The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 8

Your Cheatin' Heart

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 19, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • Amy's plans to leave go awry.

    This episode was pretty good, there was just some definite filler, that I'll start off with. Madison & Lauren competing for a guy they don't like, and much less, Ricky? That was stupid, plus how Madison ended up dating Lauren's brother, it felt forced. How convenient, when Madison was feeling bad for herself, she gets asked out. Through the whole episode, Amy is plans to leave, and her Grandmother visits, while George is trying to stay away, and trying to find a place to stay. Then in the end, it turns out Mimzy (grandmother) has alzheimers, and she can't take care of Amy, so it looks like Amy is here to stay. Ben sees Amy everywhere in his head, when Amy doesn't go to school, and he gets his wish, Amy is staying. The plot that I liked the most out of this, was Adrian's plot, she is becoming more three dimensional, and it's nice to see her life doesn't revolve around Ricky. She gets Jack to help her do her dirty work, if she gets him & Grace back together, Adrian is looking for her father. The counseler gives her, her birth certificate in the end. All the while, Ricky still wants to be a part of Amy's life, but for now, he's getting closer to Grace, and he finds out Tom is adopted, and Ricky doesn't want to tell her about his past, which ends their plot for now. A pretty good episode, way too much filler.
  • Eighth Episode

    Amy's grandmother (Mimzy) comes to visit and wonders where George is and Anne tells her he is in North Carolina but he's really sleeping in his furniture store. Ben already misses Amy and is seeing her everywhere. Adrian is now friends with Grace. Adrian wants to find her father and asks the school counsuler for help. Madison and Lauren are fighting over who can get Ricky or a boyfriend.] Lauren's brother asks out Madison. Adrian and Jack sneak into the school for her permenant record which has her birth certificate. The counsuler goes there and gives Adrian her birth certificate. It turns out that Mimzy has Alheimers and Amy isn't going to live with her.

    This wss a good episode. I really liked Adrian's storyline, she is such a good actress!
  • I think this was the best episode of the season.

    Well things are getting a lot better now as the story is getting more interesting.

    First - What in the world was Lauren doing with Ricky? Doesn't she know he is bad news!

    Amy still wants to hide her pregnancy... I understand that is is very hard for her but is it fair on the baby that hse growing inside of her.

    I am very hapy that Madison is going out with Lauren's brother.

    I was very surprised that Henry is no longer with his girlfriend.

    Well I have to say I am very dissapointed in 2 fathers in this episode and that is Amy's father and Adrian's father.
  • amy's not going anywhere...

    amy's grandmother surprises the family not just with her unexpected visit but with sad revelation that she has alzheimer's disease and she's traveling to europe while she can. tough that she's sick but wonderful news that amy doesn't have to leave town.

    ben's day dreaming of amy is kinda pathetic but i guess, no, i'm sure (based on experience), that when you really love someone, the thought of not being with them is really hard.

    ricky's soft side is starting to show. he might actually be a good guy, broken but can be mended. i hope grace's patience would really help him.

    i wonder what prompted adrian's quest to find her father, but knowing you the man who gave you life is a noble thing to do too bad she tends to cross boundaries just to get what she wants.

    i can't seem to get enough of this show. it's like every episode makes me hooked more and more. i wish tomorrow is tuesday again. hehehe...
  • Amy's Grandmother visits.

    This was a decent, yet average episode of The Secrete Life of the American Teenager. The Alzheimer's storyline seemed like it was pulled straight out of an episode of 7th Heaven and the Adrian storyline also seemed very forced. There was some decent comedy thrown in, but not nearly enough of George Juergens. Ben also needed more screen time as he's one of the main catalysts of the show's major plot, yet he was seen less than Marc Molina. That's not a shot at Double M as I liked him in this episode. He can help advance storylines by having these emotional discussions and he does a good job of keeping these exaggerated high school personalities in check. The Ben and Amy phone calls are always powerful and are one of the most important parts of the show. It was another good one tonight, but unfortunately the remaindder of the program was less than spectacular.
  • i am very glad that she didnt leave ben i kinda had the feeling that she wouldnt leave she has her friends well not really anymore cause they were the ones that went and told but she still needs her mom and her lil sister needs her so it was a good choice

    this was a very good episode I knew that she wouldnt leave. i dont think that she should move in with ben or get married she is way to young she should wait and see if he will still be around later and then thats when thry should start thinking about getting married. I also think that she should keep her baby thats why im glad that she didnt get an abortion I dont think she should give it up either i thunk she would make a very good mom.I cant wait to find out what she is having i hope she has a boy so she dont have to through this with her child.
  • The previews are always so misleading.

    Great way to start an episode- with a pan of bacon. Once again I must ask myself does Ricky truly care about this baby, his conversations with Grace and Adrian left me confused and without an answer. For about a split second I actually considered Madison a good friend (my mistake). Okay this episode was useful for something it put all my Tom conspiracies to rest as we find out Tom was adopted and therefore not George's son. Main point of the episode, Amy leaving of course we all knew she wasn't going to go but making Mimzy come off as crazy (baby in kitchen draw?) was a good excuse. I still love Henry and Alice, glad Adrian found her father's name, see you next week.