The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 2 Episode 2

What's Done is Done

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 29, 2009 on ABC Family
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Devastated by a family tragedy, Grace is inconsolable to her family and friends. Meanwhile, Ben is unsure of the new role he will play in Amy's life.

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  • Grace blames herself for her fathers death.

    This episode was mostly about dealing with death, everyone dealt with it in their on way. I like how the writers set up Grace's plot. She thinks she is responsible for her dad's death 'cause she had sex, very creative plot, that's for sure. Ashley continues to be unecassary, Amy is so messed up to Ben throughout the whole episode, it is so annoying, how she doesn't appreciate Ben, and would rather have Ricky take care of the baby, all the while, it is revealed Adrian is jealous of the Ricky/Amy bond. The Ricky vs. Adrian's dad's scenes were kind of boring, Anne is also creating drama when there is none. Being jealous of George and his ex-wife, when all she needed was a shoulder to cry on. The Juergens are the most dramatic people on this show. Everything else in this episode was perfect, and by the end, you can tell Grace isn't over dad's death yet. Jack's crying scene made me laugh. Great episode.moreless
  • Season 2, Episode 2

    Adrian visits Grace and she won't talk to anyone because she thinks she killed him by having sex. Amy tells Ben that she and her mom want to go see Grace. Ben wants to babysit but Amy says no. Ricky finds out Grace had sex with Jack. Amy asks Ricky if he can babysit John so she can see Grace. Anne and David talk about her pregnancy. Ben asks Ricky's help to get him laid and Ricky tells Ben to stop doing everything Amy tells him to do and do what you want to do. Ben shows up at Amy's house telling her that he's babysitting. Amy is furious and Anne tells Amy to let him babysit! Leo proposes to Betty and she tells him that shes still married but she doesn't know where her husband is. They go in to help Ben with John and they announce to Ben that their getting married. Anne walks in on George rubbing Kathleen's shoulders and Kathleen can tell that Anne is pregnant and bursts out laughing. Ben still wants to have sex with Amy. Adrian tells Ricky shes jealous of him and how he is always over at Amy. Ricky tells Adrian Anne is pregnant. Ashley asks George if he really got a vasectomy. Adrian's dad tells Adrian that her mother and him and Adrian could all move into a house together. Grace tells Jack she doesn't love him anymore and she doesn't ever want to have sex with him anymore. This show is pretty good. It looks like George and Kathleen will get together later in the season. It will be interesting to see Adrian and her parents move in together and see what happens with them.moreless
  • This show is really good.

    I cannot believe I wrote that, but if this season ends as well as it has started than it is an appropriate praise of The Secret Life of The American Teenager. This program is so much more than a drama for girls ages 13-17, it is a show that is able to tackle issues such as homosexuality, teen pregnancy and death with tact, and even with a few tasteful laughs along the way.

    Sure, Amy is about as annoying as my little sister, but that is sort of the appeal of this show. No character is perfect, they all have their flaws, they all commit acts that are not considered "the right thing to do" but in the end the viewer finds it hard to really pick a side and wants them all to be happy. George is not the quintessential example of a father by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll be darned if everything he says is not laugh out loud funny, as are the antics of Leo and his son Ben.

    If you're not watching this show, and you don't have a legitimate excuse such as a headache, start watching it!moreless
  • Amy wants to go over and visit grace but has no babysitter then asks ricky he says yes, but ben being his annoying self thinks he would be a better babysitter and that gets amy REALLY angry!moreless

    Ok so Ben is really starting to get on MY nerves because i mean when is he going to realize that since he is NOT the father of John he has NO say in what happens to john or who takes care of him!!!! I mean remember in the episode where john is born, he hated Ben holding him, so I COMPLETELY understand where amy is coming from, and i think that Ricky said it was ok 4 Ben to babysit was because he knew it would piss amy off. But idk Ricky is very complicated! (in a good way:) :) :)) LOL I hope ricky and amy get together!!!!! RICKY AND AMY!!! :)moreless
  • Grace isn't dealing with her father's death. Amy is frustrated with Ben because he wants to have sex with her and he wants to babysit John.

    This episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was pretty good. Not as good as the season 2 premiere but it was pretty good. Amy was so whiny in this episode. It annoyed me a little. I was wishing her character to lighten up and not be such a drama queen, but she's so negative. I did like that she didn't want Ben babysitting John. If I was Amy I wouldn't let Ben babysit John either. nne is definately pregnant. And I think she's getting married to her boyfriend. I did kind of like how she sided with Ben when he wanted to babysit.Ricky was a little moody in this episode, but I did love the scene with him and Ben working. It seems like they are trying to be friends which is good. I love their boss. She is hilarious. Ben was annoying in this episode. I wish he would realize that Amy doesn't really like him and he should break up with her. Ben is definately not a good babysitter. I love how the baby starts crying after Amy and Anne leave.Leo asking Betty to marry him is so strange. Poor Jack in this episode. I love the drama with Grace telling Jack that she never wants to have sex with him again and she doesn't want him to love her anymore. Adrian is awesome in this episode. She really is a great friend for Grace. I love how she tells Amy that Grace is her best friend. I love that her father is going to try to buy a house for Adrian and her mother and him. George is actually a good guy helping Grace's mother all day. I am kind of hoping they get together sometime during the season. I'm predicting either him or Ricky will help Grace get over her father's death. Ashley's awesome in this episode. I love how she knows Ben wants to have sex with Amy and Amy doesn't want to have sex with him. I also like how she knows that George might not have gotten "fixed". I feel so sorry for Grace in this episode. I love her anger in this episode. I love seeing this darker side of Grace. I love how Tom blames Adrian and then blames Grace for Marshall's death.Poor Graces mother crying througout the episode. I do love her reaction to finding out Anne is pregnant and she starts laughing and laughing. I love seeing Lauren and Madison in this episode. I wish we could see more of them. I think I covered everything. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
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