The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 2

You Are My Everything

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The teens are back at school, with the events of the party fresh on their minds. Amy and Ben are still getting along which makes it obvious that she hasn't told him her big secret. Amy also tells Lauren and Madison that she hasn't even told her parents about her pregnancy. She plans to deny reality and act as if the whole "situation" never happened. When Amy leaves, Madison and Lauren continue to talk and Ben's best friends Henry and Alice overhear them revealing the sex-with-Ricky thing.

Amy and Ricky are in the band room discussing the Jack/Adrian kissing scandal. Ricky invites Amy to "do something" but to his surprise she says no. Adrian notices that something is up and comes to the conclusion that Ricky and Amy slept together. Adrian reveals to Ricky that she slept with Jack.

Meanwhile, Grace is waiting for her mom to come pick her up in the nurse's office. She's not exactly sick but she can't handle the situation with her and Jack. Kathleen tries to convince Grace that Jack isn't the guy for her and Grace agrees but her heart doesn't. Later, Jack stops by Grace's house and her dad tells him to stay away from her. He then goes inside to give Grace a speech, in which she rolls her eyes. Although she does agree about the whole "honor your parents" thing.

Ben and his friends hang out after school where they reveal to him about Amy and Ricky. Ben goes through denial, disbelief, then willingness to accept it if it's true. He calls Amy to find out the truth and leaves a message asking Amy whether she dated Ricky. Amy assumes he knows about the sex after listening to the first part.

Amy confronts Ricky about spreading the rumors about them but he denies it. He tells her that her two best friends, Lauren and Madison were the ones who spread it, and she believes him. She avoids her friends' calls which makes her little sister Ashley suspicious and she vows to find out what's up. Ben calls to tell Amy to forget about the message and tells her that he loves her. They've only been on one date but she responds and says she loves him too. After they hang up she looks miserable.

Ricky's over at Adrian's house getting dressed and ready to leave after their fun. Adrian wants him to stay but he has to get home to his strict foster parents. He promises to call her later. Adrian is lonely because her mom works long hours a lot.

At school, Amy is in the bathroom puking when Madison and Lauren come in, there's no avoiding them now. They deny spreading the rumor and everything is fine in BFF world for now.

Out in the hall, Grace and Jack are trying to work things out. She makes Jack promise that he and Adrian only kissed. She says she'll try to get permission from her parents to keep seeing him, only if he promises it will never happen again and he won't pressure her into sex. Jack accepts the deal.

Amy offers to discuss the rumor with Ben but he says to put the past behind them.
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