The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 5

What Have You Done to Me?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Unrealistic but Damn Good

    The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is just simply the most unrealistic program that i've ever seen, but sadly it's one of the most catchy and guilty pleasure at the same time.

    I mean, Ben is one of the most dumb characters in the TV, three episodes, which can be, maximum like three or four weeks in the "real" life of the program and he already love Amy, want to marry her and raise a baby, i mean that's just... silly. And besides, he's got terrible lines in the program.

    But, the program is at the same time kind of interesting and you want to know what follows and what's going to happen in the next episode.

    The Secret Life... is one of the worst and the best shows that i've ever seen but i just can't stop watching it.

    Going back to the chapter, i think was one of the most interesting chapters, except for Ben, i hate him...
  • Ben proposes to Amy.

    Changing gears on a show is a difficult thing to do. The Secret Life of the American Teenager has also been a drama with comedy peppered throughout, yet in this episode they went for complete, nerve-wracking drama. The show was really sad, and for a tough guy (well, not really) they almost got me crying a few times.

    Having Adrian's mother and Amy's father seeing each other was a huge shock, and a pretty good plot twist. Ben proposing to Amy was not really plausible. Nobody would go out of their way to marry someone pregnant with another man's child after knowing them for only a few weeks. Nobody is that nice.

    Shailene Woodley is not a strong enough presence to lead the show. Most "teen dramas" cast actors in their 20's and even 30's to play the kids because they know they have the acting ability to portray the roles. Amy is not a believable character and is way too overemotional. The show also brought back the two annoying Asian kids, who really should be written out of the show. Amy's best friends aren't much better either. And do these kids ever go to class? They're in the hallway all the time?
  • Loved it!

    I thought this was one of the best episodes in the season. There is so much drama going on. Jack finally tells Grace about why he started dating her. Rumors spread throughout the school that Amy is pregnant and wonder if Ben or Ricky is the father of the baby. Amy's father is with Adrien's mother and Adrien wants to have a word with Amy. Ben proposes to Amy even though they are only 15. Amy thinks of having an abortion and doesn't know who to turn to for help. I loved this episode! It didn't have even a minute of any of those boring sequences with Ben's friends and their sex statistics, or Grace's father with his theatrics. I think this episode stood out for me because it focused only on the main storyline throughout about Amy, Adrien and Grace. I am also starting to like Amy's sister a lot and loved her interaction with her father in this episode. It was very touching. I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Ben proposes to Amy.

    Now I know this relationship is way too rushed, they started dating, three episodes ago. And they plan to get married at 15? I don't understand where the writers are going with this. But you don't fall in love in 2 seconds, and decide to get married the next day. Anyways everything is still up in the air in the end, since she didn't say yes to Ben yet, and she still hasn't told her parents. Amy considers abortion, when her friends urge her not too, as everyone is starting to find out that Amy is pregnant, Ricky, Grace, Jack, and even Adrian find out. A huge twist of events: George (Amy's dad) is seeing Adrian's mom!? Meanwhile Grace finds out that what happened between Jack & Adrian was more than a kiss, finally! Jack was so effed up to Grace at the end, turns out he dated Grace only 'cause his dad told him too. Yikes. A really good episode. Best so far (Very unrealistic about the marriage though)
  • Fifth Episode

    George leaves Anne to move in with Cindy Lee (Adrian's mother). Ben proposes to Amy and she realizes that he knows about her pregnancy from his father. Grace and Ricky become closer friends. Amy's parents still don't know about her pregnancy and every day nears her coming closer of her thinking about an abortion. Rumors start flying abround school about Amy's pregnancy. Grace finds out that Jack did more with Adrian than just kiss.

    I'm surprisingly going to say that this episode was quite good. The show is defintely starting to pick up and there is so much going on that your always entertained.
  • 5th episode

    The fifth episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager! Wow! Long title!

    Ben asks Amy Juergens, the love of his life, to marry him, and she tells him she is pregnant, well, he already had guessed it. Ricky also hears about her pregnancy. Now everyone but the adults know. Grace and Ricky become closer friends. Amy, tired of the pain of being pregnant, and everyone talking about her, rumors are going around about her, and it's closer and closer every day to when her parents will find out about the baby, considers abortion.
    George leaves Anne, Amy, and Ashley for Cindy and Adrian.

  • babies,love,proposing? oh my!

    I cannot believe he proposed to her. Getting married at 15 is just ridiculous. True love or not at 15 you should be thinking can I handle high school? And what is with all this love? He knows her for a total of 2 min and loves her? First of all he looked at her and said he loved her which is pretty vain because hello, love is about way more than looks. Its about personality and trust neither of which amy has showed to him at all. I really enjoy how amy is thinking sensible and exploring her options.

    I did enjoy the father/daughter scene with george and ashley because so far they made it seem like she was a moody little teenager who didnt care about anything but it showed she cared about her family instead of dressing skanky and acting like the world is against her.
  • WHAT?!

    Seriously? Did Ben REALLY just PROPOSE? He's a freshman!! A freshman for god's sake! Plus, sorry, but, Ricky should be the one proposing. He's the irresponsible one that got Amy pregnant. He needs to step up, and take some responsibilty. And I think he WILL. Him seeing his therapist was just great for me. It was a signal that he has some feelings, we needed that.
    George leaving was a crucial part of the episode for me. And that George / Ashley scene was a real tearjerker. It shows how much Ashley really loves her father, and did not want him to leave.

  • After his father questions if Amy is pregnant, Ben realizes the truth and proposes to Amy. The whole school is gossiping about Amy's pregnancy and who the father is. Jack and Adrienne grow closer. Amy's dad leaves the family to be with Adrienne's mom.

    Ok, so this is a show i love to hate. It's pretty good but what really bugs me is NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!! They never accomplish anything and have been stuck on the same storyline for five episodes. They talk about hings like telling Amy's parents or getting an abortion but they never take action. They never execute their plans and nothing is ever resolved. Otherwise, I think the show is pretty good. It isn't really realistic though. Tennagers don't talk about sex 24-7 and people in high school can keep secrets if they don't have friends with huge mouths:] I really don't want Amy to get an abortion - adoption would be way more sensible and moral. The show has sooo much potential and I look forward to watching it grow into one of my favorite shows.
  • There are no secrets in high school.

    I'm sort of pissed off at Ben; I rolled my eyes for the whole ten minutes of that wife business. Ashley's so right everyone does have divorced parents, it's the latest thing. DRAMA ALERT: So Amy's dad was married to Grace's mom and is now shacking up with Adrian's mom? Can someone say paternity test? Amy had the weirdest reaction to her father leaving but I'm glad Ashley cleared it up for her, "Yes dad, our dad, dad's having an affair." I see Jack's auditioning for town bad boy, I wonder if he'll steal Ricky's role. It was a good episode, it shows you how fast rumors can spread but Amy crying in the middle of the hallway doesn't solve the rumor situation.
  • Getting deeper into character connections.

    Since Ben knows about Amy's pregnancy, he asks her to marry him. People are finding out about Amy's pregnancy. George leaves his family to go with the woman he's been having an affair with, who turns out to be Adrian's mother. Ricky and Grace's friendship grows as they admit that they like each other. Jack is with Adrian and he admits that the Rev. is his step-dad and that he only went out with Grace because of his step-dad. Lauren and Madison are shocked to hear that Amy wants an abortion and all they tell her is to tell her parents. Marc wants to talk to Amy about the pregnancy rumors, but she doesn't bring it up. Ricky hears the rumor that he might be the father of Amy's baby.

    This episode was great! I don't think Ben and Amy should get married though. They're only 15!! I'm starting to like Ricky more and more and I'm starting to dislike Jack more and more. I love the connection between Adrian with Amy and Ashley now, but I hate that George is having an affair. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!