The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 2

You Are My Everything

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • My review of the second episode..

    Wow, this was a really cute and interesting episode to watch. Cute because I thought the chemistry between Amy and Ben was really cute, even though they felt really awkward, since all this is happening to them for the first time. I thought it was also interesting because we got to see what kind of friends Amy's friends were. I never thought they would be spreading rumors, but apparently they were, and I didn't like them that much because of that in this episode. The only part of the episode that annoyed me a little was the scene where Grace's dad tells her about Jack and advices to her about teenage boys. I didn't find anything wrong with the scene or story, but I just found the actor who plays the dad to be overly dramatic in this scene, and it came out as really pompous and arrogant, and not at all like how a father would advice his daughter. I found his acting to be really annoying and was hoping he would tone it down and not act as if it was a life or death situation. I also enjoyed Ricky and Adrien's relationship, and even though I don't like Adrien's character that much, I did feel sorry for her a bit in this episode. Overall, I thought this was a very nice continuation to the pilot episode.
  • The first "I love you"

    I think this episode sort of spaced out all the plots, last episode, it seemed like too much was going on for one episode. But now, it's spaced out. The problem I had with this episode is the Ben & Amy relationship, they have great chemistry but it seems rushed. The first "I love you" after one date. Really? It's nice to see Ricky still interested in Amy. Adrian being jealous is always fun to watch. We see Adrian & Ricky's relationship more in depth. Grace has some trouble forgiving Jack. Jack is scum in my opinion, and Grace doesn't deserve him, especially after he lied to her about the sex with Adrian. Well Amy has some friends, spreading the night that Ricky & Amy shared at band camp, and then denying it. Ouch! Other than the episode was pretty good.
  • Second Episode

    Ricky wants more from Amy while she has her first dose of morning sickness. Amy's friends Madison and Lauren let it slip to Ben's friends that Amy and Ricky had sex. Grace deals with the humiliation of Jack and Adrian kissing in front of the entire school. Ben's friends tell Ben that Ricky and Amy slept together and asks Amy if she and Ricky "dated" during the summer. Amy tries to act like the pregnancy never happended while Madison and Lauren are telling her to deal with it. Ben tells Amy he loves her.

    In the second episode of the Secret Life of the American Teenager, it was just an average episode.
  • More and more people learn what happened between Amy and Ricky

    In this episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, the following happens. Amy is still in denial about her pregnancy. Word soon gets around school that Amy and Ricky have slept together. Word of this soon gets back to Ben, who is hurt by this. Amy soon finds out about the gossip herself, and the trial leads back to her 2 best friends starting the gossip. As the episode goes on, Ben seems to be falling for Amy more and more. Since Amy believes that her best friends, Laura and Madison, stared the gossip, she is not speaking to them. Amy also experiences her first morning sickness, whilst at school. When she confronts them, they both deny it. Amy offers to tell Ben about her and Ricky and he says that he doesn't want to know about it, or about any other boy she has been out with. At this point, Ben has heard the gossip about Amy sleeping with Ricky, but does not believe it.
  • Episode two

    Episode two! Amy and Ben are a couple, Ben is Amy's first boyfriend, Amy is Ben's first girlfriend, the first bit of the relationship is great. Amy loves spending time with Ben and Ben really loves spending time with Amy. In fact, he just really loves Amy, and that's what he tells her. And she says it back!
    Grace cannot decide whether to forgive Jack or move on and break up with him. And when she makes the decision she wants to date him, she wants her father, Marshall Bowman, to let them date again, since she needs his permission. Ben's two best friends, Alice and Henry overhear Madison and Lauren talking about Amy having sex with Ricky, and they tell Ben, but he doesn't believe them.

  • ...

    2.2 Umm... I really don't know what to say about this episode...

    Ok, well, I'll start off by saying I pity Grace. Ugh. Lying, cheating, man whore boys are one of my biggest pet peeves. UGH!!! B@st@rd... Oh, Ben completely desperate? I'm not trying to bash Amy (now), but saying "I love you" so early on??? Good grief... My boyfriend and I said it to each other when we first started going out too, but we had known each other for a while first and were really close friends. Not just barely acquaintances like these two "love birds." Dang... It's kind of ironic really. Ben only went after Amy so he could nail her, and here he is, the horny rascal, falling in love with her a little while after... Haha. Well, it Not good, intriguing interesting. Weird and silly rather. Oh well... Maybe the series will improve soon... I sure hope so...
  • Love it!!

    In this episode Ben hears about a possible rumor involving Amy and Ricky. He decides to ask her about it, which leads to him telling her that he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. Ricky tries to get to know Amy better but Amy isn't liking Ricky much, so he stays with Adrian and they have sex, but he sort of abandons her afterwards. Jack wants to apologize to Grace, but her father won't let him get the chance. He and Grace are just friends for now. Jack tells Grace that he just kissed Adrain when he didn't. Ben gets more help from the guidance counselor. Amy's pregnancy signs begin to show a little, but she still hasn't told her parents. Ben and Amy's relationship begins to grow, but he doesn't know about Ricky still. Grace wants to talk to Jackk but isn't sure what to do.
    This a great episode watch it. I hope Grace doean't want to stay with Jack.

  • Getting better....

    I liked this episode a lot more than the first one. There was some good storyline development. Usually the pilot of a show stinks and the rest of the episodes are much better. I think this is turning out to be one of those shows. I'll definitely tune in for more after this.
    I really wish Amy would tell someone other than her friends, jsut to make it more interesting =]
    It bothers me that Ben told Amy he loved her before they even kissed. But their phone conversation was so cute, and I think it's nice that he doesn't want to know about Ricky, etc. He respects her which is great!
    Can't wait for the next episode, surprisingly.
  • Hmm relationship drama if that's what you want to say.

    I thought the show would get better since it was new and all but it got worse, the acting improved a tad but it didn't make up for the crappy hour i put myself through. I think what would help the show is if they created at least one or two more storylines instead of focusing on these main two! Now they're having Shailene Woodley cry which gets annoying after the first time you see it (but it happens like every five minutes so you kind of get used to it) and the lines got cheesier as did the story itself. I might tune in for the next episode as a filler until something better comes along.
  • Cute!

    Ben hears about a possible rumor involving Amy and Ricky. He decides to ask her about it, which leads to him telling her that he loves her and vice versa. Adrian and Ricky have sex, but he sort of abandons her afterwards. Jack wants to apologize to Grace, but her father won't let him get the chance. He and Grace are just friends for now. Ben gets more help from the guidance counselor. Amy's pregnancy signs begin to show a little, but she still hasn't told her parents. Ben and Amy's relationship begins to grow, but he doesn't know about Ricky still.

    This episode was pretty good! I like Amy and Ben together! The best couple on the show so far! I don't really like Jack or Adrian or Ricky that much. Grace is an okay character. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • look at tv guide.

    its getting so much better. it was way better than the series premiere. So yeah. I admit that it could have been better and it is a show that i will continue to watch the show. i don't understand why people don't like this show. i mean i hated 7th heaven and i seem to like this show. it isn't really all that similar. it has a good plotline. i read the previous reviews that teenagers don't talk a lot about sex. Well girls don't but the guys can't stop talking about who they would want to have sex with or who they did have sex with.
  • Relationship trouble.

    One of my criticisms of the first ever episode was that they tried to accomplish too much. It was like attempting to teach three subjects in one class period. Now, in the second episode, we are supposed to feel for all these characters that we barely know?

    I understand that the crew of the show is attempting to dissect the saga that is high school drama by having all the characters intertwine, but that's not how things really are. One of the main problems plaguing high school TV shows is that things are incredibly unrealistic and the characters are often exaggerated versions of people.

    While this episode was a step up and took the proverbial right turn on the road to success, a lot of things need to change. The barmecidal vibe of conflict this shown gives off needs to be tuned down. The fake dialogue needs to be altered. I'd also suggest giving the parents more time. As someone 19 years old I've grown to appreciate the adults in shows, often more than the kids and Amy's father seems like he could be comedic gold.
  • It's getting better!!

    I really like this episode but certain things are getting better and Sex was mentioned a bit less.

    Amy does not want to accept that she is pregnant and she did not feel like sharing it with her family...

    Well you can't hide being pregnant because as you can see she already started having morning sickness.

    Her friends shared her secret with everyone without even knowing and that was a bit sad as they should have been more careful.

    Ricky is a bit of a pain sometimes. He can be a good guy but I think he prefers looking like a bully.

    Ben is GreaT! He is always so nice to Amy and everyone. He is very excited with the fact that he has got a girlfriend now too hehe.
  • These kids are fifteen?

    One thing I hate is teenagers professing love, not saying that they aren't capable but this is obviously not real, they've been on one date and already he's hearing wedding bells? This can't end well. Aye Dios Mio, if I were to ever get pregnant please let me have better friends than hers, I understand that they are fifteen and not well equipped to handle this but does stupidity come that easily or is it something you have to work on? All in all another great installment, I hope to get to know the characters a little better, I would like the writers to stop trying to make me feel sorry for Ricky, it's too late he's already the bad boy but he might have some competition from Jack (if that's his name) who is slowly falling off the nice list.
  • high school students dealing with the pressures of sex. Girl finds herself in an ugly situation and doesnt know how to deal with it. She cant exactly tell her parents.

    it's like every other teenage after school special. It was filled with a lot of sex statistics as well as cheesy lines. I felt like I should have been watching it in health class. And what is with the cast...I felt like they are all too young. Not like watching 90210 or save by the bell, these kids actually made me feel like they were old enough. I feel like I'm watching jr high. I don't really feel its that realistic at least the language isn't. And that the cheerleading way to perky for me. OMG and she's such a tease. Its annoying.
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