The Secret Life of Toys - Season 0

Disney Channel (ended 1994)


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  • "Jim Henson's 'The Christmas Toy'"
    Rugby the Tiger hears that it's Christmas time again. He remembers that last year, he was the new toy. So he thinks he has to be it again. He goes to the living room to get into Jamie's box, because Jamie got him last year. The other toys know that if a toy get's caught out of place, they'll get frozen forever (in Layman's terms:DIE!) Mew Mouse goes to help Rugby. Rugby keeps on making fun of Mew because he's a cat-nip toy for the family cat, Weegie. Apple (who was replaced by Raisin during the show), Belmont (who was replaced by Hortense in the show), Bleep, and Cruiser go on an emergency rescue mission. Rugby get's into Jamie's box, he finds a doll known as Meteora, the Queen of the Asteroids. Rugby finally finds out that Apple was the Christmas toy before him, and Meteora is the Christmas toy after him. On their way back to the play room, Mew accidently get's left behind and get's frozen because he got caught by Jamie and Jesse's parents. Rugby goes to Weegie's cat-bed to try to tell Mew that he was sorry for never thanking him for being his friend, and that he kept on making fun of him telling him that he smells funny. Mew then wakes, and so do the other toys that got frozen a long time ago. The next day, the toys welcome the new coming toys to the playroom.moreless