The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 4 Episode 3

When Opportunity Knocks

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 27, 2011 on ABC Family

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    A lot of things about this episode irked me but it was still solid in terms of quality when looking at the bigger picture. My biggest concern is how much they've ruined the Grace character. She's gone through many character blunders but this was just unacceptable. Her cheating on Grant, not feeling guilty, and then making out with Jack to make point? Does this sound like Grace to you.

    Grace used to be my favorite character but it just seems like none of these characters are consistent anyway, so I'll just leave it at that. I'm really not interested in the Leo & Camille scene but I found some scenes particularly and unintentionally funny.

    The Adrian & Ben scene at the end was just awkward and strange. Where is Adrian getting at? Has she completely lost it? Using sex to get her husband to stay with her. That's a little too ridiculous for my liking. Ricky & Amy have become robots at this point and I hope we see them apart for a while at some point in the near future. Fine episode, minor annoyances.
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    "When Opportunity Knocks" is a decent enough episode of The Secret Life. I still think it would behoove this show to take a break as we have been having episodes nonstop for months now.

    The major development was that Grace is now, how shall I put this, "friendly" with a lot of guys. It's an interesting switch and progression since 2008, but is this really believable?

    And we all know the Adrian and Ben relationship is doomed. Her being "extra friendly" is certainly not going to save it.

    I did like the episode. The drama is fun though and I want to see where things go. I just think the show could really benefit from a break where they could reevaluate things. In my mind nearly everyone is with the wrong person.
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