grace: No, I'm not gonna say it, I'm gonna say something else.
      Adrian: What, a prayer? You little bible thumping two-faced virgin!
      Grace: Yeah, maybe! (puts hands together like she is praying) God, please help Adrian, because she's a bitch!

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