The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Season 1 Episode 8

Your Cheatin' Heart

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 19, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • amy's not going anywhere...

    amy's grandmother surprises the family not just with her unexpected visit but with sad revelation that she has alzheimer's disease and she's traveling to europe while she can. tough that she's sick but wonderful news that amy doesn't have to leave town.

    ben's day dreaming of amy is kinda pathetic but i guess, no, i'm sure (based on experience), that when you really love someone, the thought of not being with them is really hard.

    ricky's soft side is starting to show. he might actually be a good guy, broken but can be mended. i hope grace's patience would really help him.

    i wonder what prompted adrian's quest to find her father, but knowing you the man who gave you life is a noble thing to do too bad she tends to cross boundaries just to get what she wants.

    i can't seem to get enough of this show. it's like every episode makes me hooked more and more. i wish tomorrow is tuesday again. hehehe...